Escape to the Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This week its MovieBob vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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Huh, I'm intrigued.

A movie where the main character has to face 7 bosses?

Nice one this week. Way to go bob

Huh, I'm intrigued.

A movie where the main character has to face 7 bosses?

Not just seven bosses. The girl of his dreams' seven evil Ex-BFs.

Movie Bob got the hight score! Congrats!
That last line from the movie= priceless!

cool, never got into the comics but Edgar Wright is always good, plus Michael Cera is a great actor

I'll have to see it solo, but eh, whatever.

it is nice that Canada is being Canada and not the US like in Juno
so obviously you had not problem that Michael Cera was playing Scott because many people were saying that was a wrong move.


Huh, I'm intrigued.

A movie where the main character has to face 7 bosses?

Not just seven bosses. The girl of his dreams' seven evil Ex-BFs.

Correction: 6 ex-BFs and 1 ex-GF

So it's good, I may go see it then. For the most part I don't mind Cera, his career's a bit too ..... Sterile, for my taste though

Looking forward to going to see this later, though I'm curious how they've changed the conclusion from the comic. Does that mean that Gideon's Utena-Castle-Style stasis chandelier is gone? Because that was one of my favorite touches. Knives looks a bit older than I pictured too...

I was one of those who saw the midnight premiere with friends, and unfortunately I was one of those disappointed ones. However, you hit the mark with your review.

Boss battels eh? Is there a Gitaur Hero esc battle? Because that wouldbe expected as hes in a band.
And your a hacker if you got 9999999 points and 99 lives.
Good review as always, I was kind of hoping for the expendables but all well.

I AM interested, but I don't like Micheal Cera as an actor I feel most things he's in fall flat. Except Arrested Development of course.

This movie is gonna rock! Cera is supposed to hit Scott Pilgrim pretty well on the head as far as character performance.

I'll see it after the expendables.

Less than 9 hours before I see it, and now I'm even more stoked!

And I'm always happy to see my country play itself, and really hoping the four-story catfight in the Toronto Reference Library's atrium was preserved.

It is nice to see Canada playing Canada...

But this movie still looks unbelievably terrible. You said yourself that he's a couple PBRs short of being a hipster, and I don't feel like seeing another hipster movie with Michael Cera. Juno was a good movie, but the hipster characters pissed me off.

Plus, it just looks lame... A movie trying to be a video game..? I'd rather play it, except I hate fighting games, so another couple points knocked off.

I'm so excited for this. I can't wait! Great review as always.

Eh, I'm still on the fence for this movie, mostly since I don't know if my friends would want to see it.

See, I heard about this. Well, not exactly heard, but got showered with references like "must see"...

And I thought it sounded boring.

Then I watched the vid.

Now I know why it's a must see.

I knew it would be great :P

Suck it Jonjo!

I'm going to see this the day it comes out for sure!

Wow, am I the only one who thinks this movie is going to suck?

I desperately wanted him to hate it. Frankly, I'm probably still not going to see it, because Bob has been wrong before.

(Daybreakers and Splice came close to what he said, but instead turned to crap. Please don't ask me to explain why. I can, I just don't want to.)

I read the comics and love no more heros so its a movie for me.

Good review. I think I am going to go try this one out.

I'm so unbelievably relieved this turned out to be good, I'm going to see it as soon as possible. Also Michel Cera FTW

I really do want to see this movie, It just looks remarkably different to quite alot thats come out this year, that might be down to the videogame vibe (or by the looks of it, vital organ) running through it.

Why does this have to come out on the 25th in the UK?

Actually as a question, could someone please answer as to why the UK gets movies quite later (heres looking at you toy story 3)? at one point, someone mentioned piracy but I don't know if thats true.

I hadn't heard of this movie before, but now I have to see it. The No More Heroes reference was enough

Nice review, I'm probably gonna go see it in a few hours.

On a side note, are you gonna do The Expendables?

Well, the comic is fucking awful, so I watched the review because I wanted one answer. Would someone who likes/dislikes the comic feel the same way about the movie?

Clash at the Demonhead at the end?

But on topic: "A thoughtful resident and mature study of relationships among young adults in the modern era, with interpersonal conflict processed through metaphors of superheroics and games because that's how a guy of Scott's age and temperament might contextualize his world"? WTF? I thought this was just a graphic novel!

Big fan of the series, can't wait to read vol. 6 and see the movie!

Well, I saw this a couple of hours ago and I was a tiny bit disappointed. The film was incredibly fun, Wright's stylization was incredible, it was genuinely funny and also the fight scenes and action were epically cool.

However, I have to disagree with Bob's assessment of a "genuinely intelligent romantic comedy" I didn't really see anything other than "guy loves girl, has to fight for her against her 7 exes to gain her love", this seems rather caveman-ish to me, and not at all about real romance or the "human condition". The extensive hipster idiocy also got to me a bit, lucky they aren't heavily populated in my country.

Oh and on one last note, I have to say, Kieren Culkin was hilllaaarious as Scott's gay roommate whom he shares there one bed with.

I guess disappointed isn't the right word, I just kinda expected something else, I need to see the film again I think. But I do agree with Bob, everyone should go see this movie, especially the people on this site.

edit: Oh, and I'm finally officially completely sick of Michael Cera's typecast roles.

Damnit Bob! I was 100% on not giving Michael Cera any money at all and now you tell me that its one of the best movies of the year!

Sigh... Guess my Friday night just got booked.


Huh, I'm intrigued.

A movie where the main character has to face 7 bosses?

Not just seven bosses. The girl of his dreams' seven evil Ex-BFs.

Six Evil ex Bfs and a Gf.

Actually, I'm kinda glad to see a movie that takes videogame elements and sorta applies it to the real world in that offbeat snarky teenage humour way. So the movie is a plus for me.

Although, I'll say this. I'm worried I'm not going to like Michael Cera anymore. He was awesome in Arrested Development, Juno showed the niche he kinda fills in at, and this movie seems to be his niche breaking role. But he seems to be the go to teen actor, and does something like shia lebouf and the coery dou (corey haines and wahtever the other one's name is). And thats going to bug me, becuase I'm goign to see alot of him, get tired of seeing him do the same thing that wont have the same appeal becuase movies cant all be Juno's or Scott Pilgrim's (i.e. good for this kinda actor.) So, I'm hoping i dont see him for a while after this movie, or at least if i do, he's not the main character doing this role or his Juno role again.

Saw the movie last night at a midnight showing with my Wife, and the place was packed. Everyone was clapping and cheering after each battle, and the fact that everyone was laughing at certain jokes helped the experience all the more. I hope there was nothing at the end of the credits, because my theater shut the movie off as soon as the credits started, and it ticked some people off.

Go see this movie! See it with a bunch of friends, and shout out "What a twist!" at the new M.Night movie. :p

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