Zero Punctuation: Mafia II

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Mafia II

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Mafia II.

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Brilliant Video, as always.

Hooray Mafia 2
NIce game, love the review.
Yathzee's a psychic, now.
And that one seems a bit too GTA IV-ish...
Only worse.
And GTA IV is, in my opinion, BAD

Seems like "The Godfather" is till the best Mafia game.
Only that s has a better story and more variety

LOL, he is really the only one followed by the camera

Bravo, Bravo! I knew you where going to dislike it. See! I got it to!

I never grow tired of ZP humor.

The week long wait kills me, though ><

An interesting video. There certainly has been multiple opinions on this game, and as usual, Yahtzee points out that most of them are shit :L

hehe, very "sopranos"

The review was pretty good, and I have to agree with yahtzee that the story was predictable, but I think the immersion excuses a large ammount of issues.

I like this review. I'm still getting the game thought because i enjoyed the first Mafia and all it's faults.

Is it just me or am I the only one starting to want to e-mail Yahtzee about the upcoming lottory numbers.

Is it odd that my favorite part of an open world game is driving around listening to the radio?

Even in Saint's Row 2, I find that the most entertaining part of the game...

This game disappointed the hell out of me.

Yahtzee is so right about the game being restrictive though, it's extremely linear and the driving was boring.

It seems that Yahtzee has run afoul of Candleja

Radical, I've been looking forward to this!

It's true that the linear gameplay is kinda balls breaker, and it's anti climatic to break the story to play in some sand, so it's hard to love it, but not impossible.
robbing shops was great fun, too bad I haven't found hoes to hop in.

Son, I am Disapoint.
Good review, but disapointed about the game. Was looking forward to this one as I'd had some fuin with the first game and was keen for more.

Oh well, saved me some $$ then if nothing else.

God, I hate "Day Job" Games.
Thanks Yahtzee.

lol that was great i never bought into mafia 2's hype.

This review was fairly average for Yahtzee, but then again, the game was pretty average and bland itself. I guess I can't expect the poor fellow to crap roses if we never feed him anything but crap to begin with.

Ooo, a shoutout to the Sopranos, maybe?

Okay, I was actually a bit miffed by the story aspect of Mafia II. So, in my mind, the first half of the game was paced beautifully, what with starting in a war, then jumping back home and wandering around a bit, doing some minor crimes, meeting some people in the family, then suddenly BOOM you're under arrest and in jail for six years! Let me tell you, having the closed world of a prison suddenly thrust on you when you expected an open world status quo was so jarring and disturbing I actually ENJOYED it.

Then in the latter half, the game's pretty much routine combat mission after combat mission. I figured that this was the point that the game was going to nestle into a comfortable sandbox status quo, then suddenly BOOM, your house burns down and you lose all your stuff. For some reason, it PISSED ME OFF that time! Almost like it was arbitrary and really had little to do with the actual story that all my cars, cash, clothes, and weapons had now become very flammable and I had nothing but my skivvies to my name.

Then of course, the ending, like the man sa--

I'm still perched on the fence about whether to buy this one or not, and this review hasnt really helped me to jump to either side.

Flawless review, have yet to play this game but if it's anything like Mafia 1 or The Godfather it'll keep me interested.

Game Great, Review, Good. I dont like defending games too much on here but the fact was that when you were in the 'go home to bed' phase of the missions this was the time that was really 'go out and play in the city with your money and cars prettyboy'. I would have liked more to do around the city, stripclubs, pool halls etc. throw some minigames in to pad the free time you have but still have that story and narrative.

Overall barring the ending I really enjoyed this game and hope for more vito stories in future!

Wow, I loved it. I thought this was one of your great ones, even though I liked the game a lot.

hmm, odd does the video just cut-...

Hurr hurr, I see what I did thar.

OT: Good one, laughed through it all. I tried the demo on steam, seemd good and the short driving I was able to do it was some good music on the radio. Though I won't get it on the PC, driving is never good on PC tbh, and I crashed, almost died and got a speeding ticket xD

Meh. It was allright I reckon. Nothing special though. Keep 'em coming!

Pretty good, and the sudden stop was hillarious. Not one of his better ones, though. Too focused on Mogworld, maybe?

i hate the way he says mafia

Everyone complains about the same thing: the lack of content outside of the main story and the shitty ending. Mafia 2 flaws are so obvious everyone noticed them. Even Yahtzee didn't have anything new to criticize. 2k FAIL

I love pretty cars and fast hookers!

I don't get one thing though: Mafia 2 gets blasted with the shit cannon because you have nothing to do outside the missions but look for playboys. And yet over here was inFamous, a game that gave you nothing to do outside of the structured missions (so story missions + clean up city missions) but look for electric rocks and satellite dishes, and it gets treated like one of the best games on the PS3. If anyone figures that one out, let me know. I mean, hell, at least Mafia 2 doesn't make you climb to the top of very tall buildings with an awful wall climbing mechanic to find the playboys.

It seems that Yahtzee has run afoul of Candleja

You're doing it wrong!

You have to completely utter Candlejack before you can cut out adru

It seems that Yahtzee has run afoul of Candleja

You're not doing it right.

You can't just cut off in the middle of "Candlejack", you have to

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