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That was actually very funny, good job! :D

Why is the puppy swearing:(

Awe´some !
I liked the way the conversation inverted With the "its only on persons opinion" "thats what I have been saying" and. . .poor operator.

Completely within the good enough parameters.

Wow... Steve is Alpha as fuck, taking care of buisness!

Anyone else get a... I think his name was Les Grossman(the producer in Tropic Thunder) vibe from Steve? His rant sounded eerily similar in some parts...

Oddly, Steve reminded me of Tommy Wiseau well before that rant with the misunderstanding of law. It made me decide I didn't like the character, but god damn was that rant funny.

And the law says you do not fuck with Steve!

Wow, the second series has really... matured.


life is like a box of furry? XD

I like Steve. A good episode overall, I would have to say.


That was ace.

Glad to see the fucks come back. I think this is the hardest I've ever laughed at this show. Steve and the Russians look pretty funny, I look forward to seeing more of them.

So, what do you call this, if it's not dropping H-bombs? I have several names for it, which aren't really printable. Seriously, if the best you can do is an attempt at humor through graphic descriptions and bad language, then please take your mountain of dung, go home and try again. I think this whole episode stinks of lazy writing and manure. I don't feel like contemplating which is worse.

The writers were having some stress-issues, y'see.

O.O Holy crap this show just getting funnier!

Best rant ever!

Can I get a hard copy of what he says? With a few modifications, I can see some good uses for that rant.

I really think this video should have come with a warning, as its use of strong language seems out-of-step with what is normally published on the site.

I'm liking the second series a lot more than I liked the first, and I actually enjoyed the first series of Game Dogs.

Roger is my favourite character - good to see him back. But Steve's rant stole the show this time.

*Blown backwards* O o.....

"yes i 'll hold"

lol the mot*er fuc*ing shi* all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you got me?

Now that was a good episode. Keep Steve around.

it is getting better!

Oh my God! O_O I felt that from here. Poor operator :( The expression on Gary's face during the rant was priceless.

Oh my god, Steve's rant was amazing!

I love this show.

"AND THE LAW SAYS YOU DON'T FUCK WITH STEVE!!" As I said last week, Steve is the best part of the show right now. Very fun.

Pinko commie review website? But they all, including Steve, work for stereotypical pinko commies! Inconsistency much?

I think there was supposed to be some irony, but it didn't really work...

I get it. Tropical Thunder reference to Lance Grossman for the win!

To be honest it felt more like the entire episode was a rant at those of us that have been vocal in our dislike of the show.

This episode really should have had a warning at the beginning.

That entire call part with Steve was the best part of the ENTIRE series.


ROFL that was amazing. Not the swearing, but the scene and idea and everything :D

I know you had to set up the rant, but the entire first half was so pointless and boring. Was K+L on your mind when you made this episode? If so well done.


life is like a box of furry? XD

I'm glad i wasn't the only one who saw that(forest gump refrence FTW)

We are not whimpy!

Agreed to a certain point. Only Gary has shown not to be whimpy unlike other Chihuahuas. And he's the only one who actually looks like a doberman.

Bethany is so going to sue Electro software for sexual harassment

This was an above average episode for me. Usually, I'm at a "why do I even bother watching this?" level of entertainment, while this hit the "Extremely amused" level. I totally called the end gag, but it was still presented well to get me to enjoy it despite its predictability. Really, this show has a tendency to ruin good jokes, so I was kinda shocked that Gary didn't scream in shock at the operator, because that would have ruined it.

So I can totally here escapist office background noises in my headphones under this, or is it intentional?

Nice rage, bro.

Honestly, first episode in a while to make me cramp up laughing so hard. More of this, please.

Irony, when Extra Credits talks about maturing as a medium, and then that from steve in the same week.

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