Bumhug Parade #9

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Bumhug Parade #9

Never trust a mustache.

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*squick* Like... How..



I appreciate the comic but... What?

Oh... my... word.

That made me almost tumble off my stool in fits of hysterical chest-laughter. Top shelf!

Very kinky stuff right there.

Keep up the good work!

Beards containing jetpacks. Women with mustashes.

What is with this comics obsession with facial hair?

I love this comic but I'm not sure why.

First I was flabbergasted and confused, then slowly a heartily laughter erupted. It's funny when it shouldn't be.


Uh... What? Why?

I'm sorry, I don't get why this is meant to be funny.

I remember this from the webcomic contest. Glad to see it's been added to the series. This is one of the strips that made me pick it as one of my favorites. Crazy. Unexpected. Mildly disturbing. And hilarious.

The change to the penultimate panel is interesting. In the original version, I believe the intellectual said something along the lines of, "Would you like to make out?" Now it's just wordless. It makes the final panel more surreal.

Nice work.

Hehe, I rather love this comic. :)

This is the first one of these comics that I actually enjoyed. Maybe there's hope.

ummm. ok. that was not funny at all.

I like it.

Bizarre humour sometimes fails. In this case, it does not.

Its funny because its not.

i love it. Mostly because facial hair always wins, even when it's on females.

Simple and funny, very nice. (:

Disgusting. Seriously not even remotely funny.

I don't know why, but I found myself staring at the screen, laughing.
It's surreal and I love it!

Heh heh heh

I can't tell which I found funnier, the wordless 2nd last frame, or the final one. Brilliant.

Im so confused...never, ever saw that coming XD

I got somewhat surprised and started laughing. Not sure if that was the sole intent though, just being random. But I still liked it.

If someone knows what it's supposed to mean (if anything beyond random), please, do enlighten me.

Outstanding! Hits right on my weak spot for mustachioed women.
Gotta love these strips. There´s always something new and surprising around the corner.

This is a comic with a lot Explosm comic style o,,o

Oh my god. Nuff said.

Oh no.

My eyes, it BURNS!

Had to take a step back. Then a step forward. Then I laughed at the surreality of it all.

I didn't get this. A bit weirded out.

Wow haha, that was unexpected. Funny, but in a not-exactly comical sort of way. Still, I laughed. Hard.

OK, that one was pretty damn good! Kudos. I just started checking out the escapist Sunday comics, and although I wasn't terribly wowed by the first 8 Bumhug strips joke-wise, the art styles have been neat, and overall it's significantly better than the other comics.

This... is perfect.

I don't get it.

Been waiting 9 weeks for this to get anything near funny.
simply awful.

I don't know what makes it so funny, but seriously I love this.

The comedy of the absurd, love it!

The woman with a mustache has an adam's apple in the last panel, or at least seems to.

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