Unskippable: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

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"You'll have to go through some pretty dense bush to get there."
[tee hee!]

hahaha wow that just...LOL I need to go breathe now

If you play Co-Op, it's amazing, make sure you all have microphones.

You might hear that one a lot, but you should just keep on doing the cutscenes from that game. They're hillariously stupid.

Hey, at least in Lost Plant[squared] the humans have finally learned to not let the Akrid into their buildings.

In Soviet E.D.N III, Akrid surround you!

I fell out of my chair laughing at that.

Also, great follow up on the "TREES!" joke from last week.

My co-op bud and I tried to enjoy this game, but it was just too annoying.

Glad I rented. It's the only game I've returned early.

Quiet Stranger:
What are the plot holes and what do you mean by Anomalies?

Anomaly (noun) - deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule.
It's an anomaly to have a jungle right next to a tundra.
As for the plot holes, I haven't played LP2, so I was just going on the videos (part 1 & 2).

Ah yes soviet Russia... that part made me laugh the most, and the omononom joke too.

Much funnier than part 1, keep it up!

Paul Johnson Sanders?
Paul Sanders Johnson?

Jungle popping up amidst tundra?? Yeah, that's a bit odd.

Soooooooooo... what the hell did the first half have to do with this? Or Vice versa?

Watch the ending of the first game, you'll find your answers. It's still a bit silly but... explained... somehow.


Quiet Stranger:
What are the plot holes and what do you mean by Anomalies?

Anomaly (noun) - deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule.
It's an anomaly to have a jungle right next to a tundra.
As for the plot holes, I haven't played LP2, so I was just going on the videos (part 1 & 2).

Really Lost Planet 2 is so ridiculous the plot holes are covered over by space mexicans... (not kidding) and the jungle right next to the tundra is explained in the game... albeit a quite mediocre explanation.

You guys are right, how did those dudes, who have spent so many years living on nothing but snow and ice, know to take BOATS with them!?

those aren't boats... they are sleds! that can float...

anyway great episode

Wooooahh, whats with the new purchase option. Change!

Great video as always though, never fails to make me laugh.

That was fantastic, although I was a bit disappointed by the length.

I haven't played the game or seen parts of it, but when the jungle part came and then the flying sting-ray things showed up, I was thinking that somebody on Lost Planet 2 game staff must have watched Doctor Who's Easter special last year, "Planet of the Dead". It featured flying sting-ray creatures made out of metal.

Suuuuuure his name's Johnson

Great show as always, need I even say keep it up?

Keep it up!

man, imagine how much you'd have to suck to get your ass kicked by flying fish bones

he ended the vehicle section conscious? hey graham, he broke the curse!

I can imagine the planning stages for this exercise.

"Alright. Intelligence shows that the area is atypically warm, full of water- in its liquid state, no less!- and may be home to Akrid."
"I see. Have our men suit up in standard uniform."
"...heavy winter clothing and extreme cold-weather gear?"
"Sir, is that wise?"
"I don't want to hear anyone whine about having cold toes, Major."
"...yes sir. What about advanced detection gear for the vehicles?"
"Don't worry about it. It's not like the Akrid will ambush our convoy, even if they've ambushed every other convoy we've sent anywhere for the last fifty years. And even if they do, our men will follow the example of Bernie- God rest his ever-surrounding soul- and totally surround any attackers. Make ready for the troops to move out tomorrow."
"Tomorrow, sir? But there hasn't even been time for swimming instruction!"
"There's nothing like the fear of impending death to compel a man to be a fast learner. You heard me, Major, you have your orders!"
"Yes, sir. ...this is going to be even worse than when we sent Company C across the street for coffee...."

Also, if the Akrid freeze and shatter when they die in the cold... do they do the same in the heat? If so, HOW THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?!

Bush and Johnson remarks made me chuckle.

Oh, Paul and Graham. Your penchant for juvenile genitalia-related jokes will forever endear you to us.

You guys should have referenced Look Around You:
What are trees? "One might ask the same about birds. What are birds? We just don't know."

Funny all the same, though.

You guys should have referenced Look Around You:

That is a hilarious show -- [adult swim] ran it a couple of times last year. I particularly liked the episode on sulphur.

"I dropped as soon as you opened the door. You should probably stand upwind."
"Are you going to brief us already? Because right now I'm a commando if you know what I mean."

Goddamn that was a great episode.

Ahaha, great follow-up to Part One! I absolutely did not notice that no one was driving the boat until now. Great commentary, some very clever jokes, and a lot of lower-browed jokes to spackle between the ones that could have gone over my head. Most excellent.

I heard Nolan North, everyone take a shot.

Four things on their weird backpacks? Shit just got serious!!!

The guys with two things on their weird backpacks are sooooo jealous!

Those Soviet jokes always make me laugh.

Damn you guys are epic. Hey and you watch RaywilliamJonhson? You said 2 jokes of him.

That's right, he did make a joke about his 'Johnson' a little while ago, didn't he lol

I recognized it too, I just couldn't remember who said the joke, and now I do.

See? I told you so: Gunship pilots are the new Redshirt.

"They came from behind!" Actually, why aren't there Lava Pirates? There are Snow Pirates, Jungle Pirates, Desert Pirates and Carpetbaggers (um, Upholstery Pirates?). I want Lava Pirates in Lost Planet 3.

Johnson just called. He said that last part was completely gratuitous and he wants you to cut it out.

You guys really have made it full circle now. Hats off to you guys who can keep something like this running for so long and still be Fresh and Original.

Also maybe its just me ,but this battle made me feel like the game designers say the final battle in Avatar and tried to re-create it... I mean seriously other then people escaping on lifeboats it looks almost the exact same.

Can't believe I'm the first one who's saying this, but "And we're back" at the beginning was totally a Rifftrax reference, right?

Lost Planet 2: Part 2

The Akrid action continues, in the epic second half!

Watch Video

Did i misheard or...
[1.39]Paul and Graham:"Yeah, Spring Break."
[1.46]Narator: You'll have to go through some pretty dense bush ...

I hope i miss something, but if not; TOO MUCH INFORMATION PAUL.... I don't need to know that much about you.

Okay, I fucking LOST it at "HubababaWHHHAAAA--!?" I really don't know, it just sounded hilarious.. Anyway.. The Teehee after "Dense bush" was priceless too, Paul! Well played!


Have you noticed how they wrote the subtitle for "it's gonna be a hell of a party" ?

"a helluva party" ...


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