Game People Calling: Videogames Used to Sound Unique

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Uh guys?
I don't think he was asking you to list your favourite soundtracks.
He said quite clearly that he wants less well known music for upcoming (ie: future) games NOT music you liked from games you've already played.
The soundtracks already up are great but this isn't a "my favourite soundtrack" thread.
"what music would you tip for inclusion in this Holiday's big releases?"

Dubstep music is a great mix of ambiance and energy. Heck, Burial's second album has samples from Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill!

Well, I think that soundtracks have improved a lot in the recent years, but I gotta admit that certain games do have some generic feel to it, like any korean MMORPG wich has a "cute" sense to it.

Halo 1 and 2 (3's soundtrack is a rehash of 2) had a great soundtrack that still gives me the shivers when I listen to them. The Metroid Prime series had an awesome soundtrack that's mostly synthesied, F-Zero GX, while it's entirely composed of electonic music, it's still got some of the best electro music songs I've ever heard on a game.

Blizzard games has their fair share of epic soundtracks. I simply love any sound that Blizzard ramms in to the game that sremotely sounds like music.

I still love the HL2 and the Episodes soundtracks. How can anyone not fall in love of Portal's credits song named Still Alive?

The game industry always had it's fair share of generic sound bits and bloops, even in the NES era. Only a few games, old and new, manage to sound distinctive and sound great, even 20 years later (I still love the bits and bloops of Batman 2 from Sunsoft in the NES).

You speak out of turn, sir! Calling Naoki Kodaka's Batman music 'bits and bloops' is far too much of a disservice to a guy who was probably the very best NES musician of all time. (As in, the guy who did Blaster Master, Gremlins 2, Batman, and Journey to effin' Silius!)

That man actually played every game he wrote music for. And he integrated the music with the gameplay so well that he actually made licensed games fun to play!

THAT, my friends, is art with a capital "Fuck you, Roger Ebert." THAT is an experience that cannot be replicated. That is the source of game music uniqueness. That's why I even bothered to see the Willow movie at all way back when-I foolishly believed the music of the movie would have been some awesome orchestral version of the music in-game.

I was playing Portal a few weeks ago, and started to really pay attention to the music. I really enjoyed what was going on with it, and most of all I enjoyed how it complimented the game so well that I barely even noticed what was going on with it for so long. The music on its own, while cool, is nothing without the game.

Alan Wake had a great soundtrack, for the first half of the game.

Second half was dreadful. The Lady of the Lake has the key stuff signaled the end of it's greatness for me.

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