Game Dogs: Free Marketing

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Free Marketing

Steve has a few words to say about marketing.

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nice... extreme but at least a new personality... should be fun later.

Down boy!

Someone on the internet doesn't like our game?


Hang on...Gary referenced Gamepunx Magazine? Does that mean Stolen Pixels and Game Dogs share a universe? And going from there, Stoeln Pixels once referenced Zero is Yahtzee a critic inside a webcomic that exists as a column on the back of a fictional magazine? Or does he simply exist on the same plane as us, alongside Stolen Pixels; but if that's the case, how can Gary be aware of Gamepunx's existence...?

Either way though, Steve's rant near the end was probably the funniest thing this show has ever done. It reminded me of that one joke about the aristocrats...

Good episode.

Anyone else get a... I think his name was Les Grossman(the producer in Tropic Thunder) vibe from Steve? His rant sounded eerily similar in some parts...

Anyway I liked it, keep it up


Steve does have a potty mouth!
i am also wodnering what Gary's dropping of the H-bomb sounds like.

I found the Les Grossman type rant to be a little overdone. Not as good as last week, all in all.

Edit: Dammit ninja'd by post 7. lol.

Edit 2: Did you mean Steve post 7? Dog with a loud mouth, too much jewelry, bad suit, and a penchant for obsessive cursing... :)

Steve was way overdone...somewhat of a chuckle and then still overdone....

However does remind me when I used to threaten my it gets a decent score

Overall: Meh Not Gold Not Silver maybe a Copper or like...I dont know..Rock

I found the Les Grossman type rant to be a little overdone. Not as good as last week, all in all.

Edit: Dammit ninja'd by post 7. lol.

Edit 2: Did you mean Steve post 7? Dog with a loud mouth, too much jewelry, bad suit, and a penchant for obsessive cursing... :)

Oops yes I did. Thank you for pointing that out and I will change it now.

All this time I used to think Gary was a daschund.

The Les Grossman bit wasn't funny, especially not as funny as the original Tropic Thunder bit. It didn't seem to have any of the character or wit that the original bit had.

The end, however was. I didn't expect that, that was actually pretty great.

Blackberry, not part of time, blahblahblah, moving on

On Steve himself when he's not attempting (and failing) to channel Les Grossman, he's pretty funny otherwise. He's going to be fun to watch, definitely.

Not bad, but the Les Grossman bit isn't very funny if you've seen the original.

Pinko commie review website? But they all, including Steve, work for stereotypical pinko commies! Inconsistency much?

YOU DONT FUCK WIHT STEVE!!!! hahahah legend

Now I know why shitty games get good reviews!

doesn't Gary hate his job at making games? and those guys?
why did he at the start of the video sound almost...helpfull as if he almost cares?

oh and the joke when the guy yelled on the phone for about a minute was not funny (at least not to me)

Fuck yes. Steve totally owns this joint. Funniest shit ever despite him being vulgar. The show could use it. Bookmarked it.

Meh, still not funny esp. with the rant at the end. Like dropping the F-Bomb over and over is ever gonna help this series.

O_O Wow...dropping an F-Bomb to the new extreme. I like Steve already...and yet no Bob to be seen for a mile...suspicious.

Wait, wait, Gamepunx? Stolen Pixels?

That was pretty cool, and the reference made sense in the context, and the episode was pretty good.

You're really improving.

Also, that last two minutes. Tropic Thunder much? Awesome anyway, just asking.

Damn, this was cool. Russian co-owner (Y)

Well, that was offensive.

I don't mind profanity but that was just not needed.

Still not funny!

I enjoyed how offended Gary got at the statement in the review.

And seriously don't F with Steve!

Doralingus did nothing but announce that they were going biweekly... and yet, they were still funnier.

That explains the phone-call I got after criticising the Satan's retrievers demo...

Gary always makes me much H-Bombing!

And I heard Russ Pitts! =D

Wow, Gamedogs got funny

Gets Better Every Week! And I thought it was awsome in the beggining.

This was one of the funniest episodes of Game Dogs ever... Nice work guys, hope this continues in more episodes.

Wow it looks like Steve knows how to get the job DONE! It's a shame at least that Gary didn't get the chance to drop his H-Bomb, then again if he's in marketing then I'm sure it won't be the last time he's going to threaten to use it. x3

"... in the ear with a broomstick" ... and thats the most disturbing mental image I've had all day... month... year even, still amusing though.

Though as funny as steves rant was I found Gary's last few lines the funniest, think it was the contrast from what I'd just heard *shrugs* either way amusing episode

It would have been funnier if bleeped (especially with how much there was. Hell, you could even do the ***** thing where you ******* and ******* 2 baskets of eggs *********** with a candlestick ******************** SHAZAM! bit if you did that), but I still chuckled, especially at beginning of his rant and when he got to the russian co-owner part.

favourite episode so far, purely due to the rant, haha :)

We are not whimpy!

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