Rebecca Mayes Muses Moves to Once a Month

Rebecca Mayes Muses Moves to Once a Month

Rebecca is a lovely, inspired artist and we are very pleased to publish her on our site. The demanding schedule of writing and producing a song every-other week has made it difficult for her to fully explore her talent, and after a year of bi-weekly updates we wanted to afford her the opportunity to continue to grow as an artist while still appearing on The Escapist.

In many ways, this is great news! Rebecca will continue to appear on our site, but the songs and videos will be more polished, and she will be creating non-gaming content on her own--content that many people have requested and now will be able to enjoy.

We know Rebecca is at the beginning of a long, amazing career and we support her. Sad as we are to not have her all to ourselves, we know this is a positive change for her.

Be sure to check out Rebecca Mayes Muses, now monthly, only at The Escapist!


I am glad the Escapist realizes this, it was too much to chew for her after awhile.

I wish Rebecca and the Escapist staff/community an entertaining weekend!

Good, I support this. Maybe now her songs won't be as repetitive and the chorus' won't be the same line repeated over and over and over that has nothing to do with anything. I always felt like the songs started out good but then just got rushed.

Great news!!!

As long as she is still producing, this can be seen as positive in some respects.

We might not get many stupid, illogical and downright offensive posts every-other week.

awh, i really look forward to it at the end of 2 normally quite long weeks, but yeah, it'll probably be for the best, i look forward to some new stuff from her though.

She'll be like our musical period.

She's never really proven herself to be all that talented, so I hope she doesn't get ahead of herself.

Sad to know that there's going to be a longer wait for her videos but i guess this can probably translate to better songs.

Edit: I would like to read a comment of her own about this.

I'm surprised she is still motivated to write anything after the bile and venom that has been spat her way on the Escapist forums. I gotta say that the level of attacks - and many of them have been outright attacks - has been very demoralising even for me as a reader. I've felt embarrassed to be part of the community.

Monthly submissions ought to result in a more polished song and video, but I suspect that the trolls and vicious detractors will still post their nastiness no matter how good her song is.

People get a free song to listen to (which they don't have to listen to) and then go on all-out attack about it.

The Escapist community is an embarrassment.

Thank goodness. I was quite worried when I didn't see a new video up but I'm glad that they will be coming even if they will only be once a month. That means I have something to look forward to.

Le snip.

Well I agree with you about the attacks however the main whole of the community are not that bad. Many probably joined just to insult her songs and even if they just insulted them anyway they are probably people who are hardly part of the community. Other than that I fully agree with you.


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