Review: Shank

Review: Shank

Shank will stab you in the face, and you will like it.

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Nerf dogs. Those stupid things are so hard to deal with when there are more enemies on screen.

Mr. Funk, you have never let me down before. Ever. I shall diligently try this game out as it sounds AWESOME!

I was going to get it...but Plants Vs Zombies JUST arrived on Xbox Live Arcade.

For, you guessed it, $15.

I'll have to pick Shank up the line. I liked the demo enough.

Haha! Looks like something I would indeed enjoy - Will have to give it a shot somepoint...stabby stabby!

Written and narrated by Steve Butts? Wearing a John Funk mask, I assume. ;)

Nice one!

Onyx Oblivion:
I was going to get it...but Plants Vs Zombies JUST arrived on Xbox Live Arcade.

For, you guessed it, $15.

I'll have to pick Shank up the line. I liked the demo enough.

Me too. Being on the verge of the post-summer AAA game flood, I'm being more careful with what I purchase.

Haha! Looks like something I would indeed enjoy

I was sold on the picture alone. It's what would happen if Scout and Heavy were cell mates.

Written and narrated by Steve Butts? Wearing a John Funk mask, I assume. ;)

Nice one!

Yes, I noticed that. Maybe they are one and the same?

So it's a bit like Batman Arkham Asylum. In that it looks great and the combat is brutal and smooth, but its ingenuity goes out the door during boss fights just to fall back on standard mechanics.

When's the PC version out again?

When's the PC version out again?

Fall. Couldn't find any more accurate date than that.

Played the demo on Xbox and enjoyed in a fair bit. The boss fight was indeed the worst part of the overall experience.

This game would almost be good, except Dishwasher: Dead Samurai came out like a year and a half ago, and does everything this game does and more and better. I guess maybe Shank is okay if you don't own a 360.

Actually the later bosses do call for you to actively attack them in order to get them in a position to do more damage. Plus any game where you have to sacrifice a slave to a gimp in order to kill him is at least trying.

If I didn't already have a list of 2 games and one dlc to get this would be a must have. It looks like a fun little way to pass time and with violence.

Written and narrated by Steve Butts? Wearing a John Funk mask, I assume. ;)

Nice one!

Do we have proof that they both have been online at the same time? I fear we may have found the Mr Durden of the escapist.

It looks like a 2D DMC ripoff to me. If I want to stylishly kill minions and get into boss battles that are actually challenging then I simply play DMC3.

The combos and gameplay are great. The bosses are fun as well. My only complaint is the final boss I haven't beaten him yet and the difficulty isn't too much its just the final boss is boring. It becomes less of a strategy fight to just survive wait for attack counter, rinse and repeat.

I commend them on the weapons variety. They stream together flawlessly in combos however it'd be nice if you could mix them together instead of having to wait for the changing animation

It looks like a pretty fun, but probably kind of short, game. That's okay though. It's more what I'm looking for these days.

John Funk:
Shank's first claim to fame is that it looks really, really good. While it isn't the absolutely nicest sprite work we've ever seen, the smooth animation and slick visual stylization make it a treat to watch.

The animation is smooth because the in-betweens are computer generated. The artwork is vector and was probably animated using flash or some similar program which means the sprites will have better animation but less detail than a game which used raster graphics (ie pixel-based, not vector artwork) because with raster you generally need to re-draw every frame, which means sprites will have less frames for their animation overall whereas with vector you just get the computer to move pieces around so its economical to use a lot of frames for each movement (just so long as the extra frames don't impact the performance of course).

See, these sorta mini XBLA 2D games should totally be on PC. I would pay $10 on Steam for this but won't waste my time getting a 360/PS3 when all I really want are these awesome 2D games.
Am soo happy this one will eventually come out on PC.

Somehow this game looks very fun.. Senseless brutal killing is very fun.. Who needs a story anyway? I just want to kill stuff!

its on my top 10 list allready..

It's really fun, but really short. Beat it in 5 hours. Still. Really fun game.

You know what would have made shank awesome instead of just goode... if it was called Evil Dead ;)

looks good!

People complain about the length.
For one, it's an incredibly fun 3-4h the first time. On normal.
But normal is only prepping you for the real Shank. Hard mode.
Quintessential hardcore gaming. No less.
Play it.

Video review:
... the game's crowning moment of awesome...

Sorry, John, that's been deprecated. They're just awesome moments now. TVTropes link. Abandon all hope of a productive afternoon ye who enter here.

Zolo Vs. Shank. AWESOME.

Fantastic, still waiting for an action game with a sweet combo system that actually lets you make use of it on bosses... Ninja Gaiden is still king of the bullshit. Use combo system, get ass kicked, jumping slashes, WIN!

I played the demo and enjoyed it but my XBOX red-ringed so I doubt I'll get it.

This really does look like a cool game. I've just bought so much on XBLA lately I don't feel like blowing more cash on something I might not even get to soon.

Yeah....The final boss is HELL.
It's mostly just hard becouse he doesnt(atleast in the first 2 stages) have an attack that if you dodge you QTE and slice off half of its life.You can block his one attack and punch him in the face,but it does the same damage as a few strikes from the katana.Guns are useless.You just have to combo LIKE YOU MEAN IT.But when i accsidentaly press leap instead of block(PC) he catches me and does some damage.Looks like when I run into some guy and shank him...He has leap 2...The student just screwed up the master :D
Its stil very satisfying...This and mostly casandra that don't have a half of your life slice qte are fun ^^...
P.S.Big denny is weird...


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