Letters to the Editor: You're Wrong

You're Wrong

Each week we publish letters sent to us regarding previous issues and highlight particularly interesting forum posts. If you'd like to comment on an article directly, send your letter to [email protected].

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Congratutions for those who delivered such articles. Really well-deserved and wonderful reads!

whoa cool, I didn't even realize I could be chosen to have to have my response published.

thanks, and cheers!

As I was reading this today I thought "How odd, that's the same analogy I always use about YouTube..." and then I realized I was looking at my own writing in this feature for the second time - the badge notification message clued me in that my comment was being reprinted last time around, but this was a pleasant surprise.

Huh, someone actually decided to pick my comment. I was wondering why I got that yellow badge on my profile all of a sudden. :p

Well I'm glad they chose one that I actually feel was worth making. I say a lot of silly things too, hence my forum name. But I'm glad that a comment of mine was picked that wouldn't make me blush IRL from embarassment. :)


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