Bumhug Parade #9

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Oh spiffing, what a splendid cartoon.

heh I dont see how people dont get it. Its purely surreal and thats whats amazing about it. I gotta say i loved it!

That was... bizarre.

Well this is easily the most amused I've ever been by any comic on this site.

I've just read through all the comics. I hate to say this. But I think the term 'trying too hard' fits.

This is the only strip that even got a chuckle out of me.

Still the funniest comic strip on The Escapist, keep up the good work.

Your comedy feels like it was inspired by "Antics" or perhaps Cyanide and Happiness.

Edit: shit, I'm gonna get probation for that.

I think I'm missing something. The last panel just squicked me out... >_> Ah well.

There's a serious devide on this comic. I like that. Honestly for me it's the only Sunday Funny I like, just because you have no idea what the fuck is going to happen.

For weird with a side of hilarious double-ewe tea eff, there is nothing better than this.

Thank you for twisting my brain yet again.

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