Bumhug Parade #6

Bumhug Parade #6

Some things simply aren't meant to be.

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That wasn't funny...

I agree, i've not really found any of Bumhug Parade funny.

That was kind of dark and not funny...

Calumon: I'm scared...

I think its actually pretty funny :D
Though a bit unrealistic if there was something like heaven, it would be full of lame people i fear.
(Still better then the pitchfork? You decide)
And most of them would be prehistoric since the fast majority of human generations happened during that age^^

I liked it.

Eh, was a bit boring. Not much of a joke.

...yeah. I would've loved the joke if it was told a little better. However I suck at comedy both online and IRL so I couldn't do better.

Jack and Calumon:
That was kind of dark and not funny...

Calumon: I'm scared...

Yeah...had me shaking. Looks like everyone who likes rock...down below!

Wouldn't that mean heaven is empty? Everyone knows hell is full of the cool people, like the rockers.

I rather like Bumhug Parade. It's different. As I said last time, the humour is hit-and-miss, but it's always interesting.

Bumhug paradise is probably my favorite of the comics, I thought this was great.

I really like the style, and the humor in it.

Made me laugh a bit.

I liked it, keep up the good work!

Hehe... sweet.

I did not see that one coming.

I love Bumhug Parade... It's kind of off the wall and cute. I don't know what you guys are talking about. <3

I have little to no doubt this comic was influenced by stuff like A Lesson Is Learned and Perry Bible Fellowship (if it's not, I'd be honestly shocked) and while I think it's got a bit to grow, I'm digging it. I can't wait to see more of this.

the devil was messing with him!

Are they even trying?

This was different. Like to see more of this though it's a bit depressing.

Don't mind the detractors. I think this has a nice, understated humor to it. I love the first two panels together :)

Wow, A comic on the escapist that I've found funny.
I know that's a horrible way to put it, I know that the people who provide the Escapist with their comics are obviously hard-working people who're clearly enthused about what they do, but so far I've not found a one of them funny (save from a few stolen pixels strips).

But I was shocked to find that this one was actually funny, it's dark and I think it's portrayed pretty well.

Of course now I'm weirded out by the fact that while I like this, it seems the majority of people here... Don't.

Which is odd, because most of the time I see the same people talking about how great the things I found boring were...

Different tastes very much at work here...

Stone Wera:
Are they even trying?

Sorry to pick you out, but after posting my comment I scrolled up and saw this.
It's not a matter of trying
Bumhug Parade as a concept has always been Experimental the style they use is different every time, I have no doubt that this week they felt like playing with something a little more minimalist.

Again, not picking you out or anything, I just figured some people might have overlooked that point.

I suppose it doesn't go with the "Sunday funnies" thing, but a comic doesn't always have to be funny. This comic is a bit.. abstract, and funny in its own dark way. I enjoy it.

Am I the only one that found that funny? I chuckled at least :)

Sucks to be that guy.

yea... that wasn't funny.

Ha, that was hilarious.

I don't know, man, I think a place that forbids rock is pretty lame!

(Also, there is a cure for lame... ask your orthopedist.)

dude, wtf? everything about that was just... gah.

*cries in the corner*

why the fuck would you put some dude HANGING HIMSELF in a comic that is supposed it get giggles?!?!

The artwork was interesting, but the joke fell flat a little bit, at least in my opinion.

Pretty much everyone seems not to like this one, but I do.



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