Question of the Day, July 28, 2010

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Question of the Day, July 28, 2010


Greg Tito's column this week deals with tabletop gaming player profile types, and how best to resolve conflicts during a game session. What kind of DnD player are you?


Woot! Another Instigator.

I would have chosen instigator, but I do love exploring, and I don't JUST take risks... Ah, the olden days


I am not a DnD player but if I were then I'd probably say an Instigator: Depending on how immersed I was I'd just have fun provoking the NPC's and seeing what I could get away with.

If I were really into it however I'd be a 'Thinker'.

Combination of Thinker, Explorer, and Instigator.

I've never actually played before, but I imagine I would be the "Power Gamer."

Slayer's the closest to me, though instead of killing everything I just prefer to be in combat over not being in combat.

There's a word that we use for what you call "power gamer"s in the RPG world, it's called munchkin. I find it sad when some one is trying to "win" a PnP RPG, totally missing the point.

My style of play is definitely that of an Instigator, although in my group we have two Power Gamers, two Slayers, and a Watcher as well. I really don't envy our GM in the slightest.

Damm you for making wish I could find somone to play DnD with!
I want to try it but everybody around the area where I live says it's sad.
I just want to try it!
OT: I'd probably be a storyteller or Actor.
But I'm going for actor.
RP rules my freinds, RP rules.

What classification would rules lawyer fall under? General pest?

I'm more of a cross of Explorer/Instigator, but I'm more of an instigator, so I went with that.

I love killing things in DnD, but I like having the ability to use tactics and figure them out before we go through and start the combat.

But it's just no fun without story.

... No one else took Watcher? Really?! (Post sent at 15:14)

I feel lonely...

Part thinker, part storyteller. Love to solve problems and I'm in for a good story.

I've never really played DnD, but if I did, I'd be the Watcher, AKA making jokes and weird situations.

I'm the one who can't be asked to play DnD.

I think it would be interesting to compare how a player first became involved with DnD with the type of player they are - my hypothesis is that (in general) if someone moves from fantasy literature to role-playing, they become storytellers or actors (maybe explorers); if they move from board/card/video games to PnP role-playing, they become power-gamers or slayers; if they are drafted into role-playing by friends, they become watchers or instigators.

It's not a complete theory - and exceptions would be rampant - but I suspect the tendencies would prove statistically significant.

Even though I haven't been playing for a long time, and I chose to quit because it ended up being too much paper work, I consider myself a Watcher. Just being around friends was a treat.

I'm a Storyteller / Power Gamer. Best of both worlds :)

It's all about the stats.

If my character can't survive to the end of the story, then the story doesn't matter.

Probably a combination of Thinker / Slayer / Power Gamer.

Actor/Storyteller. Worlds are there to be experienced.

power gamer for the win
im not sure why but being powerful in games makes me feel good

None of those, I'm a thief/hoarder. I want all the money and all the loot, and I'll take everything I want.

Loot > stats.

I'm a thinker. That's why I wasn't allowed to play with, like,the only group in the city back home. I could McGuyver my way out of almost any trap, and it pissed off the DM.

Thinker. Even though I don't play to often, I always think of strategy's and how to go about ..Blah blah. You get it.

I'm usually a DM, so I like to write Story based campaigns, but this means writting a campaign can take a while :/

Now this question, I like.

I prefer to be an actor, but for any RP game I'm normally the DM, at least at the beginning.

If i would play Dnd i guess i do be a watcher. Its just to hang out together.

I'm somewhere between the "actor" and the "thinker" type, but I miss one type of gamer(I used to be quite some time ago):
Powergamer, Slayer, Rulebender(-breaker) and every DM's favourite all in one...



When I'm not DMing I like seeing just how outgunned my party can be and still walk away.

Actor. I always get right into the head of my character and stay there.

Instigator, hands down. It can be where the most fun lies and often starts some awesome little sidequests and create some hooks. :D

I love deep stries, especilly if it involves political intrigue! That always makes for good times!

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