Zero Punctuation: Singularity

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Singularity.

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First comment!!! Yeah!!! Suck my refresh button!!!

I really enjoyed this game.

It was better than most FPS' out now and had a vaguely interesting story and gimmicks.

'tun the enemy into a baby, give him a grenade to suck on and throw him at his buddies to show you mean business' xD

Also this games sales were horrendous... I recommend people to buy this game, the SP is great and the online is surprisingly fun.

Was actually very funny shit this week. Good work.

Since Yahtzee already knows what I'm going to say before I say it, I'm not going to bother saying it because I've already said it and he knows I've said it and oh crap now I've gone cross-eyed.

Wow. Can we make laws that people who write for video games have to have actual writing experience and can show credible work?

And I just realized that saying that I didn't mention that my target was not Mr. 'Tzee, but the people writing this video game he's talking about.

A really great vid in a while, I have a huge urge to play Singularity now, it kinda slipped under the radar for me =/

Very good review as per usual. Yahtzee's videos never fail to entertain me.

All the people getting put on probation never fail to entertain me either.

Agreed, the the plot twist could have been so much better(if they at least tried to hide it).

Great review Yahtzee, definetely made my day.

You call THAT a twist Raven? And why the hell can't we use bullet time in a game ABOUT time manipulation? Are you afraid of making sense?

"Is the entire games industry being black mailed by the Russian Voice Actors Union?"
Now this is decent conspiracy theory. Maybe I'll start an international cabal around it.

Great vid but I could have done without the human centipede reference, as I've been trying very hard to forget that movie exists.

Awesome review. Singularity definitely ripped off of Bioshock, I thought you were gonna mention it.

I laughed very hard from this review. While I had never planned to buy/rent this game. You do point out that the plot was bad and game play was bad just as I figured. At less I saw this one a mile away.

I'm wondering if I'm the first commentator who's actually seen the thing being commentated on (and therefore the first to not be reported. Which seems likely anyway, given the previous five or six. Anyways...)

This actually sounds quite interesting (at least to an admitted System Shock fanboy). I gather, since Yahtzee didn't completely rip it apart, that the gameplay doesn't suck. Might take a look.

Why did you have to bring up human centipede? I thought I had finally gotten over that. On the other hand, that may be the most appropriate analogy to the history of the FPS.

A good review, and the plot twist doesn't sound much of a plot twist. More like something you could have worked out, or motivation you could have gotten 10 minutes in. You fucked up, go sort it. Instead at the end of the game? My word that's strange.

Calumon: Someone told me I'm like the little girls on Bioshock.

I refuse to believe singularity is worse than TimeShift and BioShock.

What a twist!

What? Someone had to do it...

Why doesn't Yahtzee review fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken? I have never seen him review one.

And as for the game's story, all stories involving time travel are typically crap so don't be to hard on this game in that regard.

Wait, Singularity is trying to say something to me...

I can understand knock off games. Look at Darksiders...Zelda. I think that was right game...Anyways, I can take a knock off when it is done WELL. And it sounds like this game isn't done well.

WARNING...If you have some how NOT beaten Bioshock, Bioshock spoilers be ahead.

Developers, a plot twist should never be obvious. The Bioshock 1 plot twist was brilliant because it played with what a gamer sees as typical. Throw us in a situation, give us a guy shouting orders, and we do it. In the majority of games, the beginning of Bioshock wouldn't be anything special. No question of "why are we doing this?" It is obvious, we do it because we are playing the game. The brilliance was in how what we see as a simple act of following a game's order was the plot all along. What it sounds like is that SIngularity was trying that, but forgot that we have brains. If you put clues in to hint at a plot twist, they need to be very subtle. Sure, if you collected all the audio diaries, the Bioshock twist wasn't that big. I collected a good amount of the diaries, and I didn't see it coming. But flat out placing statues that pretty much say "Hey look, this guy you saved rules the world now. Good job fucker!", then saying the plot twist is the EXACT SAME THING...that is fail.

I was considering buying it because it was bundled with prototype but never got around to it. Glad to see I didn't miss much.

While the game is very much a mash-up of elements we have all seen recently, I still found myself satisfied with the game. Playing through the game on hard does produce a few controller throwing rage incidents due to weird camera and uneven environment. The story is the weakest part of the game, but several of the weapons and Dead Space moments keep you interested.

You went to Flambards too? So did I when I went to my grandparents house in Cornwall. I love the Hornet.

I don't really recall that plot point as being presented like a "twist". It certainly wasn't the best game around, but worked pretty well as a big loud stupid dumb shooter, which I enjoyed almost every minute of.

I wonder if Raven has heard of the periodic table...

Apparently the Enemies uncovered Einsteinium.

HOW DARE YOU GIVE AWAY THE PLOT TWIST!!!!! But as plot twists go, that was pretty weak. The twist in Bioshock, i.e. "would you kindly...", is still one of the best in game moments I've ever seen.

What did I say, huh? Oh yeah:

From top and down

Crackdown 2
Some random Wii game
Suicide video with a pre-recording of him reviewing his own death.
Naturally, no number 5.

Now if Crackdown 2 is the next, we should probably wave farewell to Mr. Croshaw.

I love the way that the first 7 comments are all suspensions or probations :D

OT: Having watched the actual Escapist review, I didn't think it looked that bad, and I thought the TMD looked quite good, as token gimmicks go (every FPS has to have a token gimmick...)

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