Trolls, Haters and Flame War Generals… Thank You

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JP Sherman:
Trolls, Haters and Flame War Generals... Thank You
Why marketers love the most savage members of the community.

What a great article.

If anyone wonders why I tell people off for making hate threads devoted to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha etc, then take this article and pretend the writer is talking about the music industry, and you might start to see where I'm coming from a little.

Trolls help the things they hate.

Example; How many people had heard of Justin Bieber before he gained hatred on the internet?

I for one had no idea who Justin Bieber was. After a quick search on Google, Wikipedia tells me he's a fellow Canuck that "likes mennns balls" and has a video posted "on another mans penis."

Wikipedia is great.

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