Not Just Another Guitar Hero Preview

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Hmm... I still wish I had my PS2 so I could play Guitar Hero III.

This one does look better than previous ones, bar GH Metallica.

Dave Mustaine? Gene Simmons? Can one game contain that much ego?

I suppose it could be worse. Axl Rose could be there.

This should be fun for a while. It seems it'll last longer than Guitar 5, which quickly became stale as, "just another guitar hero," despite some great songs, it had no true incentive to play, like the great boss battles of guitar hero 3 and 4.

I anticipate improvement and i'll definetly be holding out for an Iced Earth(see my avatar). The egyptian themes would make it the perfect time to throw a song in from the "Something Wicked" Saga.

Yet more reason why GH6 will turn out to be the best music game yet.
They really know how to improve each main GH game and make them appeal to many, with this one being a "fun but challenging" type for non-casual players.
Also, here's hoping that the next RB will finally have a decent game engine as well!... I hope. :/

'Man, we want more solos on it.' I was like 'Really? I can do that.'"
Thumbs up. Bring it on. I'll go get my plastic guitar out. I'm definitely gonna buy this game after hearing (reading) "more Megadeth" and "more solos".


Dave Mustaine is the MAN. I own all Megadeth's albums on oldfangled CD and their DVDs. I've just ordered the CD/DVD set for Rust in Peace live. Saw them last year and am pumped to see them again this year with "The Other MegaDave" back in the band.

So, you know, count me in for this game. I should get my RROD 360 fixed.

Steve Butts:
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock moves away from the shred-tastic tone of previous games in the series in favor of a stronger rock focus, a focus untarnished by the series' previous concessions to the soft rock world. So, goodbye, Elton John; hello, Megadeth.

This makes absolutely no sense at all. Megadeth is shred-tastic. To "shred" means to play fast, ridiculously complex solos, something that is almost (but not entirely) exclusive to progressive rock and metal acts. So saying that GH:WoR (kinda sounds like GWAR!) is moving away from a shred-tastic tone would really mean that it's doing more Elton John.

Other than that, I have no issue with more Megadeth. Except for the fact that I haven't heard a good Megadeth song past Rust in Peace. Okay, maybe Countdown to Extinction.

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