Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 10

Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 10

Star on Chest catches up with his nemesis Foxbat and puts an end to his reign of trivial misdemeanors.

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Funny you mention Fight Club at the end as thats another lame, unfunny pop culture reference in the game. Every single quest seems to be titled soemthing like that, a Movie title or quote, etc. Very annoying.

That is gigantic "Komic" book store.

It's like a Walmart. But just for comics.

How far did you get with this series? I'm sort of interested to know what you did after the Foxbat Quest, I found most of the questlines between 15 and 20 to be boring to playthrough more than once.

How far did you get with this series? I'm sort of interested to know what you did after the Foxbat Quest, I found most of the questlines between 15 and 20 to be boring to playthrough more than once.

You can find the rest of the series on his website.

Man Star on Chest is just a massive bully! D:<

GOD DAMNIT, I remember that whole Foxbat quest series. It seemed cute at first ("Awww, he's trying so hard to be a villain! Isn't he precious?") but it quickly got annoying with that whole comic book thing (City of Heroes had shared team objectives nailed down by this point, why didn't they?) AND trying to find the door to WCOC. Any idea if they've gone back and fixed those missions? I can't imagine they'd just leave them like that to continually aggravate new players.

And at least they didn't have the male anchor call his co-anchor an "ignorant slut" (old SNL reference).

I actually played the game in the anniversary free week (and got a friend referal afterwards) and got past this point. The WCOC door is still the same; they didn´t bother to change it. To add insult to injury, I couldn´t find it for half an hour until I decided to, guess what, ask where the door was.

The comic book crates mission is annoying because there are only around six crates in plain sight. There are other 5 or so in the nearby alleys (and guarded, of course), but they are so out of sight I didn´t notice them until my third character. If you don´t see them, you are stuck waiting for the other to respawn (luckily, they respawn before the mobs).

What they did change was the Mr. Zombie quest from a few updates, back in Canada. It´s an instance now, so it´s a lot less annoying.

I know how this all ends, but its still fascinating, like a train wreck....!

Each episode I (re)read leaves me shuddering about the future of the first D&D 4E adaptation to PC...why oh why did it have to be Cryptic?!?!

I wonder if DC Universe will have a hope and a prayer? It does seem to have been in development for more than twice as long as Champions was....guess that's a good sign!

EDIT: I bailed when I first tried Champion in Alaska, but iirc my wife got to about this point when she decided the game was mocking her. actually does get worse.

In CoH, you'd be scouring the sewers for Doctor Vahzilok.
CoV has you on the stunningly good Seer Marino Arc.
Champions has you...beating up Die Fledermaus.


Jump! Jump! JUMP!

I believe the "Flame Retardent Costume" upgrade slows any denting caused by flames and since this scenario is impossible it is also an upgrade of supreme uselessness.

The cameras have a special attack where they zap you with a ribbon of film, after which your character is immobilized. The immobilization takes the form of sparkles and flashbulbs going off while you flex and pose for the cameras.

And musical notes? Or is the music something entirely different?

Soooo... your choices for rewards are something named after the loser villain, something named after the loser villain's henchmen, something with a typo, and "Latent AI Sentience"*.

*Which they probably mispronounced when brainstorming the name. Or which has nothing to do with AIs.

I'm loving this series since I'm just a couple quests ahead of Star on Chest right now.
The combat is a bunch of fun, at least it is for soloing.

Or perhaps he's gonna go SUPERVILLAIN, like all superheroes do when they realize that they are wasting their time.

This is really funny stuff man, I hope you continue your heroic career.


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