Zero Punctuation: Crackdown 2

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That's saddening. I don't own a 360, however I would go as far as to say that Crackdown was my favorite game that I never played. To see a failure on the part of the developers is actually quite sad.

The jacuzzi part made me almost choke on my water. Good show!

Same here, but I was drinking Redbull here.

Most of it did was gain a few chuckles out of me. The game appears to be even 'worse' than the first game. The demo was terrible as well. A 30 minute limit is just a way to screw me over!

I'm surprised the review didn't compare it to Infamous and Prototype.. both games that should have but didn't inspire gameplay elements in Crackdown 2, as they do the "tool around with super powers" thing better then Crackdown did, and it's all crackdown ever had really.

Ah, the game which had so many issues that the developers seemed only to ignore them, copy / paste them into the new version and then add more issues, if I am correct in my conclusion here :P

Yahtzee, was someone trying to call you, whilst you were recording this genius? Poor form, not sticking around to re-record it and get it all mastered exactly right. I'm now going through scenarios of who could have been calling while you were recording.

1) Family. Probably not, as you're more likely to talk to them on Skype, what with the costs to mobile phones, calling one internationally would just be dense... unless you can get Skype on an iPhone / Blackberry / corporate sell out communication device.

2) Rebecca Mayes. See above reasoning for no, but the probability is increased. A bit.

3) Our friends on the sub-continent of India / Pakistan, calling about some sort of limited deal on broadband, mobile phones or debt consolidation, none of which any of us need or want from them.

4) Pizza delivery - "Yeah, I can't find your house, man..."

Stop me if I guess it...

My post from earlier on has dissapeared...


Anyone else get phone interference or is my phone trying to make me feel lonely by tricking me into thinking someone is trying to call me?

I got it too.

Me too, what was that?

OT: Crackdown 2 was ok, but I'd have to replay 1 for comparison.

I've noticed that with a lot of sequels lately, namely that they seem to be only about half the game the original was in regards to content. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a sequel supposed to add to the property, not subtract from it?

Since when do expansions=sequels?? And what happened to the XBox 360? Granted, I never liked it much, but it used to have the strongest catalogue of games and the most exclusive titles, but now most XBox exclusive games, when they come out, are few and far between and they suck... What happened?

Oh well. Great review Yahtzee. The cell-noise freaked me out a little bit-- I thought my headphones we going nuts.

Ah yes, that incalculably obnoxious noise that my theater's sound system makes when some dickhead in the audience couldn't be bothered to turn off their fucking cell phone.

I've been looking forward to this because I loved the first so I'll probably defy the mighty Yahtzee and get it anyway.

Don't. The game is terribad and the appeal of blowing stuff up lies around ten to twenty minutes. Rent it, but don't buy it. Just stick with Prototype

Yahtzee Croshaw:

So basically Crackdown's single player main problem is that is a downgrade from Crackdown instead of an upgrade since resources were stuffed into making a multiplayer mode. I assume that is next weeks Extra Punctuation is going to be about?

At least he's one of the only reviewers to finally nail it. This game fucking sucks, and Crackdown 1 wasn't the greatest game to begin with.

Not as good as usual. Yhatzees reviews lack they unique charm they had. Now every review is just same rant. Its still funny but it blends together with some last 15 reviews.



Anyone else get phone interference or is my phone trying to make me feel lonely by tricking me into thinking someone is trying to call me?

I got it too.

Me too, what was that?

OT: Crackdown 2 was ok, but I'd have to replay 1 for comparison.

The realisation we have np friends and no one loves us :'(

First genuinely funny one in a while.

Good review. Had no real interest in the game beforehand, have even less after seeing this.

I don't think the Unreal/Quake 3 era was that bad. I can still load those games up and easily lose hours of time playing and fragging away, even with just the bots, who I'd rather play with as opposed to real people anyway. I do agree that nowadays most developers don't seem to implement multiplayer-focused gameplay very well, such as in Lost Planet 2, Borderlands, etc. Still, other games like Gears of War 2 Horde, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2 focus on MP play but can do it amazingly well.

What on earth was the static sort of noise near the end? Was that only me, or was there something annoyingly beeping in the background at one point?

I thought it was just me to! Maybe he was just holding the mic too close to the speakers.


Anyone else get phone interference or is my phone trying to make me feel lonely by tricking me into thinking someone is trying to call me?

I got it too. The sad, lonely feeling I mean.

And the interference.

And me!

It's a shame to hear Crackdown 2 doesn't live upto Crackdown 1. Whilst CD1 wasn't the best game ever, it was quite a lot of fun (if memory serves me correctly), and it's disappointing they didn't fix the flaws and expand on it.

Grouchy Imp:

Do the first two people that respond to something get put on probation automatically or what? I'm really trying to figure out why they were.

Anyway great vid. I might have to check out the first crackdown.

Because the episode is five minutes long, therefore anyone posting before 17:05 has blatantly just not watched the vid and is trying to get the first post for bizarre reasons of their own I have yet to understand.

OT: I really enjoyed the first game, but it sounds like Crackdown 2 is just an expansion to Crackdown rather than a proper sequel. Well, I guess that means I'll be renting it at best then. C'mon devs, try harder next time!

I just don't get how thats a rule. If they are not saying something like "IMA FIRSTT!!" and saying something actually on topic i don't see the harm. Whatev its nbd

Note to ZP Fans Everywhere

Something will happen when we reach 100,000 ZP Facebook fans and are currently at 99,836. :) Just thought I would let you know.

Another fine episode, good sir. Although I would try and see if there is anyway you could remove the noise my headphone makes when my cellphone receives a signal.

It's not your cellphone. I got it too, it's within the video's audio.

Unless you were kidding, in which case I've made a fool out of myself :-P

Note to ZP Fans Everywhere

Something will happen when we reach 100,000 ZP Facebook fans and are currently at 99,836. :) Just thought I would let you know.

Well that's interesting...

Too bad I deactivated my Facebook account =(

I can only hope it'll be worth the achievement!

3:14 "Crackdown one was a great game"
Really? It was good and could be fun at times, but Yahtzee is usually more cautious about throwing the term "great game" around. I mean, it wasn't terrible or anything but it sure as hell wasn't original and, like Yahtzee admitted, had some control annoyances.

also at 1:48 it shows the Pacific and the City, but I'm pretty sure that map is of the Gulf of Mexico or something.

Funny. Oddly enough I still haven't played CD1 even though I've had the game in my shelf for about half a year.

Man, did anyone else check their phones after the static sound? I did.

though its true its the same city in name, they messed around with enough stuff that you only recognize small bits, which when now filled with mutants and other dangerous things adds a bit of nostalgia, which i thought it was pretty good. its still a good game i think, they remove a lot of nice stuff from the last one, which is kind of a bad direction for a sequel, but at the end of the day, doing a demolition durby through zombies with three of your buddies is a lot of fun. also, they set the end up perfectly for the input of actual story in a dlc or sequel. i mean hell, the game is so different from the first CD (excluding the super powered cops)(and police brutality that goes with it) it could almost be a different game.

Sadly, this is bang-on. I wouldn't mind the crackdown rehash, if not for the fact that they didn't even fix the controls. Lock-On is still terrible and regular aim is also terrible. Orbs are often in the same places, even, so it's less hunting for them and more deja-vu.

Though the game is still mad fun, with limited "story" told only through audo logs, the brief ending, etc., they should have done more to make it something.

Really disappointing game. Yahtzee is right on the money with this one.

Ah xbox exclusives. The one type of game I could not possibly care less about.

did you got that call at 4:11?

Yahtzee; I understand YOU dont like Online Multiplayer. But thats a selling point for some.

Some people like pitting their skills or playing with someone they never know before. Yes, there are bad experiences. But mostly, people dont run into issues. Sometimes, they even make FRIENDS that way. We know you dont like it, for whatever reason. A game critic refusing to acknoledge online muliplayer is like a food critic refusing to review food with basil on it.

While I agree having a Multiplayer focus is not an excuse to cut content, the CrackDown team simply gave fans what they wanted: a game to just fuck around with. They didnt bog it down with story, they gave you hordes of enemies, collection of lots of stuff, and a blank slate to fuck around with. The gang missions just served as a way to get you from A to B. Its not your cup of tea, but it is some peoples.

haha your funny as always :P
i also heard noises around 4:10, wasnt sure what that was

yahtzee review StarCraft 2, i wanna hear what you have to tear into it :P

Gotta love the generics of names! I guess they ran out of money for that....

Holy shit I think hell has frozen over. Yatzee actually said a game was good.

On to the real topic I think that was a pretty good review of the game. Its more of the first but less overall. Less gangs, less fun and although I didnt think it was actually possible their is less story. I mean I didnt even know crackdown had a story and this game has less of one.

itf cho:
Funny review as usual for ZP, however...

Dear Mr. Croshaw,

Can you please stop reviewing console only games, and give us a review that some of us PC gamer types might be interested in? Out of the last four reviews, only one has been a game (Singularity) that has been available on the PC. I'm sure there are some multi-platform games out there that are worthy of a ZP review. After all, reviewing a Mario title sets the bar pretty damn low.

Thank you!

Well, the only major PC release lately has been Starcraft 2, which isn't out in Australia yet, and Yahtzee hates strategy games.

I've never played Crackdown, but I find it really lazy the sequel takes place in the same city.

That's not always a problem, Saints Row 2 did the same and made it work. How? They revamed a full district and heavily alterded several locations. Also, they added flying vehicles and boats. It can work if you put some effort into it.

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