Paused #13

Paused #13

What enemy NPCs do while they wait for your character to show up ...

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Another Tomb Raider themed one. Awesomeness.

My favorite one so far was the one where they had her looking through the gauntlet of traps and thinking "Fuck it, I'll just get one on Ebay".

These comics are great!

I like these comics, but this one felt a bit weak in my opinion.

Did not like this one much at all.

Though I will commend the creators for not making a tasteless "I can see your panties from here" joke.

I always hated been stuck >< I imagine the mobs would be laughing...

Smile. No laugh. But yeah, points for no boob/arse joke in a tomb raider themed comic.

I honestly expected the camera zoomed towards her buttocks and make some accurate joke that reflects upon every male here.

Nice comic. The bat was hilarious.


Quite weak that comic. Needs a spark of wit.

Weak as usual.


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