Unskippable: Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey

An advance-release cinematic just means we get to laugh at Mickey sooner. And we do.

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Eyebrows And The Gang FTW!

Awesome :3

Oh, I though that you would just do the let's play this week.

Nolan North as Goofy?
But can he do the yell?

Nope, still creeped out by mickey. And not interested in the game.
Swing and a miss.

Unskippable let's play? Awesome.

Can't wait for let's play today ...

Fighting the balrog made me crack up.

cant wait for the lets play

Awwh I might give Epic Mickey a look actually!

Let's Play? Awesome, count me in!

Man, you nailed that!
That's totally what Paul sounds like!

Anywho, one of my favorite episodes yet.
And looking forward to the Live section.

pause the video at 3:35 and read the calender. the day mickey goes to wasteland is on his birthday.

Nice. Can't for the "Thing"

Cant...stop...looking...at the ears!

Oh man now I can't unsee the ear thing either!

Also love the "Nolan North as Goofy" joke... It was a joke right? >_>

The Dip. That's totally what that is.

How did they do Mickey's perpetually forward-facing ears in CGI? Seems like it would have been easier just to make them spherical with a matte finish so they just looked like they were flat to the camera all the time.

Paul! I love your makeover man, you totally should've done that ages ago. Yet, I can't really put my finger on what's different.. it's your glasses right? You no longer have them?

I liked the Micky Mouse thing.. it was a bit strange though. He randomly at one day decided to waltz through the mirror or something? >_>

Oh yeah... Where do we go to see the Let's Play thing?

EDIT: Found it. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/content/unskippable_live

Can't wait for the Let's Play, i wanna hear more of what Paul sounds like. How are we going to see it? How will be get to the chat room?


well i know what i'm doing at 6.

You nearly had me on the ground when you mentioned Silence of the Lambs XD

My god, you guys are right about Mickey's ears! See him turn around at around 1:58 and his left ear becomes his right and vice versa! I mean...EWW! >_<

And having a window that directly leads into Mickey's bedroom? Wow....What could be creepier than THAT!? O_o

Anyway, Walt Disney's ashes must be rolling around in their burial place right about now. (Yes, Walt Disney was cremated. He died before cryogenic processing was available.)

Unskippable Let's Play coming today, huh? I wonder how that'll turn out?

6:00 in the morning? Hot damn, I have to get up early anyway! But I would totally watch it from start to end if the Escapist hosted it.

Calumon: Will you, or is it for Youtube?

i am so watching the live episode!

nice job as always guys =P would be hard to try Transformers WFC next week? =[

Looking forward to whatever bad game is going to be in the Let's Play live episode. This game is gonna give me Disney nightmares for a while.

my god with the ears THE HORRIBLE EARS!!
i never notied.

also aw yeah that is so how paul sounds but he is cooler than a stuffed star
so much cooler!

Man, Paul looks so yellow. Is he sick, or something? And he should get his eyes checked out, too. They're all black and...soulless.

Cant...stop...looking...at the ears!

They really are creepy. It doesn't seem that bad until the camera rotates, and then it's "AHH! AHH!"

The lumen better get some screen time and game time or I will stop watching this show FOREVER!

You know, I'd consider getting (or at least renting) a Wii just so I could play this game... Even if I did have to face those EARS! 0.0

I'm an old school Disney whore, so sue me.

Will the let's play be here on the escapist? If not where will it be?

Paul sounds liek Mr. Hat. I watched the epic mickey opening yesterday on youtube,k only to be disapointed. Also, YAAAAAAAAAAAY LIVE UNSKIPPABLE. omg, it starts in 20min!

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