Question of the Day, July 28, 2010

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Storyteller...but none of my friends will ever play...damn them.

I like getting into the mind of my character and acting like I feel he would act in a situation...

Look mom, I'm an actor!

thats a tough one, how about choose 3... i am a power gamer, explorer, and thinker. of the 3 power gamer and explorer are top 2... they are both what i love about the game, choosing between them is impossible!!!

Actor and proud of it. When you get so into you're character that you feel what they feel, fucking amazing. I really don't understand Slayers at all... Instigators kinda, but only because most of them have slight Actor tendencies (you've gotta roleplay to piss of the NPCs). Power Gamers are another group who's rational is just beyond me. But then again, that's all because I'm an Actor.

I have to say I enjoy all of those roles in the right circumstance, but mostly I'm an explorer/instigator.

Or at least I would be if I could find anybody else around here that was interested in D&D.

Sort of a cross between Actor and Watcher.

I stay in character, no matter how odd it may seem, but I don't get involved as often as I should.

"He who stumbles around with a stick in darkness is blind, but he who sticks out in darkness is... Flourescent."

I replied "The Instigator", but I have a lot of Explorer, Thinker and Storyteller in me as well. Primarily because I'm the DM in most occasions, at least in my posse of RPG-friends.

I marked Thinker, but isn't the entire game based around solving problems?...

I can't vote for this. You've all got the abbreviation wrong, it's D&D. I've never seen anyone who actually played the game call it DnD before :(

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