Stolen Pixels #212: BUY THIS NOW!

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Oh cut Alan Wake a break, its the best game I've played recently. The campaign and story are both simply amazing. The only thing holding it back from a must buy game is that it can be finished in about three days, and has nothing else to offer other than its awesome single player.

Shamus Young:
Maybe it didn't ruin the game, but career cynics like myself can't help but look forward and see a future where a game won't shut up long enough to let the player immerse themselves in the gameworld.

Seeing that the gameworld is the "real"world... I don't really see all the product placement as being that bad. If we were talking about Gears of War, then yeah I'd agree that the Pepsi billboard is a little bit much Bi-*Cough*-nic-*Cough*-mando-*Cough*. Frankly this is nothing new anyway, you don't hear movie-goers complaining about how the Manhattan fight scene in a given action movie had product placement up the wazoo.

Also, shame on you, Shamus. Didn't you write an article just a couple weeks ago talking about the ways companies make money to fund projects? Maybe it was Funk... Either way, product placement: Get used to it. Find a new hobby. Frankly I'm going with the former option.

I see more than 1 product placement... 1st frame, look on the table, is that what i think it is.

OUCH! That final panel is quite a low blow! You forgot to name drop Stephen King, though.

True that :P

"Hey look ENERGIZER BATTERIES, those are LONG LASTING and should really help me in this BATTERY IMPORTANT situation!"

I don't know why; but I find this to be hilarious...perhaps due to the idea that the character would specifically reference it was a very battery orientated situation.

Hm, I didn't see that when I was playing through the game. Maybe it's not in the European version?
Product placement is evil though.

No it's defiantly there; there's even, as other have mentioned, an achievement specifically for watching an advert on the television - you can see where it is on the "InsideXbox" video dedicated to the game.

That punchline was harsh... great work Shamus.

Gosh that was indeed a harsh joke. I feel sorry for Remedy, especially if they don't get the green light for AW2.

I'm glad this isn't my type of game. I'd feel so let down.

This message is brought to you by Soylent Green--Now with 50% more people flavour!

Interrupting the entire game for a commercial is a stupid idea. This comic is not. Quite hilarious :)

I turned on the tv for the advert. Didn't watch it though. There were shadow creatures to kill.

I love Alan Wake, awesome game.

Wait, what? In game adverts? Well I guess there was Energizer packaging on the batteries but...I mean, there batteries? Alan never really explictly mentions that Energizer is the superior brand of batteries, and I didn't really find it all that annoying that we had real life product's in a game based on reality. It would be weird if we had energizer batteries in a game like say Dragon Age.

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