Stolen Pixels #212: BUY THIS NOW!

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Stolen Pixels #212: BUY THIS NOW!

Shamus thinks Stolen Pixels could stand to be more like Alan Wake.

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OUCH! That final panel is quite a low blow! You forgot to name drop Stephen King, though.

haha Harsh! XD

Alan Wake is such a rental

I missed that when I played through.

Thats low.

Heh, now they wish they released on PC. All the hype was in the damn PC mags, the console mags followed it.

"What happened?" It just wasn't much good. That's what happened.

I borrowed a friend's copy. I barely managed to drag myself through the campaign.

Actually I didn't even know about this game until it was actually released. So when I did finally hear about it I was sort of in the 'Huh.... righto' mind set. That being said I have never played it and not really interested in it either.

Is product placement really that jarring though? Like I haven't played to many games with it but when I do see it I just accept it as part of the scenery. I mean you see these advertisements and products in real life so wouldn't it be logical they'd show in the game as well if it attempt to be realistic? Or is it a REALLY obvious eyesore such as you see twenty repeats of a product in the space of five minutes? (Haven't played the game so I can't judge how it is.)

Hm, I didn't see that when I was playing through the game. Maybe it's not in the European version?
Product placement is evil though.

If anticipation was the best part, then maybe it's a good thing we didn't get Duke Nukem Forever. Just think how average that would have been.


I'd buy it if it was released on PC.

Whats worse is the energiser batteries, all the batteries are energiser and they even have the same packaging as the proper ones.

Ohhh. That last pane burns! lol. And true...quite a bit of placement..

As far as product placement in games go, this game was quite subtle. I noticed a few things, like a quick flash that his phone was Verizon, or his batteries were Energizer, and "SYNC" on the dashboard of his car. But they're part of the environment. It's not shoved in your face like say, Bionic Commando with Pepsi.

In this game it's subtle, quick, and part of the environment. But I've only finished the first 3 chapters, so it might get worse later on. Oh, and if you haven't bought this game, please DO IT NOW! Great action game. Really glad I bought it.

I don't understand why some people hate it. Looking at the youtube users comments on that tv advert makes it seem like the advert is forcing them to spent money, therefore they shouldn't pay the full price for the game.


Product Placement in Alan Wake made sense, and they never came right out and said "Hey look ENERGIZER BATTERIES, those are LONG LASTING and should really help me in this BATTERY IMPORTANT situation!" They just made the batteries real world batteries instead of having them be brand-less or made up.

Hehe, I loved it. It was like "hmm, Alan Wake, product placement... alright, where's this going?" and then suddenly BOOM!! Wham blam, out of nowhere, Shamus hits them with the ol' "took them 10 years and noone played it" bombshell! Never saw it coming. :)

haha Harsh! XD

Alan Wake is such a rental

heh...I feel sad for Alan Wake

but ya I was just thinking "it's okay I'll play it...rental"

All advertising is evil and product placement is probably a lesser degree of evil than "shotgun" broadcast advertising which is less evil than any kind of direct marketing.

Were I dictator I would have three laws:

1. advertising may not make any claim that has not been objectively tested and proven
2. advertising may not make any subconscious appeals
3. there is not allowed to be any advertising where people can't avoid it and live a "normal" life. This includes spam, billboards, telemarketing, and junk mail.

I bought it, was eager to have fun and enjoy it, didn't have fun in spite of really wanting to like it, and traded it in to Gamestop.

I probably would have kept it if it had less predictable combat and more gameplay OUTSIDE OF THE DAMN FOREST. Seriously, I'd literally be thinking "yay, we're out of the forest, and--wait, what is this cutscene doing? They're skipping ahead, and... oh no. No no no I just worked my ass off to get out of there, give me something new, you--DAMMIT!"

I bought it. I enjoyed it. I finished it in a weekend and moved on. Actually it was the perfect length for a working gamer. Also I had friends who watched me play it. It was a very good spectator game. So perhaps that is why it didn't sell well. I'm waiting for the DLC. It is definitely one of the games I'll be buying more story for.

"Alan Wake. Ironically wake is the exact opposite of what this game will make you do."
-Yahtzee 2nd Annual E3 Hype Massacre
And when you do wake up, you'll have a strong urge to watch Shawshank Redemption

oooooh burned, lol but very nicely done.

But did YOU like the game?0

I know I did.

I'm glad the product placement was subtle, though.

Energizer is on the side of a flashlight when you first pick it up, and the camera angles on it. But at NO POINT does anyone in the game explicitly mention these products.

Alan: "Barry! I just fought off those guys with Energizer batteries in my flashlight! Duracell wouldn't have let me do that, they suck!"

Barry: "Yeah! Energizer batteries save lives!"

Alan Wake has good product placement, except for the gaudy battery packaging, but that made it REALLY easy to find the batteries in the dark

Can I point out that you actually get an ACHIEVEMENT for watching that advert on the TV! It's called Boob tube and the description is to "See what's on TV". I missed it the first couple of playthroughs!

I was the other way around to the average Joe that Shamus describes. I had mild interest in the game before it's release and actually bought it and played it the moment I could!

I love it, it's one of my favourite games! Most of my favourite games are flawed in some big way and are the sort others wouldn't bother with but I can see the charm. Alan Wake was made with thought and care and it shows, even if they did get some things wrong.

The product placement didn't bother me. I only noticed the Energizer batteries on my second playthrough and had no idea that Verizon was actually a real company! I've never heard of them. (I live in England. American only company?) I just figured it was all just tongue in cheek extras that were added to make the game world more believable, ala Max Payne.

One advertisement that was ridiculous was in the daylight you're facing a skyline and when you get in your car the camera just fixes on a BIG billboard that is just a plain black drop saying Verizon Wireless. I mean really?

Ohhhhhhhhh that was a MASSIVE burn!
I literally made a noise such as "Ohhhhh ohhhhhhh" as if I just saw someone get kicked in the nuts when I read the punch line!

Hmm... people cared about AW before release, then dropped it like a severed head? How erily (adverb form of erie, I think) fitting. Alan himself says at one point that the best mysteries are those that are unsolved, may the game no longer being in the dark have killed it's intrigue?

I would have bought it if they hadn't dropped PC support, but since they didn't release it for my platform(even though they said they would)I can't play it.

I would have bought it if they hadn't dropped PC support, but since they didn't release it for my platform(even though they said they would)I can't play it.

I'm still kind of mad about that too! Such a let down, years of statements saying it will be on PC, a few years of silence, then suddenly "Nope, console only".


I would have bought it if they hadn't dropped PC support, but since they didn't release it for my platform(even though they said they would)I can't play it.

I'm still kind of mad about that too! Such a let down, years of statements saying it will be on PC, a few years of silence, then suddenly "Nope, console only".

Their loss, they could have made $50 off me if they had it on PC.

That was a good punchline there, Shamus.

I've never played the games, but that last panel stung. Too bad if it turns out to be true.

has it already been 10 years since you started shamus? :P

Waw, so not only do they make Alan Wake an Xbox-exclusive after being a multiplatform title for so long, they even have the nerve to release the game with in-game advertisements and a full price tag. Quite frankly, it's little wonder the game isn't selling well.

I was considering getting this if it ever came for the PC, primarily beacuse I enjoy these types of games and I do not mind linearity. But now that I know that it includes in-game advertisements, I am not sure I am willing to bother even if they do ever get around to releasing it on the PC.

I despise in-game advertisements with a passion that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns, so I am extremely hesitant on giving money to a developer who condones and uses such practices. If gamers have to pay a full price for something, there is zero excuse for having in-game advertisements.

Anyway, it might not be too late for Alan Wake to become a success. Who knows? It might become a sleeper hit like DJ Hero was. However, in order for that to happen, Remedy needs to do something to try and make that happen. Releasing a patch that removes in-game advertisements would be a good start (although, somehow, I don't expect that to happen due to contracts and all).

I LOVE Porn Flakes!!

Also "ooooohhh nnnoooo Alan Wake has one ad in it, it sucks!" stop whining ya pansies

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