268: Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

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Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

Nobody likes to be told what to do, especially while playing a videogame. But Brendan Main argues that is precisely why Navi from Ocarina of Time is the best sidekick ever.

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That was a well written article for being about just one sidekick. But you're right. Although I'm still entitled to be annoyed that she must remind you every minute about what you have to do, even when you're doing it.

And right you are. I love Navi. Always at your side when things are dire, helping you to tackle your problems.

Then again, I liked the Water Temple as well, so maybe I'm just weird that way...

You actually made some pretty great points.

I lol'd at the Water Temple though

I think thats the only time I've ever wanted to applaud after reading an article, well done.

Great article, I never figured why she got on peoples nerves that much. I always felt she was very discreet, you can pretty much ignore her throughout the entire game if you want to and those "Hey"s and "Listen"s stops if you just take a sec to scroll through some text from time to time.

I never understood the ire Navi has in the minds of most gamers. She was a dictionary of the game, she was the cheat code. We'd be far worse off without her.

Can't live with her but can't live without her.

I guess this is a biased view after the result I got in the recent quiz though..

honestly, i always didnt mind navi. it annoyed me when she tried reiterating plot points, but that be useful if you forget where to go

I've played ocerina of time so many times that i just wish there was an option to turn her off.

Why do people dislike Navi?

Frequency. Both in the amount of times she's "HEY!" "LEESEN!" and the pitch of her voice was somewhere around nails on chalkboard.

Tatl was better. Tatl had personality.

Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

I spent more times in front of Ocarina of Time than any other game on the N64, and I.... never really considered Navi. But yeah, now I think I like her too.

That was a bit of an eye opener.
I still think Navi is annoying, but not nearly as much so as I did before I read this article.

Navi was helpful, once. After that she became an irritating reminder that you had a nagging pixie at your side every minute.

Already knew a door was there, yah, look...Yah Navi, I know! Hey Listen Yah Navi, I know! Watch out Got it Navi, I know! I'm trying to handle things here can you come back later please...but no, she can't.

Helpful or not, sometimes I don't need to be spoonfed by a winged night-light. Also, being told over again about stuff she just told me is also irritating.

In closing, I don't think it was Navi specifically that annoyed people, it was the constant reiteration of stuff she just showed you or pointed out that got old really fast. Once you've been somewhere, most people don't need to be told again that the door on the left is locked and that you need a key to open it.


Tatl was better. Tatl had personality.

Tatl was also vewy vewy qwiet! Which is why I like Tatl more.



Tatl was better. Tatl had personality.

Tatl was also vewy vewy qwiet! Which is why I like Tatl more.

And when Tatl spoke up, it was to tell Link what an incompetent loser he was. (For the most part.)

I liked Navi, even more than Tatl, who was never any help (granted I didn't need the same help in Majora's Mask, but when her answer was basically, "I don't know, whack at it!", it seemed pointless to have her there).

Also, fuck the Water Temple. Even with re-playing the game, that one griefed me the most.

Navi is the best, and it was nice to have her to talk to when everyone in market town wouldn't talk to me. You know they basically say "LOL get out of here kid, cuz' you're a kid LOL..."


But really, Tatl was always more annoying because when she said something, it was always insulting and... not helpful... and annoying... and not helpful. Did I mention she's not helpful? That's what she's there for, but instead she chose to be a big annoyance.


I find it funny that many people actually started "hating" her because the internet told them so

the first time it ocurred to me to search for "old games" it was NAVI who i found, and i recall watching a "comic" about some guy who slashed her in two

then i saw another where link is in a mad house with "HEY! LISTEN!" scratched in the walls

I looked at all those things,i laughed, but i never felt the same, except i noticed a lot of the comments

"I never really thought about that, you are right!!"
"OH YEAH!!!, i remember navi being so anoying"

stuff like that...

she wasn´t "that" intrusive, she was actually quite enjoyable compared to other more intrusive forms of "comunicating" to the player, and she actually "helped"

but, as always, its cool to follow the leader and people just seem to jump into the hate bandwagon, who else here actually thought she was anoying before coming to the internet??... scratch that, better said, who else still thinks she is ok even after looking at everything the internet has said about her??


Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Pun on beginning of OoT intended?

I never really found her that annoying. Of course, that may be because I play with the volume off.

I didn't really find Navi particularly annoying - like y'said, she's actually pretty helpful. Admittedly I didn't play Ocarina Of Time as much as most other people, but I have a very low tolerance for irritating things, so it really would've evened out if she were the sort of character that I couldn't put up with.

Also: I now have a major urge to play that game, which is something of an achievement 'cos I was never much of a fan. I haven't even seen the Water Temple. What can I say, I was a PS1 player back in those days.

Respect. Fantastic article. I think lots of people started up with the 'Navi hate' after have played through the game a couple of times. The first time you're playing and don't what things are, she's the greatest thing ever.


...Good article, dude.


Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.


Yes, I liked her too.

Excellent article. I personally didn't mind Navi, she was a good companion to have.

Darth IB:
That was a bit of an eye opener.
I still think Navi is annoying, but not nearly as much so as I did before I read this article.

I have to second this.

And half life 2 came around and redefined the sidekick :P

Never played the game but the arguement sounds sound.

Also shouldn't this be "than" instead of "then"?

that means more to me then the annoying voice

Cool article, I got her in the sidekick quiz.

But I think sparks from spyro the dragon is the better sidekick. He does everything mentioned in the article without being annoying. :P

Thank the lord! I've always felt so perplexingly alone in my love for Navi. That magical voice basically raised me. The main complaint against her I never found very sound either. Even ignoring all the excellent points brought up in the article, she never even pipes up that much. Once every 45 minutes maybe? And she just chimes in with a quick "Hey!"? You can even just ignore it! I think that the whole thing was bandwagoned by the masses and blown way out of proportion. Navi, you always have a place here.


Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Creepy... O_O


Sure, you could enjoy the company of the annoying sidekick character. It's an acceptable thing, unlike pedophilia. It will work on a mainstream level, too, OoT paves the way with rave reviews.

The thing is, it doesn't enhance any of the things that games do really well. Developing a sidekick character like this only imitates workings of other media, and mostly produces a poor imitation. If you're a true game designer, not just a person out looking for money, I think you'll focus on the interaction of a player with the world, including its characters.

Yes, you should be able to part company with that fairy, maybe even hurt her feelings or crush her into narcotic paste. If you like Navi, then you'll like her even more when you keep deciding not to end it. That would be much better than, "Do you want to listen to Navi? No? Too bad! Maybe you'll learn to like her in the next few hours." The thing where you can't change anything, that's what books and movies are for.

The only way the fairy should be associated with the Z-targetting system is if you can play the game without the fairy and without the Z-targetting. And I would. Especially if pressing the Z button still allowed the leaping attack.

But all this, the entire article and follow-up, ignores the real problem. The Exposition Owl must go down.

I'm always in two minds about navi.

That fight against Ganondorf where it can't help you, it's actually quite a weird feeling for Navi to not help out; you just sort of get used to it.

On the other hand, the way they say "Listen!" is really, really annoying.

Well, you could ask for Midna...
Although I believe she was a one-shot deal.

I never had any personal beef with Navi or Tat'l, but I always found other people's annoyance rather humorous. To me, her rattling on was just another sound affect, like the sound of your sword swinging through the air, or Link's constant "Huh, Hyah, Yaaaah"s.

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