Zero Punctuation: DeathSpank & Limbo

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DeathSpank & Limbo

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews DeathSpank and Limbo.

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WHA! It wont Load!
Aha! Problem solved, great review.

For some reason, I think this episode felt more like some of the older ZP vids. And for me that's a good thing.

Yay for doom and gloom

Ah I'm glad he doesn't like the Wayans Brothers or the Scary Movies.

Oh I'm also glad he brought up two games I don't know of until now.

so deathspank is pretty much the bards tale again?

I liked the jab at the "_____ Movie" franchises. :)

HA! I knew you'd enjoy Limbo, although I disagree with the ending being disappointing. More like open, but whatever.

i thought limbo was waaaaay too short as well. I should've bought deathspank instead :(

Limbo sounds pretty good in an emo-angst type of if you'll excuse me, I must listen to some Linkin Park and chew a razor blade.

I feel that the starcraft quip at the end was unnecessary, and if Yahtzee wants to rip into a game he should at least have the decency to do a full review on it.

Awww, no starcraft 2 :(

Oh well, entertaining nevertheless.

edit: it was practically the first RTS I finished since I don't like this genre and it was still awesome.
what do you say yahtzee, screw Halo Wars and start with this one?

Yeah i felt that because of the grain you cant see anthing in Limbo, thats why i fell into more than enough bear traps before i had gone 15 paces. But really the reason limbo unnerved me is because it has no music. I know that sound very minute but it kept me on the edge of my seat.

I wish Limbo was on the PSN. Oh well.

I got a mention in a Yahtzee video!


I am very saddened that he placed Transformers as a "bland game" :(

But overall, very funny.

"Why not try eating a dick?"
I get the feeling you have fans loyal enough to follow that advice, Yahtzee.

lol i just got owned by the escapist. well now i know what happens when you do THAT :P

So....I guess you're not doing a War for Cybertron review? Is it because you'd have to create new models for the Transformers? Ah, whatever. The game wasn't that great anyway.

I wish I could support independent game developers who do things like steep a game in atmosphere (Limbo) or at least try to take the piss out of popular money-spinners (DeathSpank). Unfortunately I must continue eating dick because I haven't eaten enough to pay all of my bills.

I'd say more but I have another client heading towards my gums and unzipping his fly. Excuse me.

I liked the part about the dog eating a watermelon and talking about the favorite ass-smells. Man am I high brow.

Awww, no starcraft 2 :(

Oh well, entertaining nevertheless.

He said he will never review starcraft 2 so dont get your hopes up. Otherwise great review i felt the same way about limbo when i played it. i felt like they could add like half an hour more and it would be perfect.

For all of you who participated in the ZP t-shirt giveaway event, we are hoping to start contacting potential winners today.


Awww, no starcraft 2 :(

Oh well, entertaining nevertheless.

He said he will never review starcraft 2 so dont get your hopes up. Otherwise great review i felt the same way about limbo when i played it. i felt like they could add like half an hour more and it would be perfect.

Wot's he got against Star Craft2? It's not ALL identical hardcore armored space marines!
On reflection: it's postponed release probably brings out unresolved issues with Duke Nuekem Forever.

Gotta say, I approve of the bleak...

But i liked war for cybertron... OK yeah maybe the levels were a little bland, but everybody plays it for the intuitive sex scene (just kidding, mainly because that would be incredibly horrifying and so which why rule 34 exist. Does the world and the sick fantasy's of people scare you enough as it is?)

Limbo is actually more funny then it seems honestly, I cant recall how many times i died in it, and how funny the deaths were.

Death spank does not interest me what so ever... what i really want to try is Monday night combat which pulls up my love of team fortress 2! At least I hope so.

Deathspank and Limbo sounds like a good game name to me...

Oh well. Nice video, though I'm not surprised Limbo came up more favorably as it's more Yahtzee's style (though I'm sure he's tired of oppressively gray level designs).

I got a mention in a Yahtzee video!


It shows how well known you are that it was you I first though of when I saw that up there.

OT: I disagree with the criticisms of Limbo apart from it being very short. Although the same could be said for Portal and very few people bitched about that. Although I am probably biased in that I thought Limbo was absolutely brilliant.

I also don't get how Gears of War can be criticised in the way it was considering if anything, it started the trend of dark, gritty shooters.

Interesting games indeed it seems. I wonder if he will review Doom 4 when it comes next year. Or possibly Rage.

i thought Yahtzee was pefectly reasonable when he explained he was unqualified to evaluate rts games, however, i do feel the attitude inherent in his closing message was both a strong constrast to his reason in extra puntuation and that it was needlessly hurtful.

If he isn't gonna review it then it isn't in his circle of expertise, so why does he keep dredging the subject up in a childish manner?

Hmm, maybe I will get Limbo, seems like it isn't worth it though, but it's a fun game...kinda expensive though, but then it is new and interesting but-but-bu*head explodes*

Nice review. Definately reminded me of the older ZP's.

I wish Limbo would come to PS3.

On the bright side, this means that the aisle is cleared for a review of Split/Second: Velocity! Right?

Definitely agree with the bit about the ending of Limbo.

The forest section was good, but once you get into the factory-ish environment, the atmosphere just drains away.

Was it me it did he seem even fast than usual? And quite a bit louder. That aside yet another great video.

Also Limbo is excellent and that spider bit is really nerve-racking.

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