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More at 11

Please watch our news. We need your ratings to live!

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Heh. It was a bit hit'n'miss but I got a chuckle out of it.

That was very.....random.

and of course no one listens to weather forecast...BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS WRONG!!!!

Tell Ted he still owes me money

Meh. It's going to be tough to top "Bad News" anyway, but this one felt kinda boring.

It was very hit and miss but when it hit is was very funny. Got some good laughs.

You guys are so weird. I love it.

Oh god, this reminds me of every mornign of my working week. I wake up for work, sit on the sofa waiting for my friend to pick me up. Just before i get my coat, an intresting story appears and says "more in 10minutes"... BUT IL BE AT WORK. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

That was...pretty confusing alright !

I thought you guys were about to do a Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod bit, at the end their.

A shit-ton of news teases and then, "That's all the time we have for tonight."
THAT'S how you do a news broadcast!

"This has been Action 9 News at 5"....
I think I'm starting to understand the deeper meaning of the title "More at 11" now...

'Ryan' 'Laura' 'Ted' 'Edgar' 'Brain' 'Mark' 'Kira?' 'Mario' Kira?' 'Snake!' 'Kira!?' "KKKKKHAAAAAAANNNNN"

Tell Ted he still owes me money

Good luck with that, I hear he's got a really expensive and gross habit.

You know what that wasn't too much hyperbole for Florida local news :/

it's all true

Morgan wasn't wearing any trousers *giggles*

That was amusing for the sheer randomness of it all, maybe not your best but still fun to watch.

That was very.....random.

and of course no one listens to weather forecast...BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS WRONG!!!!

So, those past 3 weeks of spot on weather reports in my area are always wrong?


Nice vid. I missed news bit sketches.

War. War never changes.

Chuckle worthy, low audio at some places though.

Some parts worked, some parts didn't. Overall it was still a good show.

Very good, a bit slow to start, but it was very good near the end

In response, CNN creates a new 24x7 channel, CNTN (Cable News Tease Network).

Edgar Frost? ^^

Maybe just coincidence and I'm reading to much into it.

i honestly thought the title said "ENN" for some reasion o.0 maby i need to go to bed now...

hehe, love it. Thought it was going to be serious at first and then slipped away. Made me chuckle

You pretty much nailed it. I always hated it when the news would interrupt regular programing to talk about what they're going to talk about later that night.

This is one of my favorite LRR videos in the last little while. Great job, guys. Funny concept, snappy execution. The ending was especially well done.

One word "Mindfuck".

I think I drank a bit to much to even start to comprehend what is actually going on here. Too random.

I want to change my name to Chip Musgrave now :D

Did make me laugh too "But first, I'll tease you with it. Sun. Cloud. When? Who knows....I do! Stay tuned!"

I missed Action 9 news. And now the actually have news to report. I remember that one time it was such a slow news day that reality ceased to exist.

really good one this time, some people didnt seem to like it that much but i thought it was great!

I enjoyed it. Even if it was a little different.

Brilliantly subversive. You've encapsulated in less than 4 minutes why I don't get my news from TV anymore.

This nearly killed me. HAHAHAHAA

You have me baffled here.

I tried to think how to continue from that but I was unable to. It summarizes too well what I feel at the moment.

Hrm... Not your best work, chaps. Methinks your acting repertoire unsuited to newscasting - a more commanding, coherent presence is necessary to properly satirise the news. Perhaps the sketch would be improved with greater brevity, too, because as a minute-long Crapshot it would feel somewhat less drawn-out.

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