Unskippable: Epic Mickey

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I found the link to the live thing on their LRR page's twitter box: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/content/unskippable_live

Pfft, I noticed the ears thing watching Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse.

Where on earth do we watch Unskippable Live?

I can hardly see the difference!

Apparently just press the ads on the left or right of the screen.


Great episode and I can't wait for your live show.

So yen Sid is a pedo and watches Mickey Mouse with a 2 way mirror

Will the "Lets Play" be on Escapist or LRR ?

Yeah, well, I can't unhear the fact that the Sorcerer is voiced by the guy who narrated the legends in Brütal Legend.

I know this is just an early look but seriously that story was just stupid.

Glee and Gibber!

I hope this game wil herald some great Disney revival!

I thought the opening to Epic Mickey was okay, but this episode was still pretty damn funny!

Also, I'm missing your Let's Play! ...I'll catch it later, I suppose.

"This is totally what Paul sounds like!"

shouldn't an 'epic mickey' be something that gets you high as fuck?

am I the only one who knew about the ear thing before this?

soon as he mentioned the ears I couldn't NOT see it either

Hopefully there will be plenty of notice when the "bite size chunks" are up. I didn't even know this was going to be happening.

You can tell he's evil. He has a voice. That can't be good.

Holy Crap. That Mickey was EPIC.

I figured it was going to be an ironic title, you know, like the Shitty Beatles [/Wayne's World Reference], but that game actually looks awesome.

A good laugh overall, and unfortunately, I can't catch the "Let's Play" this time around, but After my internet speeds up here soon, this would be pretty cool to catch.

Hope you guys do it again soon.

The Silence of the Lambs, and the CSI bit were golden. Felt bad to see Micky like that, but somehow it was ok with you guys. ^_^
Nice job guys, and the Let's Play Live from what I've seen was pretty awsome.

Ha I noticed the ear thing when I watched is on IGN.
I don't understand...

I think the ears thing is actually a Disney rule, or something. Can't remember where I heard it, but I remembered it when I watched this same intro without the commentary earlier.

did i just miss the live unskippable

Keith K:
The Dip. That's totally what that is.

Actually, upon some investigation, that creature is Called "The Blob" and it was originally from a short in "The House of Mouse". Still, the game looks awesome and I cannot wait to buy it!! (Epic Mickey that is)

I don't care to much for the Unskippable Let's Play though. This episode was alright.

Oh... the Mickey ear thing... I never noticed, but now can't unsee it... Wow, it's really bothersome now!

Oh God! Mickey's ears! I can't un-see it!

Grrr... Had to go to my stupid work and I missed the live stream :P.

Oh well I guess I'll have a chance to see it... some day xP.

And mickey's ears are this way cause it's the "classical mickey" in old cartoons his ears were always pointing towards the screen.
Why? Because it takes less work than actually pointing them in the right direction with each frame xP

I really want to see it, but my damn computer HATES streams. dosen't even mater where it is, Ustream, Justin TV, it just dosen't like them. They make my computer all slow-y down-y, but I can still watch the not live version of it when it comes out, so I'm happpy!

How did they do Mickey's perpetually forward-facing ears in CGI? Seems like it would have been easier just to make them spherical with a matte finish so they just looked like they were flat to the camera all the time.

Basically the same way they do shoulders, fingers, levers, etc...
Every serious computer graphics design suite offers you some way to attach stuff to each other with constraints.

Just as they would connect an arm to the upper body, they connected the ears to Mickeys head and the camera.

good stuff, the aniamtion is really great o.O

oh yay, a let's play. they might be as good as the LPer's on youtube. to name a few...vash12349, pyschadelicsnake, and chronogear. also, if the person who the ears were facing ran really fast in a circle around mickey, would he take off like a helicopter?

Why is Paul speaking in the third person in the end there?

Also... did he do something with his hair?

Roger Rabiit reference FTW

I still say Disney could've come up with a more imaginative title for this game than "Epic Mickey." I mean it sounds like something 4chan would come up with and I would like to think that Disney can do better than that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the ear thing. I noticed that back in like February or something. It's odd, but not all that disturbing.

Wonderful video ^~^!

Great video, and I'm watching the re-broadcast right now!

am I the only one who knew about the ear thing before this?

I knew, too. You used to see this sort of thing in old Mickey Mouse cartoons, where his ears are always facing the camera. Warren Spector wanted to keep that for this game, and thus they're designed so that no matter where Mickey is looking, his ears are always like that.

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