Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 2

Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 2

In the midst of a alien invasion, Star on Chest helps a man with his travel plans.

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It's okay. You'll never need to use a gun again. I hope.

I want to try that game out now, for some unknown reason, but I won't because I have been told to make super sure I don't go over my 100gb download limit... like last month...

OT: Poor kinect, *I was going to put a bad pun in here, but decided against it*

So wait, Star on Chest is an elseworld version of Booster Gold or something?

This is one of the mad things about Champions; and something that really put me off it. You never feel as though you're making a difference.

Hero games should be about saving the world - this is about being a delivery boy.

Which wouldn't be quite so bad...but then when you reach level 5...

Oh, you're coming to that. Carry on.

People told them in beta about all of this stuff. Still seems 'in the process' to me. Plus the fetching quests get old in short order and never relent since questing is the only way to make xp.

There is a huge disconnect in the combat as well in my opinion. It just doesn't feel like your fighting stuff to me. CoH felt much more action like and when you battled a group of enemies it just felt more like each attack made a difference.

Champions online though made me almost fall asleep while fighting groups of enemies. The feedback per attack just wasn't good enough, the powers are not impressive enough and as mentioned above you have a giant lack of incentive to fight enemies other then for a direct quest...which often boils down to fighting as little as possible to get through the quest as fast as possible.

Coh/Cov in my opinion was far better....and it had tons of room for improvement as well.

I enjoyed the ability to make a custom character I made 3 different characters Midnight Chain who used chain attacks and fists had supper regeneration and used a grappling hook for travel, the other was a purple armor bow chick, had radius damage arrows and acrobatics as her travle power and the last one was MR Stubbs PI, a zombie in a pin strip suit with a fadora, he used guns his travel power was digging, found it annoying that the gun you use is is not you can wear on you......

Other than that its a MMO that works on doing the same 4 or 5 times all the time.

I can't wait to see how you handle the Ironclad mission. I sincerely hope that you mention the "gladiator arena" line somewhere, at the very least.

This is hilarious and entertaining, though. I'm loving it so far.

Nothing in this one tops the "babies first invasion plans" that made my lol

Congratulations on a very funny read. Fantasy settings don't offer as many opportunities to expose the absurdist stupidity of MMO setups nearly as much.

Shamus, great work as ever! Loved Ye Olde Tales Of Lulzy so much it made me resub LOTRO and roll a fresh new character in her hat-loving honour.

CoH, however, looks such an absurb load of fabulous crap. I might just have to try it out someday!

CoH, however, looks such an absurb load of fabulous crap. I might just have to try it out someday!

Slow down there, bandagedheadperson. This is CO - Champions Online - not CoH - City of Heroes.

Carry on.

I played Champions online for about 50 days before I got bored, it's very repetitive and the story is pretty cheesy. I played CoH for about a year so by that metric I judge CoH better but it might just be that CO is too similar but I think it's actually worse than CoH. I liked the instanced missions a lot more than the random running around and murdering people on the world map.

I played CoH for about 3 years. It was awesome, had alot of toons, and did just about anything you could in that game. I played Champions for about a week and felt that I had done and seen just about everything that game had to offer.

I played Champions online, it will be the last Cryptic game I ever buy.

Oh the game, its a good coaster.

Isn't this all one big repost?

Isn't this all one big repost?

It's either this, or hiatus. And some people didn't see the original.

I played CO for a few weeks, and I believe I spent more time making new champions than anything else. The creator is fun though, and I replicated characters from games, b-list celebrities and cartoon characters. I haven't gone back to it for months, despite forking out a lifetime membership for it...

This series is hilarious. I played about a week of the beta before deciding that this game was a half-assed money-grab. After seeing what they did to Star Trek i'm thinking that half-assed money-grab is pretty much Cryptic's entire business model.


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