Trolls, Haters and Flame War Generals… Thank You

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Trolls, Haters and Flame War Generals... Thank You

Why marketers love the most savage members of the community.

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This is quite creepy, but in the same way, its actually fascinating.

Also, all hail anarchy! *tosses in obligatory statement about metroid here*

Haha, fun read. The google alerts bit was a little creepy to think about. I'd hardly consider myself a troll though so I guess I'm not being watched... right. Still it's a bit odd looking at this industry from a marketing perspective. As you pointed out in a previous article I'm one of those people that questions marketings importance to me on the game front. But without good marketing some great games may have simply gone unknown to those that don't eat up the gaming web sites. I suppose if you can find something a troll is unfairly latching onto and address it in future marketing material, you can keep them from blinding the customer base with thier rhetoric.

It's harsh but it's true: nobody likes a marketer. In an ideal world, the games would be made, released, and that will be that. Bad games shouldn't make money just because of some outright lies by guys in suits, just like good games shouldn't flop just because they are marketed badly.

Reminds me of that excellent Game Engine level in The Simpsons Game, in fact.

This is a great column, it's a completely different perspective from most other regular features you find on gaming sites. Very, very interesting.

This is quite creepy, but in the same way, its actually fascinating.

Also, all hail anarchy! *tosses in obligatory statement about metroid here*

The Last Metroid is in Captivity... the Galaxy, is at peace.

Suprisingly good article, also very useful for anyone thinking to get into the business. I like the cut of your jib, sir, and find your honesty refreshing. The question is, why don't MORE marketers use that honesty- not all the time, just in necessary doses, like any other market ploy.

Ties in very interestingly when you consider the times publishers and developers make controversial statements they have to know will cause community based shitstorms.

My only problem with this is that techno-freaks and skeptics who aren't trolls would appear to be just as useful, if not moreso, as they most likely will also be able to point out when something is flat out GOOD. In fact, I'd think if you could find an intelligent person with the knowledge and experience that lets them criticize games to this level of depth without also trolling and trashing things, it'd feel like they'd be the most useful because they're also at least bound to not have a complex about their knowledge and provide more worthwhile conversation if you engage them. And that's actually kind of the problem I see here. Trolls will always be easily engaged by SOMEONE, but one who knows something may sit back and be silent after they get insulted. Trolls can be seen as useful from the outside through simple observation because they stir up trouble where it can be stirred, but a non-troller will (probably) not post their thoughts if they think they're being trolled. Unless, of course, you assume everyone who expresses an opinion on the internet is a troll.

Which might not be far off.

I wonder if i have ever been tagged. How cool would that be. Its a little like wondering if someone thinks of you while they are in the shower.

This comment was useless to you.

It's like the marketing version of The Crocodile Hunter.

Trolls help the things they hate.

Example; How many people had heard of Justin Bieber before he gained hatred on the internet?

This is really interesting and a bit creepy, but it says a lot about how predictable people are when running on emotions, for example defending or attacking products like music and games. I guess this is pretty much sociology 101, identifying patterns of behaviour drawing out useful information.

We're all trolls in a way it seems.

A very interesting read. It clarifies a lot about "gamer" behaviour.

Damn man. You really hit some good points in that article. Forwarding it now.

Thanks for breaking down the "Troll" demographic for me, it makes sense now you have stated different segments.

Wow. I am impressed. Interesting to think that even the most annoying people perform a useful function, and ironic that their attempts to foil can be used to help you

Full marks form me, for what that's worth =)

Great article, and it confirms a few theories I had about online marketing research strategies.

I used to play a game on other forums where I would attempt to discern whether a particular poster was being a world class idiot because he wanted attention, or because he was mining data.

I'm sure most people on this site know this, but your personal information is valuable, and I don't just mean that for illegal activities.

After a month or two, if you keep seeing the same topic (with similar questions) coming back week after week after week, and from a new account each time, chances are good that it's one of the marketing researchers stirring the pot; looking for fresh hits.

Some of the others I've seen become regulars; rarely posting, but always slowly nudging the conversation towards a specific topic.

It seems like stalking? Well, it is to a large degree.
I recall one of the first lessons taught in my network security class: "True privacy doesn't exist on the internet. Whenever you go online, you're going public in some form or another. The more of yourself that you leave behind, the more the world can find out about you."

To drive the point home; any information you can google about yourself, is information that marketers can gather about you.

I like this column a lot because using trolls can help more then just games. You could apply the same to any media that is on the net. If you can put it on the internet, there is a troll to hate it. It was a very interesting read. Keep up the good work and mine those troll for all they are worth... even if it's not THAT much. ;)

In my mind's eye, I see a troll coming into the Escapist "Pub", screaming at us all, and then running away again. As the community looks out of the door, confused, I see the OP, looking like a cross between Agent 47 and The Spy, pressing his finger to his lips, going "Shhhh", smiling evily and then creeping after the rampant Troll in the distance

What an awesome idea, baggin' n' taggin' Trolls

If I ever find a hilariously "bad" Troll (one who gets too emotional and ends up being in turn trolled by his prey) I'll Google-tag him

I think you have now become my favorite writer on the Escapist. That was shocking and I am a little unsure about how to take this information.

I did have a feeling that trolls could be used to gather data, I just never thought of doing it myself.

This partly explains why game forums are often at the top of the list for google searches at least. It's funny to think that the game industry might be monitoring what I type and hanging on my every word. The things that some people do to earn a living.

JP Sherman:
Trolls, Haters and Flame War Generals... Thank You

Why marketers love the most savage members of the community.

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this man has it all figured out, life, the internet, trolling and marketing. despite the fact he doesn't know what the word ''troll' means. i mean really, fanboys(and brand loyalists? I thought that was the fanboy) are now trolls?

he was in marketing, no really, he could make children eat uranium if he wanted to.

JP Sherman:

Why marketers love the most savage members of the community.

Is there a page missing? It finishes very abruptly.

But be wary of trolls: "If you stare into the Abyss long enough, the Abyss stares back at you." - Nietzsche

Yet another pointless list classifying different types of trolls.

Nothing new here, everyone. I wonder how this even bothered to be put up.

Fascinating read, interesting perspective, quite a bit creepy. Just what you need after dinner :P

Troll tagging.

Okay, now, that's rather awesome.

Yet another pointless list classifying different types of trolls.

Nothing new here, everyone. I wonder how this even bothered to be put up.

Allow me to be the first to say - I see what you did there.

So, basically all you did was replace the word "customer" and "person" with the world troll and described a few of them...nice

I wonder if everyone seems to be the enemy that doesn't "get" your marketing or has different opinions to what was the expected outcome, and if they are the ones to blame.

You seem to think that someone with an opinion they defend == a troll.

You forgot to say that because trolls are negative and passional and willing to see fault in anything they wish, they take away the sails of rational, negative arguments by association, which means games with bad concepts have a less steep slide to climb when trying to negate rational complaints regarding them.

It works both ways, of course.

I think the author forgot another, although very important part of trolling culture. The people who are actually paid to troll. Also known as guerrilla marketing tactics. When it comes to technology and video games, Nvidia has been the most vocal through their paid to troll people around the web. There's even an article on Consumerist, concerning such trolling tactics that have the sole purpose of selling their products.

Also, one on BoingBoing.

"First, I count the trolls and assign types to them. I then create a Google alert with the username and the keyword of the game. I can then follow that troll across networks to track their rants. The daily alert will track my game's reputation, exposing me to new forums, sites and networks, which allows me to identify communities that are supportive and communities that are hostile. Sure, it's a little like stalking[...]" --Actually... It's EXACTLY like Stalking.
I mean, first you're all like "Trolls are People TOO!!!" -and then you go-on to detail how you treat them like Cattle, milking Vital and Nourishing "Marketing-Information" out of them *yum* =P
In my opinion, this goes beyond mere Cynicism and Misanthropy into the Realm of down-right, Bold-Faced Hypocrisy!

...and since When are Flamers issued Military-ranks 0.Ô?

This google alerts of which you speak is both awesome and VERY CREEPY.

I did not even know about it, but now I do.

I wonder if this sort of research led to the (quite appropriate) statement of the Duke Nukem developer talked about in this article...

Another interesting look into the minds of the people fueling our consumer culture. Speaking of Duke Nukem Forever, I would love JP Sherman's analysis of the marketing challenges that surely surround releasing a 12 year old, oft delayed and maligned game. That has got to be a trick, given that it could never, ever, EVER live up to the hype. Even if it is a good game, which it might be, it couldn't possibly warrant the BS that has gone down during its development.

I'm only posting here to say that the dude who writes these articles posts his likeness with them. His face and body creeps me out.

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