268: Hey, Listen, I Like Navi

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But all this, the entire article and follow-up, ignores the real problem. The Exposition Owl must go down.

On this point, I agree. Exposition Owl is a menace to society.

You'll be bopping along, minding your own business, and then BAM. It's him. And he wants to talk.

But it's not even talking. It's more like.. wordsing. Pages and pages of color-coded words. He doesn't so much describe the plot as puke it out in weird, dense pellets, all mixed-in with half digested mice bones and scraps of fur.

And finally, when he's all finished, he wipes the spittle from his lips and asks, "Did you get all that?" And the top answer is NO.

NO, as in, NO I didn't read it. I clicked through it and then clicked NO by accident, and now I have to hear it again, NO I don't want to hear it again, but NO, you won't let me leave.



And don't even get me started on the time he ate my tootsie-roll pop.

What a jerk. "Three" indeed.

Navi was annoying...sometimes, but Tatl was completely useless. I'd rather have Navi as a sidekick any day of the week.

The only time she was really that annoying was when you were going through on your umpteenth playthrough and knew everything already. Even then she was mostly like a nagging Mom. "Yes, Mooooommm. I know I have to flip that switch before the door opens! Geeeez, get off my back." :P

Excellent article! Not many writers can walk the line between fanboy and objectivity so well and with such humour.

Brendan Main:


But all this, the entire article and follow-up, ignores the real problem. The Exposition Owl must go down.

On this point, I agree. Exposition Owl is a menace to society.

Well, at least he gives you a lift from the lake so that you can see Zelda get kidnapped slightly faster than if you had gone across the overworld.

And right you are. I love Navi. Always at your side when things are dire, helping you to tackle your problems.

Then again, I liked the Water Temple as well, so maybe I'm just weird that way...

Same with me. She's not really annoying.

I loved Navi, but i gotta go with Midna. Not only was she useful, she had attitude and could turn u into a wolf!

I liked Navi because she actually talked to Link and stuck around (basically everything this article said). That's why the ending of the game bothered me so much. She just leaves! No good bye, no packing bags. It's just "Well, you killed Ganon and you're staring at the pointy-eared princess so hard your eyes are goning to pop out. Guess you don't need me anymore. I'll just...go." Poor Navi.

I really never got why people didn't like Navi. I mean, the most people say is 'her voice and that she talks alot' but frankly if I were in a dungeon filled with Lava and fully aware that I'm not capable of defending myself at all I'd get a bit nervous too.

That's really why I loved Navi. She was completely powerless to affect things and could only do all she could to direct you to the right path. Any of the dangers you faced could have snuffed her in an instant, and yet she's the only friend you meet in the game who mans up and comes with you.

Zelda, runs off, becomes a Ninja, shows up occasionally to teach you a song and give you one small hint.

Navi, tiny fairy, the legendary scout, sticks with you through the zombies, flames, dragons and amazons.

Who's really more useless?

navi was definitely links best sidekick

If link woulda had sex in the game and navi was there.... yeah that thing is dead

On my nth playthrough of this game, Navi decided that there was something I needed to know RIGHT NOW. I kept ignoring her Hey! Listen! cries during the Great Deku Tree temple, but she wouldn't just leave it alone.
So finally, I'm jumping a gap over a bottomless pit, and she decides that if I'm not going to hit C-Up, well damn it she's going to talk to me anyway.
She interrupts me mid-jump, I scroll through some dialog, then fall down the pit.

If this were real life, I wouldn't be out half a heart. I would be dead.
This is why I hate Navi.

She is the reason somedays I have played OOT on mute, as much as I appreciate all that she is and what she does for me, it is just SLICED by a razor thin blade of HEY! LISTEN!

I'm sorry Navi and yes I AM a terrible person but why do you do that, what brain addled Sound director thought you speaking like that was a good idea.

Navi did not annoy me the first time I played the game. She made it so I didn't need to read the instruction manual and she gave a lot of useful reminders on where to head next on the many occasions where it wasn't entirely clear. She only became something to be endured my second time through the game. By my fourth play through she was the bane of Ocarina of Time. Being told what to do as a new frequently lost player was wonderful. Being told what to do when I knew the game inside and out as a fourth time veteran was a completely different story. I would have been very grateful if Navi had an off button (except for the z-targeting, that was always essential).

My ire when playing Zelda games was all reserved for the Owl. Navi was helpful, and I just wish she'd been around in Link's Awakening... especially after around the 4th/5th dungeon. That was a hard game for my little 6 year old self...


Someone writes an article that echoes my own feelings. I didn't mind Navi at all when I played the game. And after I found out that she's the internet's whipping-fairy, I started to appreciate her all the more, because all of the stuff she did that people complained about was genuinely helpful, and the stuff that wasn't complained about was unfairly passed over.

Besides, even if I'd never realized all that, she'd already won me over with one line.

"There's no way he's going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together!"

I never had any personal beef with Navi or Tat'l, but I always found other people's annoyance rather humorous. To me, her rattling on was just another sound affect, like the sound of your sword swinging through the air, or Link's constant "Huh, Hyah, Yaaaah"s.

And honestly, her voice isn't all that annoying anyway. If I know what she's going to say, it takes literally two seconds to acknowledge her and continue on my way. You'd think a group that prides themselves on training and muscle memory as much as us would just ignore that out of hand, wouldn't you?

When I was playing the game as a little kid I didn't find her that annoying, might have had something to do with young kids having high pitched voices already. I never found her that helpful though, I played the game with friends so we were never really lost.

One of my favourite articles I've ever read. I purely love Navi, and I loved the continuation of Link and her in Majora's Mask.
Me and my friend have even had her 'Hey!' and 'Hello' as our text tones before. We're diehards.
Midna was great and all, but in some aspects didnt feel as helpful as the little floating puffball fairy.
I also likes Tatl, she was a more in-your-face version, and I enjoyed her as a character too.
Excellent article, I laughed my head off C:

I have always liked navi. Probably 'cause I was alone with very few friends in the immediate vicinity when I was playing this at around 8 years old. More likely it's because I like the omnipresence thing of someone who's ALWAYS there.

I don't hate Navi, I just hate how there is no option to shut her off. During the first few playthroughs of the game I didn't mind her advice and hints, but when you know every square inche of the game and can gather everything in the game and finish it in under 30 hours she becomes a nuisance. Nintendo proved that she's not needed in Twilight Princess and admittedly I did miss her but they replaced her with Midna as an advisor and she wasn't annoying even in multiple playthroughs. I also think Twilight Princess was too easy. Come to think of it, Wind Waker did the same thing as well with the Red Lion. Navi is important and was a great game mechanic and was a vital character, but she ruined replaying the game. She may have given us the advisor mechanic in the newer Zelda games but that still doesn't make her any less annoying. Navi is a character that only gets hate because of how frequently she nags you to do something when your doing something else. I still find it annoying when I'm collecting all the heart pieces I can as a child before pulling out the Master Sword (approx. enough for a total of 11 hearts for Adulthood if memory serves me correctly) and she keeps reminding me to go to the Temple of Time. My mother even calls her 'Naggy' because of how often she's heard the Navi sound bites. When your mother finds Navi annoying, you know she's annoying. Sure it sounds like I hate her but my sister is annoying and I don't hate her or her annoying kid.

For the colour-coded part was occasionally useful, I find it overwhelmed by the nags and lack of any real personality or opinion of her own. And I have to disagree with attributing Z-targeting to her. Give me one solid reason why it wouldn't work without her. Good luck; WW and TP both had Z-targetting sans fairy.

I never knew Navi was annoying 'til i first heard it on the internetz. In other words, I thought Navi was an excellent "navigator" (ha ha) for the player. Ocarina of Time is still one of my favorite games of all time(side note).

"seem to exist solely to drag ass, spout inane dialogue, and absorb bullets like a sponge with a death wish. "

A little off topic from Navi, but I had a great argument about this point. If developers would just tune the game better you wouldn't need meat shields. But with NPCs dying and bouncing back they can be lazier or simply devote more work on other things. Sidekicks in that sense mean less worry about if thre should be 4 or 5 shooters in a room and how much damage their bullets can do before 'That's it man, game over man, game over!' :)

Well, for what it's worth....... I didn't really disliked Navi, even before reading this. Everyone seemed to hate her so I jump on the wagon for the lulz (I do dislike these expressions so none will be had after this). To be honest, I can't really remember Navi saying anything while I was playing other then "Watch out!", or Look out, as I was hearing it. No.. Ocarina of time had something much, much, more sinister.. it's the owl, Capera Gaebora. See, speaking French and being used to 'Yes' means continue in any game, when he asked if you wanted him to repeat what he said, keeping saying 'Yes' for a longer time then required while skipping text can change your opinion of him. But I digress. I would agree that sidekicks are underrated, since I don't remember, or think much about most of them while playing, they are more plot devices to me, so I am ashamed yes. Oh, I forgot to greet you, where are my manners.

I've never had that much of a problem with Navi, though I did get slightly annoyed with her. Also I liked the water temple. The only reason I got stuck there for so long was because a "Oh god. I'm such an idiot." puzzle near the end.

I never understood hatred for Navi. I've always liked her.

She doesn't annoy me in the least. What does that make me? xD

I only really disliked her when she told me "Hey maybe we should go to Death Mountain!" three times while I was ON THE WAY to Death Mountain. Anyways, "Hey! Listen!" isn't even the worst catchphrase the Zelda franchise ever gave us. Even the owl doesn't get that horrifying honor.

That's right. Straight out of Link's own mouth. MAKE IT STOP!!!

Never found either Navi's chatter or the water temple that annoying, really. The progression from glowing fairy to Midna, though, was a nice one. Midna has story. Navi just has skillz.

Navi was my favorite video game pal when I was younger. Then I got on the internet and discovered everyone hated her. I felt crushed, destroyed, outrage.

But I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes her. I was sad beyond belief when she left at the end of Ocarina of Time.

I'm sharing this article with all my friends. Thank you for writting this and raising some very good points.

Also I did not like Tatl as much as Navi because all she did was tell me how terrible I was at everything.

She'd already won me over with one line.

"There's no way he's going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together!"

Yes. And the fight with Ganondorf where you can't Z-Target him was only possible because he doesn't move (what an idiot).

And here I thought this article was going to be about "Avatar". ;)

The hatred of Navi is one of those wonderful things that start out as something that people smile and nod about and after a thousand gamers repeat it people start to draw Link killing Navi.

But she was annoying. "Hey, Link, I bet those Iron Boots would be great if you needed to walk at the bottom of a lake!" No shit, Navi. The bottom of a lake, you say? Like this one I'm in the bottom of? You know, I could maybe find an entrance to a dungeon in here, such as the one right in front of me! Aren't you helpful.

In my particular case she reminded me just as I was entering the Water Temple. I walked inside to shut her up. (The water temple, conversely, isn't so bad, and if someone told you you can get stuck there if you save at the wrong moment you're wrong. Go train your 3D spatial perception, peoples.)

Her biggest problem was that she went against the spirit of the game. Zelda is a game about exploration, about finding weird stuff under rocks and in the middle of cabbage patches. Every time you get a new way to get around you go find all hindrances that are no more. But Navi always assumed you were lost. You poor thing, are you looking for the next temple in this cove? No, there's just a useless heart-shaped crystal here. This is the direction for the next temple, here!

And of course you had to either indulge her and stop gameplay for a moment or keep listening to her shrill voice, so it's a lose-lose situation.

It's curious how they tried to fix it with Tatl but I guess her 'tude only bumped her from 'annoying' up to 'forgettable'. Tatl only comes in conversation as a comparison to Navi. Poor thing, she's worse off than a sidekick.

Honestly, I'm sorry, but I disagree with you at almost every turn.

A. Sidekicks have to go through everything you do:
Okay, this one I will give you...most of the time. But there are quite a few characters who don't have to go through what you do, one of them being Navi. She has two big advantages you don't, one being she can fly, and the other being she's very tiny. All of those traps you have to slog through, If we were playing Navi, 90% of them we could get by just by going forward. Sliding spike covered things zinging across the floor? No problem. Have to hit a switch on the other side of a wall by sending a Bomb-chu through? Just fly through the area the Bomb-chu would fit through and bam, you're done. Admittedly she can't fight all the enemies, but that just gives more props to Link, since he has to solve all those puzzle and kill the enemies, and that brings me to my second point.

B. She's necessary for battle:
Okay, honestly, this isn't true for two reasons. First being the fact that the next to last battle, against Ganondorf, you go through without Navi and I did just fine, thank you very much, as I did against Ganon (considering she kept targeting his face, it was just easier swinging at the tail myself). Secondly, that must mean that all the Links that came before and after the OoT one must be exceptionally better swordsman than the OoT (and MM) Link, since all of them seem to get through their adventures without needing any glowing light to target their enemies.

C. Navi is your conscience:
Okay, this one I just don't get. How is she your conscience, external or otherwise? Because she tells you to where to go in the next step of the game? The step that was blatantly obvious and that I was going to do regardless? Yeah, that's not being a conscience, that's just being redundant. There are no moral quandaries in OoT, as far as I can remember, so I honestly have no idea how you justify calling her an external conscience.

There are other arguments I could bring up, and I'm sure many have before I post this, but these were really my biggest concerns. All in all, most of your arguments were based on flavor rather than substance and, truly, Midna was far more helpful in TP than Navi was in OoT, and even Tatl, though having quite bad attitude in the beginning, was far less annoying during gameplay.

Navi always had my best interests at heart....
Unfortunately for her, so did I

she was totally useless to me.

All her boss tips I had observed myself. I'm pretty sure Zelda fans realize to use the item they just got 15 minutes ago on the boss.

or advice that I deduced from experience. Like "oh there's a wall that has a crack in it. I need bombs" ten seconds later "HEY! YOU NEED BOMBS"


I didn't really mind Navi that much, she was just a little annoyance every once in a while - and a gigantic help on multiple occasions. The Water Temple, on the other hand, was absolute hell. I'm so using that in conversation from now on.

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