Unskippable: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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If you roll up the dog's fur, you'll see a tattoo dedicated to it's mother... Eating it's father. Because the badassery came the mother's side of the family, which was a toy poodle.

That cut-scene made me want to throw up (because it was so bad, not badass).

I'm getting to old for this ship. lol

Good vid, bad cutscene.

Good episode as usual. I've never played Dead to Rights, but I hate the main character from this cutscene.

Dead to Rights: Retribution

A man and his dog. And the people they kill, violently.

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Hey ! what a great idea: to make a game where you impersonate a Dog !

You think it's bad being out-badassed by your dog? Imagine being a dog who knows he's more badass than his owner. And yes, Shadow does know. He's that badass.

I can't believe they missed an opportunity to make fun of the gang bangers that look like Emo kids

Sounds like a great game for angry lesbians, or recently dumped girlfriends. I'd rather they tare off virtual balls.

Am I only one who thought the one cop trying to negotiate with the gang sounded like Tom Hanks?

I thought protagonist sounded an awful lot like Charlie Sheen.

"All the wrong people".. Like freaky crazy clown people...

Awsome vid like always guys :D

That situation looked like a job for Fishy McSketcherson.

Oh ho. Scrotality. I know that trophy's gruesome.

He's not badass, he's just a jerk.

And I am yet to be outbadassed !

"In fact, they may even be in another tower."

Fucking sweet.

Why are the police wearing G.C.P.D on their backs?

"Hands up! This is the Gothem City, Police Department!"

Why are the police wearing G.C.P.D on their backs?

"Hands up! This is the Gothem City, Police Department!"

Generic City Police Department, Lame-ass Division

This game just went to potential rental to see what playing as the dog is like.

The video with a half naked woman gets an 'adult' warning. The video with a murderous dog that rips out a person's throat, complete with blood, and loaded with swearing. No problem.

Just thought I'd say.

Great video.

I actually want to play this game for sure ^~^! Even though I have heard the odd bad thing about it. I'm just waiting for it to get a little cheaper before I pick it up >~<!Thanks for another great video ^~^!


I've never seen a dog look like it was out for blood like Shadow! I think that is supposed to add to his badassness but it kind of makes me think he should be put down more by the end of the game just to save the rest of the world from his crotch/throat-munching tendencies.

Either way, this was a great episode!

Hey, he only does it on command. It isn't like he runs around castrating people for no good reason. And Jack does get bad ass. Some of his finishing moves would make Shadow cringe. They just didn't get that far.

I haven't really played the game myself, but from what I could tell from the Escapist's Review on the game, the dog does serve as a useful feature to take down the enemies. And in some ways, it seems as though Jack's character should be blamed for teaching his dog such attack moves. Though, now I'm a bit curious why would a police officer might train his dog to attack another person's privates.

Either way though, having a dog give me a look like Shadow did in the opening movie is rather scary and I would like nothing to do with that dog!

Real badasses don't treat injuries, they let them get infected like the tough guys they are.


Ha, this one was awesome. Really tight writing.

'The gritty reboot of Theodore Tugboat!'

'I'm too old for this ship.'

And it only got better from there. Five thumbs up! (Some of them are borrowed.)

Jack and Calumon:
Never played either game, but isn't this Dead to Rights: Retribution and not Dead to Rights? I'm unsure, but the graphics look good and it seems like I'm already meant to know this guy.

Calumon: Scrotality? What's that?

Uhmm Calumon, pal, I don't think you need to think on that too long. Look, shiny balloon.

The Random One:
Ha, this one was awesome. Really tight writing.

'The gritty reboot of Theodore Tugboat!'

'I'm too old for this ship.'

And it only got better from there. Five thumbs up! (Some of them are borrowed.)

How do not many people know about Theodore Tugboat? That was a great show! I burst out laughing at that line regardless.

I wonder, are you Canadian? Because, so far the only people I know who've seen Theodore Tugboat have been Canadians like myself.

Hahaha, this is one of the funniest one's ya'll have done in a while! And seriously, who teaches just "kill" to their dog?

But yeah, I loved the first Dead to Rights, but I don't remember it being filled with so much grit and reality. I mean seriously, why does so many cop games these days have to get all Max Paynesy?

"I'm too old for this ship!"

"What the hell happened to you?"


...I love this show...

When they did the 'Ficious' sound I could only think of:

lol i forgot how funny these guys were.

Big testical munching puppy HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.

Never liked this game...the dialog made me rage. I hated how every other fucking word was fuck!

Didn't really like the gameplay either.

Bwa ha ha! "My degree in marine biology has so far only been good for making gritty metaphors."

This isn't my favorite but that line cracked me up some good.

This has some of the worst lines of the series, not counting the E3 trailers which were just abysmal. The line about pointing the gun at a "bad guy" made me cringe.


, huh? Proofriediing plz?

I'm vaguely disappointed that we have a vicious killing thing named Shadow and yet not one Team Sonic riff.

Wow, that Shadow is one mean son of a bitch.


Nice vid but you guys need to work on your riffing a little more.

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