Escapist News Network: Got to Catch Them All

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That was excellent. And now Jars of Clay has some new material to sample into their next album!

And Graham, didn't anyone tell you puns are lazy joke writing?!? :nerdrage:

Brother Alex is by far the most awesome gamer.The members of this group can tell you why.

"Does that order come with Friars?" LOL

That sounds like a nice tax shelter. Every time I buy a game it could be a "donation" and tax deductable. Gamer Church United we promote power-ups to help protect you from taxes.

'Because Macs are shit for gaming'
True dat.

fo shizzle!

aw very funny
macs are getting better but yeah they are shit for gaming.

And Graham, didn't anyone tell you puns are lazy joke writing?!? :nerdrage:

Hey, I can't help being struck with inspiration for terrible puns.
It is my gift, it is my curse.

Wait a second, did anyone else crack up after hearing Graham's voice between 0:45 and 0:50. Specifically, " lit pawn shop in the country."

Where can I sign up for this order... because seriously, it sounds like I've finally found my raison d'être.


Also is the thing about Fisto... true?

Indeed it is... the Escapist had an article about it a couple weeks back. It's even more disturbing when you hear the actual lines that Fisto supposedly says.

Lady Kathleen:
He he. That feature written on a mac, by a dedicated mac user who knows if she wants to play any games, it's not going to be on her computer...

Glad everyone liked it.

"Liked it"? Try LOVED IT! The intro bit about the horse was awesome! And I must join that order of monks!

Also, keep the highlights. They look interesting. Though I must admit I thought it was my new monitor acting up at first.

what that video needed was 40POINTS OF ACID DAMAGE!!!!


Sweet lemonade, yeah sweet lemonade.

Good to see Tim again.

Tim wasn't in this episode, I'm afraid. Brother Thadius was played by Jeff Stephen.

Fuckberries. To be perfectly honest with you, Dale, I meant you.
Between *acid* damage and playing Satan, you'd think I'd remember your name.

I'll know better for next time.

I, too hope the Virtual Boy resurgence kills 3-D gaming.

I'm amused by the "making games is hard" deal, though I can barely avoid clocking one friend, so not doing four players is probably for the best.

I must say, the 2nd hand joke was pretty well written. I can only imagine the awe that would be walking into a pawn shop the size of most strip malls. Yeah, that's right, I love stuff that's more than the black and the main story. Just for you Paul, just for you.

Also Kathleen, fucking well done on the story!

Macbook pro?

Aha, QFT

That chanting was intense. Great video.

they are really good chanters for video game monks. they could hit the big time selling weird Gregorian chants.

I was wondering if anyone would get that

Thats a monk orde i would eally like to enter.

Damn I wanna join the order of St. Pokedexius

This episode could be renamed "The One Where I Finally Realized That Jer Ends All Of His Throws With "But What Is Certain..."

Also, I lost my shit when they started singing. And it already was pretty damn funny. And hooray for more Dale!

Somebody listens to the lrrcasts...


I would love to join that!!

Let us all unite and behold the glory of awesome pwnage!

I believe this to be one of my favorite ENN episodes so far! Thanks for that!

That was fun. I loved miming the game controller while chanting. Perfect little touch.

Wow. Fantabulous. One of my favorite ENN episodes.

Finally, an order of monks I would consider joining.

Wait, a Macbook Pro? Damn, I will have to continue my search.

"It's name is Fisto."


Nice article guys XD

Haha, does that order come with friars.

Loved the episode. ENN is getting better and better. Sadly, I couldn't relate to any of those epic gaming moments. I've never gotten a throwing knife kill like that and I absolutely suck at Halo. There goes any hope of me joining this order.

On a side note, I love what you've done with your hair Kathleen.

"I pwned a noob so hard the game glitched"

I really wish this could actually happen, imagine seeing the game glitch and wondering who the hell caused it to happen. Nice episode.

Hilarious episode. So hilarious, I forgive you for the critique of my beloved Mac.

Hmm. In one of the most difficult decisions of all time, I have given the edge to the Mac joke over the Friars pun. Loved this episode. If I could afford beer right now, I'd offer to take you all out for a round.

Fisto the sex bot is... a... toaster.....
You know what, it still creepy.

I should join the order to save some SC2 events such as a Roach-counter to mutaliskspam. Or a proplayer getting 6-pooled in a tournament. Where can i send my application?

Fine stuff. Got some good laughs this end.

...Fisto? *runs screaming to hills, like a little girl, to hide under a rock and welds a metal plate over his ass*

The monks singing was absolutely epic. "Does that order come with friars" was pretty good, too. Fairly lame, but I think by the look on Graham's face as he said it, he knew it >.>

That was without a doubt the funniest episode in a while. Nicely done \o/

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