Hands-On: Rift: Planes of Telara

Hands-On: Rift: Planes of Telara

It's a semi-dead kind of life, baby.

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Intrsting, and, your right, dont wanna wake up to tentacles in the sky!?

But, At least its not proclaiming to be the all new "WoW-Killer" and just trying to do what it can, and, I respect that

Huh, never heard of it until now. But you've really perked my interest.

When I saw the title, I was hoping it was a MMO based on the Palladium books. Oh well, maybe some day.

I've been following news on this game since the initial preview; I'm quite interested. The problem is it will almost definitely be a pay by month thing like WoW, which is essentially the reason I don't play WoW. Tht and I'll likely need to upgrade my graphics and Ram a fair bit to play this thing on maximum settings.

Thanks for the article, haven't heard of it till right before I saw this actually, quite interested now.

Can't wait. Although 2011 is a very tough marketing year, I hope Rift and The Secret World will be the success stories.

So if you're in the beta, how exactly do you play? I've seen no links to a client download or anything.


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