Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 6

Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 6

After a spot of sight-seeing, Star on Chest gets back to the business of beating the stuffing out of zombies.

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Oh man, I had forgotten about the Velociraptors. I am glad the escapist is putting this series up because it has been long enough now since I first read it and played the game that I had forgotten most of the atrocities, allowing this series to amuse me just as much as the first time.

Hated the game, love your take on it. So many stupid parts of the designe getting nailed.

Feeling the call after reading this, I installed Champions again just to see if I was being unfair.

Nope. I really wasn't. The canon is laughable and all the jokes aren't. SO dissapointing after the seminal City of Heroes.

Ah well, let's see how DCUO does.

Wow, need to take note of those recipes when I go to visit my brother in Canada...

One plate o' poutine please!

The Wikipedia bit is my favorite, I love it!

Ahhh, these jokes are just as good as I remember.

Pretty much this whole section of the game would be improved by turning off the computer and flipping through back issues of Alpha Flight.

Credit where it's due: One of the super-villains is Lynx, a cat girl. She signed on with the bad guys just because she wanted the cat girl costume / abilities, and then had second thoughts once she saw their plans. She doesn't really want to join a terrorist group, she just wanted to be a cat girl. I liked this idea. It was humorous without being stupid nonsense, and it manages to do it without simply referencing some other, funnier fiction. I would be so much happier if the game had gone for this style of humor instead of the slapstick goofball stuff it's usually engaged in.

Yeah, but the idea of a novice villain realizing supervillainy is more than a good costume and an evil laugh would come perilously close to such airy concepts as deconstruction. And if there's one thing the faceplam-worthy writing has revealed, it's that the authors wouldn't recognize deconstruction if Rorschach and Hit Girl kicked down their doors and roughed them up.

So Canada is full of Velociraptors eh? Who'd a thought.

This is a totally accurate portrayal of this game. I played for slightly less than a month, mostly because I enjoyed City of Heroes. I played the exact missions Shamus is complaining about. They really are that stupid and repetitive.

If you like the idea of playing a superhero online with other interesting people do NOT buy this game, if you feel like playing a super-powered errand boy who is constantly told to do that same 3 things over and over along with a population of anti-social loners who rarely ever want to talk by all means. Buy this game.



Canada's motto gave me a really good laugh.


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