Topical Tuesday: Your Favorite D&D Character

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Topical Tuesday: Your Favorite D&D Character

Which of your D&D characters will you always remember?

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Name: Fletcher Green
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Backstory: Professional treasure liberator for hire. Highly skilled in trap disarming and rearming. Especially enjoyed the ever popular "battle axe swinging into a doorway and your face" trap.
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Kill some monsters and take their stuff.

Name: Zapp Brannigan (No one but me and my best friend knew who this was, so I thought it was a hoot)
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Backstory: Was kicked out of a Dwarvish Kingdom because I got into to many fights.
Campaign: I can't remember the name. It involved 3 weapons that were enchanted. Black Razor was one.
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Find weapons, give it to merchants. Don't die.

Name: Zalzabar
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger then Arcane Archer
Backstory: An elf full of wanderlust, left to go explore the world, may or may not have spent a bunch of time in jail.
Campaign: Homemade
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Saved a kingdom from an ancient evil and then was killed by his son one campaign later.

I was always the DM, so here's my favorite NPC.

Name(s): Dervin (aka Nivred)
Race: Human (cursed to eternal life)
Class: Shadow-Dancer (swordsman/assassin)
Backstory: Once the faithful captain-of-the-guard to Lord Wyrmspur, general of the Dragon Emperor's armies. Wyrmspur betrayed their emperor to save his elven wife (member of the last clan of elves, spared by Wyrmspur during the mass genocide) and his half-elven children, leading an exodus of slaves east across the ocean to freedom. Dervin, though, betrayed Wyrmspur during their escape, leading to the death of his master's wife and children. As reward, the Dragon Emperor made Dervin chief of his assassins and granted him eternal life. Dervin then spent hundreds of years torn between guilt, shame, and fear.
Campaign: Homebrew
Edition: 3.0
Plot: Two, actually. In the first, he betrayed the party to the Dragon Emperor's forces (he was leading the advance company of an invasion force coming to subjugate the free kingdoms founded by Wyrmspur). They died inside the Colossus built to commemorate Wyrmspur's victory over the Dragon Emperor's navy. In the second campaign (where he went by the alias Nivred), he infiltrated the party again - planning to assassinate them to protect his master. However, a run-in with the ghosts of Wyrmspur's wife and children in their ruined castle changed his heart. He eventually distracted the Dragon Emperor (actually a polymorphed Dracolich) during the climatic battle long enough for the party to defeat him - his curse/reward made him immune to the emperor's attacks.

Name: Raam McTavish
Race: Minotaur
Class: Barbarian
Backstory: A minataur that liked to smash stuff
Campain: a short campain didn't last too long
Edition: 3.5
Plot: wasn;t much of a plot either

Why it was awesome I knocked out all the enemy combatants with my tankard.

Name: Bortka
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Backstory: Former Soldier in the G.U.D.R(Glorious United Dwarven Republic, think Soviet dwarves) Now works as a mercenry along with his adopted half-orc son called Rude and best friend, Halfling Rogue Leon.
Campaign: Origanl based around G.U.D.R
Edition: 3.5
Plot: As mercenaries for G.U.D.R we fought various enemies until a friendly fire accident got us into serious trouble. I was imprisoned and my son executed, but Leon escaped. After several years he returned to reveal he had become a lich and made me his dark cleric in exchange for my freedom. If we had gone on I would have raised my son, and we would wage war on the G.U.D.R until we hopefully ruled the world.

In my country official D&D rulebooks are extraordinary expansive, so it encouraged us to go 100% homebrew and create our own DnD-like game, based on our daily madness.
This one was my first character created in our daisy-flesh game.

Name: Sarcasm the Smartass
Race: Anonymous
Class: Texas Ranger
Backstory: a former information dealer and a scout-for-hire. Born and raised on the streets of the City of X, crawled his way to the top first as a hit man, than as a freelance spy and finally as an elite recon trooper.
Campaign: The Destruction Of Tatuin
Plot: after a kick-ass party in a local tavern, 4 adventurers decide to destroy planet Tatuin and begin their quest for the four Great Artefacts. When united, these items of unlimited power allow to manipulate the power of B.O.O.B.S. and bend reality to the will of the wielder.

Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Rockson
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Backstory: Zeke had been born to poor parents in the slums of Port Wistfulness (yes, really). When he was five his parents - unable to support him and his three siblings (two brothers, one sister, he was the second child) his parents offloaded them onto the local church. Two years later, Zeke ran away from his new 'home' and stowed away on a merchant vessel bound for southern lands of exotic spice and more exotic women; though at age seven the latter didn't interest him all that much.

Sadly, he was caught by the Captain and put to work as a deckhand. Eventually he became a part of the crew and came to know them as his family, Captain "Scruffles" Menan almost becoming his second father. He was taught swordplay and the tricks of the trade for sailors, along with more generalised skills such as how to broker deals and fixing games of chance. During one particular voyage bound for those same southern lands as his first journey the ship was boarded by pirates and slavers, intent on plundering their booty. Captain Scruffles died in the ensuing fight and only a handful of crewmembers were left alive - including Zeke. Within two weeks of making port again, Zeke and his fellow crewmembers had broken out, stolen weapons and fought their way to freedom.

However, while they were free, squabbles soon broke out amongst the crew about what they should do next and eventually they decided it would be best if they went their separate ways as amicably as possible. Zeke, now a strapping young lad of 22, decided to try his hand at adventuring.

Campaign: The Merchants of Saladin (Our DM wasn't the most original with his names >.>)

Edition: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5th Edition, supplimented with the Complete Warriors Handbook for the Swashbuckler class.

Plot: Piracy and banditry has been on the rise as of late across the world, more and more traders and merchants are finding their goods seized and their people - men, women and children - sold off as slaves. The ruler of the Kingdom of Karasan, Saladin, issued a call to all adventurers and warriors far and wide promising vast rewards to any who could uncover what he believed was a deeper purpose beneath the surface.

What came out was a vast tale of political double cross, urban dungeon crawling and so many bluff checks our dice got worn out.

And it was awesome.

Name: Leman Russ
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Backstory: Was orphaned when his father betrayed the knighthood, and slaughtered everyone in the keep, including his wife and daughter. Father later becomes Death Knight in a bid for power, son is the only person that can harm him because of the conditions of the spell.
Edition: 2nd -3.5
Plot: Defeat evil army, redeem family name, kill Father, save the kingdom.

Might I perhaps suggest pretty much the whole set of options for Dragon Quest, that D&D starter thing with a sort of sandbox dungeon map?

Or possibly just scream 'pregen characters' and demo guys, such as the now dead Regdar. May his broadsword always swing well and true.

Name: Feanor Telcontar
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
Backstory: Born to noble family of landowners in human kingdom and educated by his uncle in magic. Older of two brothers that survived anti-elvish peasant uprising led by fanatical ex-paladin and therefore truly obsessed by dreams of reclaiming the lost castle and family prestige by arcane power.
Campaign: Homemade in Greyhawkish setting.
Edition: 3.0
Plot: Really the whole plot was just about saving the world from some demons that were swarming through some dimensional gates. The only twist was that the whole party was made of evil characters (including mine), which made it more survivalistic than heroic. What made it so special for me was making up that special 'wanna-be-evil-overlord' attitude my character displayed during the campaign, mainly in the form of a diary (I still have it somewhere). Also that his backstory was heavily used by the GM to develop a second, simultaneous plot about him trying to turn himself into a lich. It was also my highest-leveled char so far (10th lvl, I think - we die often).

Name: Fortuan Galleyborn
Race: Human
Class: Rogue/Theif
Backstory: Orphaned as child by a band of 'elves' slaying his not so morally bound partents (pirates). Terrified of evles (doesn't show it except by killing them) unless they REALLY prove trustworthy.
Edition: 2, 3, 3.5 and 4
Plot: Various
Greatest Accomplishment: Convincing an Ogre (through diplomacy) that the magical beef jerky would make him smarter and more powerful by the power to connivce people do what ever he wanted them to do, so that the ogre would open the large door for them... he he he

Name: Tormar Darkheart
Race: Teifling
Class: Thief/Mage
Backstory: This was my "training" character for new GMs. My little brother and his friend Drew wanted to play D&D and Drew wanted me to teach him how to be a DM. I had already run a short campaign as a demo for them, so I created Darkheart as an object (and IMHO important) lesson for him about giving players too much leeway within the rules. Having a 4/3 thief Mage take over a planscape faction and create a nasty artifact using scrolls and a slave he forcably taught magic to drain the poor dude's constitution score(for the Permanency spells) was nasty, but worth it in the end. To be fair, I let the GM kill the character at the end game and them went over where things went wrong, but Darkheart holds a special place in my heart. He was fun to play, but he helped teach a kid how to be a great DM. Drew told me a few years ago he still has the character sheet in his folders with a big red KIA writen on it.
Edition: 2nd Planescape
Plot: In the end, he was a wicked sacrifice to a noble cause.

Name: Chad of the RedShirt

Race: Half-Giant

Class: Barbarian

Backstory: An slave turned gladiator, after one too many war-hammers to the face, Chad was released to pursue a wandering, spiritual quest of cosmic understanding using the complex and transcendent medium of Hitting Things. Dude.

Campaign: DarkSun

Edition: 4th

Plot: Whoa ... that's like ... totally heavy Broheim.

Name: Telon
Race: Started as a half-elf, but got complicated
Class: Wizard/Archmage
Backstory: A non-special mage that was caught in some pretty awesome events.
Edition: D&D3.5
Plot: Freeing a demonslave, and breaking a magecircle.

Reason I will remember: It's a character I played with my girlfriend as a GM just as she was starting to be introduced to tabletop roleplaying some years back. For some reason this character stuck, and we played for a long long time. So long in fact that Telon managed to hitch up with some demon-chick, have some offspring, their offspring to grow up, and me rolling a child of theirs for a 2nd generation characer in the same play. It lasted for several years and many many nights of fun.

Name: Abhorrin Grottog
Race: Dwarf
Class: Druid/Master of Many Forms
Backstory: A poor miner who fell in love with a noble girl, he was framed for her accidental death at the hands of a jealous rival. He escaped his mountain town and fled into the swampy, fetid jungles that covered it's base. Assuming that the jungle would finish him in no time, the dwarves left him to his fate. Abhorrin survived on frogs and rats that he could catch in his putrid surroundings, becoming twisted and corrupted by the land. Eventually, a lizardfolk Druid watched him and saw what he had become, and the reptile decided that his connection to the swamp was justification for the Druidic Ritual. Afterwards, he honed his skills in the swamp for years, gaining is greatest friend and ally, a Giant Constrictor named Veshnish, and eventually wiping out the entire dwarven town he used to call his home.
Campaign: Amalgomated D&D
Edition: 3.5
Plot: As a worshipper of Nerull, Abhorrin would stalk the streets of large cities setting traps of webs and vines in alleyways. After capturing a victim and paralyzing or otherwise incapacitating them with poisons of his own crafting, he would take them to the forests outside of town, bind them to a stump, and sacrifice their still living bodies to his god...only after the anesthetic effects of their poison had worn off of course. Nerull loves the tortured screams of his victims.

Name: Takkar Moonbreaker
Race: Not an elf, that's for bloody sure.
Class: Mage, but with all his points into swords and other manly skills (A glorious death!)
Backstory: Raised as a mage, by mages, he always though magic was too much effort when just stabbing someone would work much better. So he struck out on his own to Calradia some fantasy land.
Campaign: Whatever I happen to be playing at the moment, I'm just lazy.
Edition: Edition? He's not just in D&D, he's in every RPG I play. Usually serves to screw the hell out of the game.
Plot: Fulfilling his overwhelming desire to stab things.

Class:Sorcerer/shadow mage
Backstory: A sorcerer from the city of Shade, sent out to the wider world of faerun to sow chaos, and prepare the way for shade takeovers of regions. His love for general chaos and destruction makes him perfect for the job. Also he is a master at manipulation.
Campaign: 3.5 and 4 (Forgotten Realms)
Edition: 3.5 and 4
Plot: Started a mercenary company with the secret agenda of subverting local governments, gathering followers to his cause.
He and his companion mercenaries takes on seemingly "good" jobs, but under the surface of all their good deeds they pave the way for the shades to take over the region. They have subverted and manipulated 2 cities at this point, and is now going for the regions government.

That's a tough one considering how many of those i made.

For sake of the topic i'll go with my silly character tho.

Name: Lady Amanda Astoria Muller-Bannenhoff The Third (she always used to introduce herself to other's like that and was really annoyed when someone omitted even a single part of it)

Race: Pureblood human

Class: Sorceress

Backstory: Despite the titles and overly long name Amanda was actually simple peasant girl that figured nobles have it easier so she decided to become one, or at least convince everyone else she was one. Her natural affiliation to magic power's, by many seen as a gift in her case couldn't really be called a talent. Her attempts at controlling the forces were rather unpredictable and at some point resulted in her burning down half of her home village by mistake. Banished, she left into the big unsuspecting world.

Plot: Several plots based on Planescape franchise that used to be supported by Wizards Of The Coast back then, she was a comic relief character in otherwise pretty serious adventures. Completely useless in combat because every time she would propose casting a spell some other team member had to knock her out in fear for their own lives, especially after one incident when she summoned some lower planes demons while trying to conjure some water. She had charm and natural wits about her however, so out of battle she was doing most of conversations confusing everyone with her obliviousness, innocence and fake aristocratic accent.

This guy is not my main character, but he IS one of my all time favourites.

Name: KassanSke
Race: abomination ( technically, a corrupted, half red dragon/ogre )
Class: Frenzied Berserker
Game: Started in 2, adapted for 3.0 and then 3.5. Considering a Pathfinder update.

Check him out:


Currently KassanSke is an epic monster, equivalent to a level 26 character. He has made a home on Ansalon after wandering across the dimensions, and has been raiding local towns and villages, mustering up a force of cowed ogres and fanatic draconians for an assult on the elven lands. As long as he rages, he cannot be slain, and has laid waste to those who have dared to attempt to wrest the lands from him.

Name: James or something equally as normal
Race: Human (rarely anything else, best race in 3.5)
Class: Sorcerer, started at level 12 or something
Backstory: Hes evil and a sorcerer, favorite spells being fireball and magic missile.
Campaign: Evil campaign on a waterworld-type place where we're usually sailing.
Edition: 3.5, 4E was literally thrown across the room by this point
Plot: Do evil stuff? There was a bad guy army trying to destroy the physical embodiments of each element (who were masked women, probably from an anime), and each time one died bad stuff happened, but generally we just sailed around fireballing other people's boats or whatever we wanted to do. When we were on land we generally just ran across whatever the dm wanted to throw at us that week.

I'll remember him because he survived through like 3 parties of people when no one else did. My bard had a similar rap sheet (teehee at people who think they suck) but I can't remember what he did.

The only thing I have to go on is DDO, so that's what I'm using.

Name: Drakelius Des Morte
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Backstory: Formerly a soldier in the Last War, and now a Paladin of the Sovereign Host, Drakelius Des Morte vowed to destroy all traces of evil from the face of Eberron after seeing his best friend, Gregor Ravensgate, kidnapped by cultists to be sacrificed to the Devourer. Though he was only 10 years old, he followed the cultists to try and save his friend. He managed to rescue Gregor, but not before the cultists had broken his mind and will beyond hope of rehabilitation. Drakelius was injured in the rescue, receiving a scar down his left eye, which he now treats as a reminder of what began his crusade against evil. Due to the danger associated with his lifestyle and the number of enemies he has made fighting the forces of darkness, Drakelius has not seen or spoken to his family, save for his brother Wyndreth, since he left his home in Aundair at age 15 to destroy the evils that claimed his friend. Over the years, he has found that he despises Mephits more than anything else.
Campaign: Eberron
Edition: Loosely based on 3.5e
Plot: MMO. Is there really a plot?

Name: Raam McTavish
Race: Minotaur
Class: Barbarian
Backstory: A minataur that liked to smash stuff
Campain: a short campain didn't last too long
Edition: 3.5
Plot: wasn;t much of a plot either

Why it was awesome I knocked out all the enemy combatants with my tankard.

I have only started playing D&D but i also made a Minotaur
Race: Minotaur (albino)
class: fighter
backstory: his parents died when he was only three all he had was his fathers flail he grew up on the streets learning to get by with the minimum he grew up strong charismatic and as good endurance. he ended up taking up gambling and winning plate armour in one game as well has a shield he then became a mercenary and know he is hired by my friends character.
campaign: something to do with an evil wizard
edition: 4
plot: so far nothing apart from him losing more blood then a half-ling would have in his entire body

Race:Stone giant
Backstory:Abandoned by his clan for some reason or another, very stupid, picked up by a smart mage to become his helper. Named by the mage for the rock he looked like.
Plot:Something about goblins...

Name: Brin
Race: Human, then elven
Class: Cleric

Backstory: The player characters in this campaign had been children when our prior campaign ended. The former PCs had, with the best of intentions, ended up tricked and being used to sever Oerth from the multiverse. A time-traveling Wu Jen of dubious sanity and his kensai brother took the children from their small village and raised them to put things right. Brin had been murdered in a sacrificial ritual when she was a baby and resurrected through the combined efforts of Pelor and Fharlanghn, who assumed she would serve one of them when she grew up. Instead, she was morbidly fascinated with death and became a cleric of Wee Jas.

Campaign: Modified Greyhawk
Edition: 3.5
Plot: All of Oerth's souls, denied the ability to return to their wellspring in the multiverse at death, split into warring factions aligned either with the chaotic good Alpha or the lawful evil Omega and further subdivided into totemic tribes (dog, weasel, bat, etc). The now-grown children needed to pick a totem and then recruit soul energy to their sides and once a year feed it into a tower where our old characters were struggling in slow-time (thanks to the Wu-Jen's manipulations) to repair the damage they'd done.

It was a neat, delicate balancing act being small cogs in a much bigger plan and yet powerful in our own right, and the story was huge and complicated on every level - political, mythological, metaphysical - in a way that was as satisfying as reading a really good book.

Name: The Inquisitor
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Backstory: Modeled after Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane.
Campaign: Grey Hawk
Edition: 2nd
Plot: Gather kindling, gather fuel, gather evil, ignite kindling.

Take a gander. I'm the Man in gray.

>Race: Not an elf, that's for bloody sure.

Name: Suna
Race: Human
Class: Soulknife
Backstory: Could make swords from his mind. Thought it was awesome. Became his gimmick as a mercenary. (Soulknives were particularly uncommon)
Campaign: Greyhawk
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Make a great deal of money. Kill a few devils along the way.

Arach Duil

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Personality: Guardian
Affiliation: Chaotic / Good
Religion: None
Nemesis: Arachnids


Arach Duil was born it the city of Roktar, his father, a smith, and mother, a weaver. He had a mostly normal childhood, apprenticing to his father, and receiving a basic education. When he came of age he joined the Guard. As a guardsman he excelled, proving his prowess time and time again. Arach swiftly rose through the ranks, quickly gaining his own small command. Eventually his phalanx was ordered to clear some old tunnels for the expansion of the city. At the end of the first grueling day, just as they were starting to set up camp, they were ambushed. They had unwittingly set up camp in the center of a Dire spider trap. Arach, paralyzed with fear, could do nothing but watch as his phalanx was slaughtered. Few survived. He wandered aimlessly for a few days before being found by a scout. Still covered in grime and malnourished he was brought before the king. Charged with cowardice and neglecting his duty to his command, he was exiled. Allowed to take what he could carry with him, he was escorted to the boarder. Arach traveled for a time before taking on jobs guarding various caravans and towns. He joined a mercenary crew for a bit, but eventually decided that life wasn't for him. He's now traveling and taking jobs where he can find them.

Name: Arin Belvere
Race: Cansin (Chaotic Outsider - similar to an Aasimar or Tiefling)
Class: Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple (Red)
Backstory: Arin didn't have too much backstory. I read a copy of Dragon that contained the stats for the various Outsider races and the Genasi races, and I thought a Cansin would make a really interesting Sorcerer.
Campaign: Homebrew D&D
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Arin began play as Chaotic Good, with an ally who was a Kenku (Anthropomorphic Crow) Soulknife who was Chaotic Neutral. It was just a 2 player game, and there was no healer in the group so it was pretty low-key. We were on a boat heading to an island, when we were attacked by Lizardfolk pirates. We killed the pirates, and then as we approached the island, a kraken appeared. We slaughtered our guide in cold blood and fed it to the kraken in order to get past it (Somehow, this seemed like the obvious solution to the problem).

On the islands, we encountered a small village of refugee humans who had escaped from the lizardfolk who dominated the island. We spent several sessions killing lizardfolk and collecting weapons and items for the refugees, but when it finally came down to it, they wouldn't lift a finger to help themselves. So we snuck into the Lizardfolk city (By this time I was developing draconic features that were obscuring my human nature). We met with the leader of the lizardfolk, an Ogre named Ugu, and told him where the refugees were hiding.

Then we proceded to slaughter all of the villagers. And they died. Like the useless villagers they were.

Our characters officially villains now, the campaign basically ended, but it was by far the most fun I've had in any D&D campaign. The fact that the DM rolled with whatever crazy evil thing we did was terrific.

So many I've loved... I'll list my top 3!

Name:Vincent Fabalis
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Backstory: A simple farmboy out exploring the world, ever naive of the the world, always retaining his boyish innocence.
Campaign: Forgotten Realms
Edition: 3/5
Plot: He was a simple farmboy who wielded a zweihander custom made for him by the first dwarf he ever met: the town blacksmith (in our campaign, Featherdale was a tiny little village) Hammerfist, who actually had an enchanted hammer for a hand. He's traveling the world with an Incarnum user, after having protected him from some suspicious and uppity townfolk. " Come on, pa! This guy helped the baby out! He din't do it! Honest!" He's a rather plump boy, prone to hour long meals, loving anything blueberry flavored, and no matter what, the best praise he can EVER give any food is "It's almost as good as my mom's!" Even if it was the god of cooking himself, it'll never be as good as his mom's. He loves his mom.

Name:Thamior Nailo
Race: Everything
Class: Sorcerer/Binder
Backstory: An insane sorcerer who sold his soul, got it back, and has died and been reincarnated numerous times.
Campaign: Forgotten Realms
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Thamior was a young, naive Elven sorcerer who was rather insane, but not dangerously so. After his tree-top village was destroyed, he traveled with a leftover soldier from the invading force: a half-ogre/half Red Dragon named Krusk Femur. After both sold their souls for incredible equipment, they lived happy lives adventuring, and getting repeatedly high from constantly licking his Toad familiar, Toadie. He spent much time in prison and crying his heart out when separated from his toad familiar for any point and time. Having once died and been reincarnated as a goblin, Thamior was determined to be an elf again. So he has Krusk kill him many times, while making a local Druid cast Reincarnation on him over and over again until he was finally an elf (yes, his CON is currently around 4) Currently living with a constantly drunken Krusk, a rather abusive shadowcaster roommate named Smoke, and making a living as Waterdeep's very own version of Dr. Seuss, writing wonderful, drug-influenced children's tales under the series title "The Adventures of Toadie". Toadie is a great warrior who travels around constantly foiling the plots of Corpsey McGee (a thinly veiled stab at the person he originally sold his soul to, whom Thamior doesn't much care for. His name was Carkus)

Name: Gax Foulfart
Race: Goblin
Class: Fighter
Backstory: A goblin too smart for his tribe (INT and Wis of 10 each) with a very mean and bloodthirsty bend.
Campaign: Forgotten Realms
Edition: 3.5
Plot: Gax has vowed to get revenge on his clan. He was kicked out by the chief for being too smart, but knew he, by himself, wasn't strong enough to take out the guards and himself. He travels by himself, fighting wherever he can, trying to deal with his racial predisposition of cowardice. Among his travels, he attacked an Elven wizard, who layed the following curse upon him: Whenever his surname is spoken, the player must roll 1d20. On a roll a 1, the character who said it will poo his pants. On a roll of 20, the character will stink out the room. A regular fart occurs on any other result. Gax took the curse as a blessing, and continued on his ways after the freaked out wizard teleported away. Gax has the habit, which he oh so enjoys, of frequently crying out his full name at any given time, enjoying his own stench, and loving the ability to create it at will. He carries with him a goblin-sized Buster Sword, and hopes to one day be strong enough to kill his clan. (He's currently 26, but doesn't realize just how strong he's become)

Ah easy one. My first ever D&D Character.

Name: Mojo
Race: "Human"
Class: Mage
Backstory: Found and raised by the Waterdeep mage's guild a child with no name, family, or belly button grows up and strikes out to make a place for himself.
Campaign: Forgotten Realms
Edition: AD&D,3

This character became famous in our community. I rolled all but two 18s, and during the course of the campaign the other two stats were raised to 18 and his intelligence raised to 25. We were using the psionics wild talents rules and when his was rolled we kept hitting "greater power and roll again for another power". He ended up with 14 psionic abilities and a pool of energy bigger than a 12th level psionic.
Mojo started out as an unpredictable Chaotic Nuetral as likely to kick a party member awake as he was to save them. This changed during the two climaxes of our first dungeon. He was forced to feed our thief to the crystal dragon who had been infuriated by said thief to save the party. Later, during the climax with a large female black dragon, he threw himself infront of our new companion to save them from an acid breath attack that they couldn't have possibly survived. The party member survived but Mojo died. The god of an NPC paladin was so moved by the action he raised Mojo back to life. After that experience he changed and became a staunch protector of the good, though still passionate and unpredictable in his interpretation of what was right. As the campaign moved forward he was put into situations where he had to make a choice that would usually result in him sacrificing himself to save others, each time, coming back to life, each time changing, becoming less human, more like an immortal. During his adventures he punched out a minotaur, saw the end of the world, Destroyed 3 Drow cities (including Menzoberranzan which he teleported with the assitance of magical devices to a mile above a desert), and was romantically pursued by Lloth.

The main heart to the character's story was his need for a sense of belonging and identity. The Waterdeep mages had told him he had no parents that magic could find, and their tests had led them to believe he was never truly "born", more akin to magically spawning. He appeared human, but knew although he shared much with them, wasn't entirely the same. He didn't even really have a name. He made his adventuring party his family and protected the right for innocent people to live out normal lives with theirs.

I can't remember what my first one is, but I hardly ever deviated from that original design. The most recent one was this:

Name: Serebro Burya
Race: Human (prefer half-dragons though)
Class: Dragon Shaman
Campaign: All of the ones I've played are custom made, but I think use most stuff from Forgotten Realms
Edition: 3.5
Backstory: (most recently) Serebro was a zealot of the Silver Dragon and demanded everyone worship it like he was Chuck Norris or something. To that end, he is a widow. He killed his family because he "received a message" from the Silver Dragon telling him to do so. So he did. Then his village was later attacked by demons designed specifically for this campaign. He managed to evacuate just in time, however, and join a group or people in order to... um... spread the word of the Silver Dragon... sadly, I had to leave for college and thus couldn't continue participating in the campaign for long.

Aside from that, I usually just DM. I prefer playing NPC's because there is no commitment to keeping them around or playing one role. Sticking to one character and one role for so long gets kind of tiring after a while. I like to change it up!

Name: Dante Riverside

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

A Paladin of Tyr, Dante was a knight-errant spending most of his time on the lower sword coast. After getting agreeing to help a small village defend itself from an attacking planar demon he was more dead than alive and in the middle of a ruined village. At this time the head of the Darkmoon Guild, a band of sellswords came across him and agreed to heal him in return for his joining the band. This was not out of charity, it's just that the guild was filled with thief's, mages, Mage/thief's and the only healer was a drunken half-insane cleric. Healed and gifted with knowledge of demon lore and language as an ironic joke he now helps the band of adventures and is one of only three competent group members.

Campaign: Darkmoon. (Basically a made up city that is on usually on Faerun and is located wherever the plot demands).

Edition: D&D 4ed

Crowning moment:
"So you don't know anything?"
"No" *wink*
"So you do?"
"No, wink" *wink*
(Out of character) I Punch him in the face.

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