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It all starts out simply enough...

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Awesome, just awesome.

I heard you guys are Canadian. To say the least I am jealous, thinking of moving over there in a couple of years but still, another great video.

Haha! Nice vid. Not the best, but was good enough. =3

Trivial Pursuit will make you its bitch!

my god! i hope they don't find out where i live.
I Myself had the same expression at the end just like Tim

I also realized that in 1993 was when the Toronto blue jays won the world series
i wonder if that was intentional?

I found it rather nice, could've been longer though.

I'm actually in pain from how meta that all was.

I don't get it.... can someone explain it to me? I never heard of trivial pursuit before this.

I'm not sure what to think right now, that was really something, but it does have great repeat value.

Whoa, I got moderator's wrath for far less offensive language than in this video. Does this mean I need to become as awesome als LRR and make videos in order to be myself on the Escapist? ;-)

The chicken narrator is the same person as the press boss from earlier? Sheez I hate Trivial pursuit for the ports questions. Who cares, really?

This ridiculous Russian doll situation..

Yo Dawg!
I heard you like watching videos so we put a video in your video, so you can watch while you watch.
Not a bad one alltogether, think someone there watched Inception...

1. Was Tim watching LRR? I heard the end of episode blip.

2. I'm a chicken shit, apparently.

The paused image of the Fraudulent Pursuit commercial tilts to the left at 1:49. Weird.

I felt like watching Inception 2...

Also, where can I get this game? I need to play it, it dared me to!

Been re-watching some of your old videos?

A return to the style of videos such as the 1 year in retrospective and the quantum documentary.

I think I have a new phobia now...

*blink* *blink*
Oh dear god.. My brain hurts now, I need more sleep.

But... have to buy this new Trivia game I heard about earlier first, it sounds AWESOME to play when drunk.

I have not had nearly enough caffeine yet this morning to watch this video. Let me try again in a few hours, or a few Mt. Dews later...

YAY the wig is back

Just way too damn meta.
The commercial was great, and the ad agency part was pretty clever, but I think after that they just drove the joke into the ground.
Granted it could have worked if they had kept going until it became an excessively surreal parody of itself.

Poor, poor Alex XD

Great ep!

uhm... i don't get it.

My brain hurts. If they hadn't put out that ad yet, how's the extra worried about his family being killed? I think that was just too meta for me.
Still laughed.

The paused image of the Fraudulent Pursuit commercial tilts to the left at 1:49. Weird.

Ye, saw that too, thought maybe all was in my head though:p

OT: Wes is back for more badmouthing, huzzah :D

I won't play your game and excuse me but my condition is called "The Chicken Excrement Disorder" thank you very much!

Mind-blowing episode.

Are you guys also doing advertising to trivial pursuit?
Awesome video any ways!

Finally an advertising campaign that understands me! I shall go and buy!

So this is what they teach you in business school... I like it!

I'm confused and not particularly entertained :/

This was more interesting than Inception.

I love Trivia Pursuit.

Except for the sports questions.

Chicken shi-

OH THAT'S IT! Where the heck is fraudulent pursuit!

... What the hell was that and why was it supposed to be funny?

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