Anime Review: Birdy the Mighty

Anime Review: Birdy the Mighty

An ordinary high school student inhabits the body of a sexy space cop. Surprisingly serious drama ensues.

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Well. Think I got something to watch on YT now! Sounds like fun! I had heard about this a while ago but went under my radar...should be intresting and entertaining at least!

Awesome. I need a new anime to waste away the time between now and when they finally dub the last 11 episodes of soul eater.

I demand you review Full Metal Panic and let everyone just drool at the incredible anime.

Good review I enjoyed both it and the second season, my only complaint is the animation at times can be cheap and flat other than that its a fun show!

Sounds interesting, I'm going to check this one out. Good review.

god i still havent gotten to watching the original >.< keep getting told its good too.

Simple premise going complex. May be good.

Between Birdy, House of Five Leaves, and FMA: Brotherhood this summer has been pretty good so far for series that are evocative, deep, and have a wonderful pacing that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Personally I think they handled how the villains play off each other fairly well, it gives the feeling that there's bigger and murkier issues afoot (and there are). Considering what happened at the climax, it's kind of hard to say things really went back to status quo :x

Wait they did a remake of Birdy the Mighty? Dude I haven't seen that since Sci-fi showed anime when I was a kid.

Did you just review the original or is this a remake?

EDIT: Okay it is a remake/series now. So it isn't the OVA I was originally thinking of.

I watched about 3 episode because it's one of the seies that Funimation dont region lock on youtube outside the U.S. but I did'nt really get into it but maybe I'll give it a second go

I've done absolutely no anime watching this summer because of gaming, work, and reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JJBA is required Manga reading. Go read it). I'll have to make time for this one.

Why the fuck do the Japanese, even in Anime, always look so God damned SURPRISED?!

A fantastic series, and absolutly worth buying (both seasons are available from Funimation right now). The box art is fantastic, classy, and I'll even say sexy in a totally non-exploitative, non-fanservicy way.

Birdy is a very sympathetic personality, and probably my favorite "super hero" type character in a long time. Sure she's impulsive, but she's genuinly a good person (especially compared to the rest of the Federation). She and Tsutomu compliment each other well, and I like the pseudo-sibling relationship they have.

The art is very smooth and at times surreal, which is to be expected from the same director who made Noein.

It does a fantastic job of world building as well, and shows how much things change outside of the main plot.

It's one of the best series I've seen in the last five years, not just for anime, but for television in general. Even if you don't like anime, but like good drama in general, you should check this out.

I really hope it does well enough for the manga to get an official English release.

I wasn't aware that there was an anime review section to the Escapist, despite being a member for almost 2 years... I feel kind of bad for not checking out these reviews when they were new, but having read a few, I believe most of them still apply (if you can ignore the "the second bit comes out soon!" bits).

Birdy: The Mighty was my 2nd favorite anime (1st being Ghost in the Shell) until I watched Zero no Tsukaima, but that doesn't mean it is bad in any way. Birdy is still an amazing anime that I recommend to everyone I know who likes anime. It can be silly, serious, light hearted and grave all in the same episode, and as JoshV says in his review, each episode foreshadows to the next and almost forces you to keep on watching. Reading this review almost makes me want to watch both seasons right now, lol.

The only problem I have with Birdy: The Mighty, is that it is too short. The plot that is developed in the first season comes to a satisfying conclusion in the second season, but there are still some sub plots and factors that are unresolved. Yes, these factors may be small and insignificant compared to what happens in the first and second seasons, but it could have been a third season damnit! I guess I am just sad that one of the best anime I have ever seen ended in less than 30 episodes =(

One more thing I have to add: JoshV mentioned the animation being superb and I cannot reinforce that enough. The action sequences in season 2 are more fluid than they are in season 1, and they are beautiful in season 1.

I guess I will just stop beating around the bush. Add this anime to your list as soon as you can and watch both seasons in one sitting. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. If you don't like it, uhh... Daystar will give you a backrub!


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