Rebecca Mayes Muses: Crackdown 2

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Crackdown 2

Rebecca Mayes freaks out.

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that was sweet
love the white jacket!

Harsh. And a little bit political.

Anyway, un-wooed by the demo, I didn't pick this one up so I'm glad you took a big swing at it; I had heard it was somewhat unambitious.

I liked this one. Good work! The criticism of the system is fair.

that was brilliant.
i really enjoy these...

awesome. these just keep getting better!

I feel like Mayes does much better when she's not doing a straight song review of a game. The big conceptual stuff like the "Beautiful" song and the oddly poignant Yahtzee psychoanalysis are where she really stands out as an artist. In a way, the format of a game comment or review seems too constrained for her considerable talents.

lovely video by a talented songwriter. keep up the good work Rebecca. i'm looking forward to the song about Halo: Reach =P

That was one cute Super-Heroine!

Nice, that'll put me in a good mood for the rest of the day, thanks.

You just keep surprising me more and more with every video :D

Glad to see your videos again, I was really starting to miss them. This one also doesn't disappoint. I am already looking forward to the next one.

This was a fun little song! I could see many of the common complaints against Crackdown 2 in reflected in the lyrics and video of this song...
I'm also impressed Rebecca does so much in her videos! Must take quite some work to piece up all that.

Where have you been miss Mayes? We missed you and your segment here. My week feels less complete if i don't listen to a musical reveiw of something.

Anyway i liked the video (and the jacket) kinda sounded like the backing track to a tom waits song, you know without the paint-sripping but awesome vocals over the top. Very home made jazz.

Nice to have you back. The long wait is over, now we're up for an equally long wait.

Glad to see you returned to your old style though. Costumes, performing, lyrics and music were great but at the moment i'm feeling like listening to something more fun, i'll come back later to watch it again.

It was more of a gaming market offer-demand critic than a Crackdown 2 review.

Is it just me or you look very sad? I hope it is just for the song theme and not the negative people from the previous videos.

Still waiting for your personal statment about the new schedule.

This was actually amazing... I do usually like the songs, but alot of them have the same repetive-feeling chorus. I felt this one in particular was more creative and just generally better :)

I see what you did there, with the red-and-blue outfit. Also, the meatball dance at the end was awesome.

I liked this one, not as much as the cybertron one but it was still pretty good.

I have to say... she's more than a little attractive in superhero tights.

This review has a two on the end of the title !
Therefore it must be awesome !
Or is that what I'm supposed to think ?
Anyway, it's nice to hear more muses.

This one's got focus; drive; a point to make. I enjoyed it. It felt a lot more solid than some of Rebecca's other work.

Nicely done, and well presented as always.

I have to say... she's more than a little attractive in superhero tights.

I've always found her to be more than a little attractive, but I'll say no more for fear of treading into creepy stalker territory.

Loved the song. Keep up the good work.

I have to say... she's more than a little attractive in superhero tights.


The song was kind of weird because I thought the beginning was so strong but the lyrics/meaning/message was muddled by the end with game play stuff.

Yet again that was great!

Glad to see another song from you! I was getting worried!!! Another excellent remdition!

Brilliant review. Especially the first part, where she just bluntly mentions how braindead some people are and how idiotic and SAME crackdown 2 actually is. Sure co-op is fun but for HOW long?

There we go! That's the Rebecca Mayes I know.
Not that you ever weren't... unless you really WERE not... in which case there's a bizarre case of body-snatchers that needs investigating...

I haven't had enough coffee to be thinking like this. The meatball dance was funny.

Now Rebecca Mayes! This is where your art can live not in a restricted enviroment like "game reviweing".
Really I really like this song and I'm going to listen to it all day. :D

That was pretty damn awesome

Rebecca Mayes=brilliant

...cute superhero outfit by the way...

I liked this one but i doubt id probs pick up crackdown 2.

While not exactly my favourite entry to your body of work, it was a interesting concept and video that held my attention till the end.

Good show.

Very nice one Rebecca, one of the best so far and a great video.

I've always admired her body of work, too, hehe.

Love it.

Hey quick idea, dancing backwards was nice, if you take a guitar and swing it backwards holding the top, with the bottom going forward, you can reverse it, slow it down, and make it look like a choreographed attack! (with a melee weapon, in a guitars case, an axe)

Also, I generally feel the same way about that game. Same engine, polished. And I didnt like the first one.

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