Game Dogs: Launch Party

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Quiet Stranger:
I couldn't get past the first minute.....way too boring

This may seem incredibly off topic, but have you seen Scott Pilgrim?
It starts off really slowly and gets absolutely amazing over time.
This didn't. It was kind of meh. I just hope you don't judge everything on the immediate gratification scale.

A marked improvement. The back-and-forths are a little tighter, but the Blackberry joke was tortured. Otherwise, I have high hopes for this one.

...I wisgh my boss was that eccentric XD

...and the war, oh god, the war!

Bobs voice really doesn't fit with saying "I am, motherfucker".

Of course, that's what made it funny.

Wow, you guys took something that wasn't working, and turned it into something genius.

"Who do you think is in charge around here!?"
"I am motherfucker."

A lot of shows have rocky first seasons, only to have spectacular second seasons. Not enough people give them time to settle into their grooves anymore.

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Still GameDogs... still not funny.

Game Dogs season 2...still not funny.

Reverend Del:
Well that didn't live up to the promo. Couple of smiles, no laughs. Congrats on renewing a seriously unfunny show.



Not my thing, not funny.

Then why watch it?

To find out whether or not it's his thing?

Hahah! Mr Yee's going to have a fun time on the moon it would seem. Although Bob was just hilarious...! "Wolverines..!" *piddles in the hole on the roof.* xD A great start to Season 2 I'd say, although now I wish I got to play Satan's Retrievers. :(

Best episode you've done.

the show is still shit.

Only really laughed when Bob starting talking in Commando talk, other than that everything else felt like filler. Like, it was all there just so Bob can make his "War" reference (I assume the war would be called The Cold Dogs to make a dog pun). Had a lot of enthusiasm for season two after the promo, but it's at a shaky start so far. I'll watch a few more to see if I give up on it again.

Ahh damn...that teaser was so promisingly funny too. What a shame.

Hahah! Mr Yee's going to have a fun time on the moon it would seem. Although Bob was just hilarious...! "Wolverines..!" *piddles in the hole on the roof.* xD A great start to Season 2 I'd say, although now I wish I got to play Satan's Retrievers. :(

You CAN play Satan's Retrievers! Try and get your badge! IF YOU GOT THE GUTS!!!

Wow, just wow.....It still didn't make me laugh.

Nice WarGames and Red Dawn refernces. I didn't know that Bob was mentally unstable after his time in 'Nam.


lol oh my. I'm so glad it's back!

The whole gang toguether. And now with the Russians! And Bob getting insane. Sort of...

Bob remains the only thing remotely funny about this show.

Bob bits were a lil bit funny, took quite a while to come up with a sequel and this is the first episode? the Preview was 1000^344 times funnier than this >.>

come on Russ you can do better than that!.

The BlackBerry joke was a little dragged, though, so work on it.

That was the point.

OT: This was better than the first season... Marginally, and that was mainly before the main characters came back. Apart from a few funny bits, I can see this being just as bad as before...

...Was Mr. Yee's girlfriend a guy?

I really want to like this show, i really do, but I don't. Still ~5 min waiting for the one marginally funny joke. The main three got one or two chuckles in season one. Greg was never funny. Ever. Bob was always the best, and that's why the season 2 preview was awesome, it was just Bob. At least we don't have to sit through that tortuously long intro anymore.

I had hoped the second season would herald something new, something exciting, something of interest.
I was wrong.

Pretty much the same criticism I've given every time, you extend jokes too long (the your fired joke for instance), put a lot of spotlight time on infuriating and boring characters (Yii and Gary respectively) and then try to real in a cheap laugh with something completely out of place and infantile (see butt sniffing in season 1 and Gary's shower in this one.

Also please use a new animation style, even a sloppy style for the mouths would help bring more life into the characters as then they can have more than 3 expressions.

I have to be honest with you. That's how the escapist seems to animate all there cartoons. It would be like asking college humor to improve there animation artstyle. It just isn't happening. Shoddy as it is I guess it's part of the escapist to have pretty stick figure like animation.

Wow. this show went from bad. To mixed! Keep walking up those steps lil gamedogs.

It's back, but it's still not funny. Sorry. Didn't laugh once.

Good luck and thanks for the fish.

Well, this looks like it's probably going to get offensive at some point. However, this is the first time I've so much as chuckled at this show (Bob's "I am motherfucker" line), so hopefully it will improve. But it looks like the only laughs are coming from last ditch efforts at comedy, like unexpected swearing and pee jokes. This should not have been renewed.



Not my thing, not funny.

Then why watch it?

Apocalypse Lane

Doraleous & Associates

Are great and are listed right along with (AL isnt) Game Dogs....thinking it could be pretty good...and it really isnt.

"Soldier who's in charge here?!"
"I am motherfucker..."

XD glad to see Bob is becoming more than a supporting character, and that was also well put in the promo.

Why can't this just be the adventures of bob.


Despite me loving the show, I just don't really had a fun laughter or whatsoever. I hope you guys will improve, really. This was mediocore, it's a start regardless.

almost made me smile with bob but still, not funny as usual, how about for the next episodes, focus only on bob as hes the only redeemable character :P

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Still GameDogs... still not funny.

Pretty much this. :(
You disappoint like I wished you wouldn't. :(
Game Dogs like we know and hate.
Same old shit, I had some brief hope that it would be different in the first minute but I know now that was just an illusion.

Okay so the jokes are still about average but getting better... Bob finally has the "Dead serious" straight man/ crazy person roll,
Oh and you got rid of Mr. Yee... Thank god, i didn't think he was funny... Just one thing
Make sure to keep this up and you may have a great show... Just don't "Unforgotten Realms" on us

Bob is still the best character. Period.

In fact, he's just about the only character I actually can say that I like. The others, they have their 5 seconds or so occassionally, but Bob now, he's just Bob, what can be said about him other than that he's Bob.

Game Dogs made me laugh...
There's a first time for everything, I suppose.

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Still GameDogs... still not funny.

I was hoping it's long hiatus would've meant it developed some funny, sadly no, it was actually a bit worse than some of the older ones

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