Bumhug Parade #10

I laughed pretty hard at this, great job!

Ahaha. Excellent. I always knew it, deep in my heart. And now I have been proven right!

Excuse me while I chuckle myself inside out.... HA

If only. As much as I love being mostly monkey an element of shark could be interesting.

Also, think you meant 'descend'.

If this was true, we'd never have to worry about energy again.

Okay, now that was an awesome one!!!

Spectacular job!

A definite good one, the spelling mistake in the last scene bothers me...alot

time to get my sharkitude on!

If that were true, then life would be so much more awesome :D

These are starting to get good. I'll keep updated on this now.

My Mom is a Shark. I'm touched to see somebody dare tackling this most controversial of issues.

I like the flying spilling coffee mug in the last panel :D

Indeed, that fact is awesome.

And now it all makes sense lol

while i appreciate the humour most of the time, i rarely laugh out loud at these. this one changed that

Fuck yes. This got me in stitches.

This is hilarious. I love these. Ever since PBF stopped making comics, these are what replace them in my heart.

The spelling... it burns me!


"Actually" is spelled wrong. Fantastic editing for a one page comic.

why come these are never fuuuuuuuunny


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