Question of the Day, July 25, 2010

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Question of the Day, July 25, 2010


Random Sunday question:Can a girl and a guy ever be "just friends," or will there always be some form of attraction between them?


sure they can. i have female friends where there is no form of attraction between us

Sure, if both are merried.

I always hate the assumption that girls and guys can't be friends. I have about three male friends and all the rest are female.

And while I consider most of them attractive, I am not attracted to them. It's like being able to say your cousin is pretty or that Johnny Depp is hot, I can see it, but it doesn't mean I want to go there.

of course they can...cant say anything abt the women but for men all you have to do is NOT think with your penis...i dont understand how this can be so hard...

Sure. I have a lot of male friends, and it's pretty clear to me who I would and wouldn't want a relationship with. I'm not attracted to every guy in my acquaintance, and those who I'm not attracted to are just my friends. Don't see how it's so difficult.

Yes,if he is gay


OP: Yep, it's entirely possible. I'm good friends with many girls without there being a sexual context involved.. One of them, Emily, I've known since we were both 4.

I think they can. My female ex-flatmate and I were just friends. At least I was friends with her; I'm not sure if she had romantic feelings for me.

Well duh. Of course they can! Though i dont have any. As my social skills blows...

It's *possible*. But realize, if the woman's at all attractive to the guy, he's going to have a few thoughts. There can be a number of ways to address that, but, it's a fact of life. Decent guys don't think with their crotch, but it still gets a vote and has a tendency to filibuster.

Of course they can, sex doesn't need to be part of everything, the world isn't Zoo magazine.

Yes, of course, unless he's some sort of pervert that can't look at a girl without wanting something.

I'm a guy, I think about laying all my female friends, I may have never acted on it but I've considered it. Human nature.

I have an ex girlfriend who I think could be a true platonic friend, but that's cause we've already scratched the itch and know it won't work between us. Of course I have other ex girlfriends I'd happily jump back into bed with.

I just remembered my best friend for years was female and there was nothing between us, until we slept together, that fucked it up.

Really, 30% think its rare?

Yes. Unless you're stupid , which is usually the case.

In my experience, from the girl's point of view yes and from the guy's point of view no. The guy might know he'll never get any more and so not try anything, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want more. But I guess that turns into a yes by default.

Easily. Is this a joke? It's pretty damn obvious...

Most of my friends are women. In fact, the person whom I consider to be my absolute closest and best friend is female.

So: Yes, men and women can be just friends.

Of course they can! Now, give us a decent question please

It's very easy and common to do unless you relate to girls like a 12 year old. I have quite a few female freinds, some of whome are single, who i have really never really considered having a romantic connection with. We are freinds, a few are really good freinds, and yes i've had freinds who i've considered and have dated but it really dosen't have to happen that every female you meet you instantly want to jump them. No offence to people here but a lot of 'gamers' have real trouble relating to women as people and not attractive aliens.

Its possible. I got many friends who are girls, and yes they are attractive, I wouldnt even consider it.

Despite popular contradiction...members of oppositte sex can just be friends

Yep. I have many females who are just friends that I have no attraction to.

Surely this is a joke question? Are the people running the site 13 years old? The question of the days for a little while now have been absolutely awful (mainly with lack of actual options, which I'm sure is not hard to put on a poll). Please address this Escapist.


My best friend at the moment is a girl.
And no, there is nothing more than that between us.

of course I don't think the presence of sexual attraction negates friendship, ony if it is acted upon

Yeah... I've had female friends that I didn't like in that way...

Yeah. Why not?

I think it is entirely possible and happens all the time.

Well I'm friends with quite a few girls and its OK. However, after two years and a year of living together, my best friend Gemma, became my lover.

... I have one girlfriend, and a dozen female friends.

There's a reason my girlfriend is my girlfriend, and that my friends are just friends.

Nope, there will almost always be a sexual attraction on the guy's part. But then, if the girl isn't thinking of it, then it's a default yes because the girl decides the level of intimacy. Goddamn Friend-Zone.

These QotD's are just getting more and more lame.

Of course the opposite sex can be just friends, not all humans are all about the instinctual want to procreate. I've got 3 girls I talk to on a regular basis but would never dream of being with them.

It's worked for me, even if my female associates do have the tendency to picture me naked. It's fine however, since so do my male associates.

I definitely hope so, I'm living with two girls next year! Seriously, I'm sharing a flat from September with two girls at university. One of whom I have never even met (she's the other girl's friend from France), and the other girl is a friend of mine and fellow society committee member. Which means that if you can't be 'just friends' with a girl it might make future society meetings that bit more awkward (we're a film-making group, for the record...)...

But yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not true. You can be 'just friends' with a girl with no problems. I shared a house with five girls and four guys last year, most of whom I'd lived with the year before. And I had (and still have) female friends from Sixth Form who I was never attracted to, though they were generally nice-looking and friendly, personable people.

So, yeah...

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