Game Dogs: Voice of the People

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I'd have to say it's still better than the first season, if only because it's edited faster, with less ridiculously long pauses between the mediocre punchlines.
I don't mind the war movie references with bob, but the "smells like victory one" here was pretty fail. All that dialogue was gross leading into it.
The episode with the russians is still definitely the best for me.

...It's getting harder to keep liking this show, especially with other new(ish) shows like Extra Credit and Doraleous and Associates getting so good within their first seasons... and I still miss Mr. Yee.

Seriously, I like the characters on this show, but it's getting hard to keep wanting to follow it when the show keeps stumbling around like this. A consistent storyline would be nice.

I'd have to say it's still better than the first season, if only because it's edited faster, with less ridiculously long pauses between the mediocre punchlines.
I don't mind the war movie references with bob, but the "smells like victory one" here was pretty fail. All that dialogue was gross leading into it.
The episode with the russians is still definitely the best for me.

I agree, none of the jokes in this episode had any punch to them, or even a tickle for that matter. I didn't even entirely understand the whole "smells like victory" thing. He fed the boss peanut butter as a military tactic? Wasn't very clear, could've been allot funnier, or funny at all... this is definitely better then season one, but dammit, they need to stop stumbling around with all these different story elements and stick with ones that are actually funny... LIKE THE RUSSIANS!

Seriously, they got the right idea with the Russians, they have the best material and they're not using them! In fact, I could've and did think of a dozen different ways that last episode with the lawyer calling the game critique could have been used to progress some kind of storyline that would tie all the other story elements together, but they're completely reluctant to do anything of the sort. As a result, you get episodes like this one that make little sense, have nothing to do with the already presented ideas and have no real jokes.

EDIT: Sorry if that feels a bit "ranty" but I'm getting a little impatient with this show.

Best part of the series for me was the Season 2 Promo. Only time in the entire series I laughed since the pilot.

I mention this even though it is irrelevant to this episode in order to point out that getting one laugh each season when comedy is your goal is a sure sign you need to quit.

I'm sorry, I'm glad that you guys gave this series a second chance. To be honest it just doesn't hit my funny bone. Stacked against: Zero Punctuation, Unskippable and Doraleous it can't hold it's ground.

I'll keep checking on Game Dogs every once in a while cause I should always expect a show to surprise me later on (Apocalypse Lane *cough).

......where is the funny that was promised in the promo?

you know what game dog producers, you can make your epsiodes come out bi weekly if you can promise the writing and acting will be better. please more slap stick. We should see more of the promo characters.


I gots me an idea.

Scrap the show, and start over from scratch. First the characters were so generic, then you try to take them forward and it's at a snails pace that the world is turning faster then they move so they end up moving backwards anyway.

Start with new character that don't fall into the confines of this stupid ideology or at least with something better.

Gary's character has no reason to exit, he's an ass, we get it, it doesn't need to be restated 10^40925141x times.

I could probably write a whole analysis on how this show could've been better. Here let me try:
Gary = Eliminated
Mr. Yee = Random Guy who thinks he works there.
Bob = Leave Alone
Bethany = Make her in charge of the company and a bitch (I mean a pregnant female dog in this case) with a sharp impatient bite.

Make Chet actually useful.

You hype Brian to be this genius, well prove he's a genius who somehow got forced into servitude to work for this company instead of developing a program, selling it and making his own.

Did I hit everyone important? :/.

What's up with the "fur wars a new hope" search tag?

There's certainly room for improvement with this show. Just change the characters, locations, story and maybe have some actual jokes in it and it might be fun to watch.

It was...meh. There really wasn't anything that I could pull away from this either positively or negatively. It was just sort of there, taking up space.

Honestly, I wonder how I'd do writing this show sometimes. Maybe I should write something and send it in.

What's up with the "fur wars a new hope" search tag?

They put puns in the search tags. I don't really know why.

that was the worst episode yet

I seem to be getting a Samuel L Jackson Vibe from the sword dog.
well, not in that way, I actually like this series. It's better than Apocalypse Lane was.

Here take this

Im suprised your still unscathed

when i first watched the pilot i did not even chuckle as i thought this was a plot driven thing of which droned its interest via its intricacy. But as the show progressed i quickly realized that was not the angle this show intended to take being its short length episodes with no real plot development or character development what so ever. Its like they are trying to sell this show on premise alone.
Look game dogs you have your basic character architecture and plot directions. Now how about you be brave actual built on your premise. And no this does not mean up the swearing in the dialogue!!!

Basicaly Game dogs stop wasting your animation budget and do something!!!

Anyone else amused at seeing a video titled 'Voice of the People' next to the question of the day box which is headed 'Vox Populi'?

...just me then. I hope that was deliberate.

ironically in a comment section for an episode entitled "voice of the people" most of this negative feed back will be ignored. heres to game dogs season 3 yiffocalypse now >:(

I just can't get behind this episode. The swearing felt especially unnecessary and besides the strange acting techniques I didn't really find much of anything all that funny.

I actually thought this episode was kinda funny.

That was ... interesting. Made me smile a bit. It would have been a lot better if there was some kind of reason they were doing this, then I wouldn't have to spend all episode being confused as fuck ...

They need a story, give a reason behind Bob acting wierd (I mean like at total random)

Sorry dude, its not working.

the fact that bob goes crazy is just retarded. I like him better being awkward, and quiet.

also, adding swearing really doesn't make things any better.

I think thats the only changes the show needs to be good.

I mean, just the title of the series itself "Game Dogs"... just so generic. Stop it. Just stop.

I'd been wondering how many actually realized that the simplistic-sounding title of "Game Dogs" is, I believe, a clever pun, referring to hunting dogs (ie, dogs that hunt game. They're called game dogs. Thus, we have another type of game dog here...yeah.) I mean, I'd bet that that's the title's source.

Anyway, have to concur that peanut butter lattes do sound pretty fantastic.

To Lightslei: Brian? Do you mean Roger? Also, a "bitch" is any female dog, not just a pregnant one. Not that your idea wouldn't be interesting.

I found that little episode funny, but, like other people, also somewhat confusingly random...I'm not sure where it's going or how it fits into the surrounding plotline, since there was little explanation of what was happening and why. I guess it could potentially tie in with the prior "marketing" episode, maybe...

Speaking of Bob, I suppose I really should've seen his transformation coming earlier. There was clearly something going on with him, and now that he's snapped, I have to wonder if or when he'll revert to his old self! Will there be some trigger that causes him to flip back and forth?

Oh, and swearing hardly ever bothers me. The show was never touted for kids. Profane or clean, whatever--I don't care as long as it's good...and yes, I would approve of the show. Still not perfect, but they ARE still doing an episode a week, so...I can't exactly expect anything totally superb..

OK, I'm officially done with this show...Where are the characters? What is the point? What is the PLOT? In the first 3 episodes I learned about the dynamics of the three main characters and their little world of??? WHATEVER! It was fun but now its just/ random stuff with this Wolverine gag...Just do us a favor rename your show "BOB--Wolverine!" Do yourself a favor watch Doraleous and Associates...Really, notice how even though the jokes are funny and the path is skewed IT STILL HAS A PATH! its going somewhere at all times the show is progressing with plots, goals, REASONS, and driven by solid character arcs!
I care about the plight and success/failure of the characters I CARE about whats happening!

Your show is aimless, JOKLESS,Plotless,Characterless,and BORING!
If you wanna save it go back to the roots of your story! TELL A STORY then follow through with a path...its basic story telling! Its like your just trying to be edgy without care of story but really we WANT STORY with a dash of madness! not a gallon of it... Sorry guys but BOB is not a compelling enough character to reign in your show highhandedly... Develop your character arcs...Read the book "45 Master Characters" by: Victoria Lynn Schmidt...
honestly I think you have a good opportunity here, I don't wanna see you fail and I wanna give good constructive criticism...

Unfortunately, I have to echo everyone elses' opinion of 'Kill it now'/'Epic Fail'. The series doesn't have the actual comedy or adventure elements of Doraleous and Associates. And while there's something to be said about complications of making animated content as opposed to live-action content, Game Dogs doesn't compare to A Good Knight's Quest in terms of production quality or adventure elements.

Anyone else hear the people in the background while the voices were being recorded? Either get a sound proof studio or shut the hell up while recording.

Uh... thats the background voices of the actor dogs...

what? is your comedy bone broken? AL was gold. the rooster told me so, so it must be true!

Every time someone references the Rooster it makes me miss him so much! The good old days....

Bob going crazy was great the first time. Now its Gary was when he would say things multiple times in season one. If you had kept Bob normal, and used his vietnam flashbacks rare and well timed, he would have been a great character. As it stands..none of these characters are funny : /

the whole I time was like "they're about to make a joke" and it never happened-- if that *was* the joke, you can color me amused, otherwise this is just another step down the dark stairway to cancellation and irrelevance
anyone want to explain again why this is on and De-rez is gone?

What just happened here???

Too darn short.

Just stop. Please. Stop.

I just can't help myself. I don't understand why this is, but I laugh every single time Bob offers his "Wolverines!" battle cry. I just jabs my funny every time he does it.

What can I say, I'm simple like that.

Hmm.. I can't say if I like it or not. I felt more of a "What the hell" vibe from this, and Bob's "Wolverines!" cry is starting to get a bit over-used. I feel bad for being critical, but it just didn't resonate with me the way a comedy sketch normally does.

As others have written, this episode seems to be detached from the main plotline as well.

Gotta say, I'm disappointed...

I really gave the series another try. The second season so far has made me smile, and even chuckle a few times. But seriously, this was AWFUL. Not a single part of this made any sense. Why are they making a commercial starring the developers? And why not use the ACTUAL DEVELOPERS instead of hiring actors? WTF did Bob do to the coffee, if anything?

This whole episode feels like you guys skimmed the comments from previous ones, took what few compliments we gave, and then threw them all into one episode. People like Bob saying "Wolverines!" ? Let's just throw that in there! Hey, they loved it when we threw a few curses in the last one! Let's do more of that! It felt really thrown together at the last minute. Were the two voice actors playing the dog actors friends of yours that you were doing a favor for? It really came across that way...

"You smell that?"
"Smells like peanut butter."
"Not to me. To me it smells like Victory. WOLVERINES!"
Oh Bob, you so crazy.

Bob is the only reason I watch this show.

Not even Jon Etheridge can save the rest of it for me.

I like the swipe at actors, though :D
My friend is a film student and most of the time he has to deal with absolute retards... which is hilarious, because they all have egos and talk about "their craft" like they're Sean fucking Penn, apparently!

Obviously, there are really hard working professional actors who treat every job seriously, but funny nonetheless!

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