Melding Story with Mechanics: The Secret of Amalur

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R.A Salvatore=Win.
That huge name drop there actually makes me want this game.

Game music + Grant Kirkhope = epic

Somebody put up a recent thread stating that Bethesda had confided in an interview that they were currently working on "A secret project". I wonder if this was it.

The thing that really inspires me the most about this "Well of Souls", is that you said you can come back to life through a new body.

In a single player game, it wouldn't make much of a difference, but what if, in the MMO, when you die, you get to re-design your character.

I swear, I'd buy a game just for that feature.

"Oh, hey du- wait, what happened to you?"
"Oh I died and figured, what the hell, I'll try to play as a girl now"

Sounds interesting, Oblivion is one of my favorite Rpgs of all time, I have absolutely no interest in the MMO, but the singleplayer prelude might be fun.

I'm going to just ignore all the people saying that this game is going to be disappointing. Without knowing for sure, this lineup of creators is certainly interesting. I've always liked Salvatore's writing and I have more than 100 hours of oblivion playtime so far. This could be good so I'll just wait and see.

This is great Curt, now get your ass down to Providence so I can grab a job there!!!

"is responsible for one of the greatest CRPGs of this decade, Oblivion"


"is responsible for one of the greatest CRPGs of this decade, Oblivion"


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