Zero Punctuation: Metroid Other M

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Metroid Other M

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Metroid Other M.

Spaceship art courtesy of Starbright Illustrations.

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Brilliant as always Yahtzee. I had my suspicions about this game to begin with.

Best review in a long time.
I literally laughed out loud.
Shame on me for saying that

Ha very funny one :P

Constantly making her suit fall off to see her bum D:

Off Topic: Mogworld is awesome

Oh my. Could this be one of the few times where people don't comment before watching the video?


EDIT: "And it's a lot smaller and more linear than, say, Metroid Fusion"

I see what you did there

I can't get the video to work. It kicks over to the ad backplate, and then I end up with a black screen...

EDIT: It took four page reloads to get it working. Weird.

I had my suspicions on Metroid Other M. Now that makes it 3:1 saying Other M is bad.

Good job Mr. Croshaw. And I can't wait for your extra punctuation column on this game.

Any ideas as to what the "Special Episode" mentioned at the very end will be centered around?

I don't think Samus' voice actor realized she wasn't voicing a robot. -_- Pretty good review, but I thought the gameplay good, personally.

Loved it, superb as always!

Oh my. Could this be one of the few times where people don't comment before watching the video?



OT: Great review, and eagerly anticipating Friday.

Calumon: I would, but I've got to hug someone.

Jack: Now who would that... *hugged*

You know, I saw the trailers for this game and thought "This is going to be shit, too emo and the controls look hard as hell to use." Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

Everything about that game was terrible and I feel worse for having beat it.

You just summed up exactly why I'm steering well clear of the game, Samus always just worked as a silent protagonist in the same way that Gordan Freeman does, giving her a voice was dodgy enough without doing it in such a plain and overdone way with a boring stereotypical story. :|

I'm not one to praise a ZP, but his sucker turned out the be ridiculously funny.
Nicely done Mr. Croshaw.

Hmmmm this Friday special has me intrigued

As for the game, don't have a Wii so its in the pile of games that I don't care about

Ouch. But somebody on IGN already talked about how Team Ninja basically murdered Samus as a character; what's next, a Tomb Raider game in which Lara keeps crying for daddy? Bayonetta needing a man's help to survive a fight?

With Team Ninja's attitudes towards women MANIFESTLY OBVIOUS in every game they've ever made, who thought it was a great idea to make them create a game around gaming's most iconic kick-arse heroine?

i was a little optimistically hopeful that the escapist review had downplayed the switching of perspectives because it wasn't a big deal, but then i was optimistically hopeful that transformers wasnt going to be garbage

Had a good laugh, glad I don't own a wii.

horay! new zp!

So the best way to enjoy a game that's trying not to be an FPS is to play an FPS? Huh.

When was Samus established as having a "bold, independent spirit"? I don't remember that being mentioned at all in any of the games other than the fact that you, the player, are controlling her and she's completely alone. She blindly followed our orders even if it meant smacking into a wall repeatedly when our phones rang or falling into an acid pit when we mis-judged a jump she probably could have handled were she in control of her own body.

This sounds so much like so many other arguments against Other M I'm wondering if Yahtzee either got bored with the ZP enterprise now that his novel's out or has just been too busy to form salient points that he's cribbed notes from other sources. Not that I myself would ever do such a thing.

Funny? Yes. Accurate? No idea. I'm too poor to own a Wii. But I find myself kinda confused by all of the hatred. Maybe it's just me.

not the other m but at least it got what it deserved to be shunned

So I'm not the only one who thought the writing is terrible.

Damn, I was looking forward to getting this game eventually. Oh well, I just got Civilization V working this morning so I should be fine on games for the next 2 years.

awesomem review yahtzee, i had a feeling this would be rather crap.

it appears most of the other reviewers are being extra special nice to it for some reason..

Good one! I'd like to hear that voice-acting for myself.

Extra Zero Punctuation video will be him telling all his fans this will be his last review. For some reason, I have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that might be true... Though it wouldn't surprise me =/

Can't say I agree with the review (that scene where the character sacrifices themselves was awesome!) but also the traitor subplot is supposed to be figured out, not resolved. The traitor is logically deducible, and is more fun that way too.

But besides the story which I agree was poorly handled I thought the gameplay was pretty awesome, certainly faster paced and more engaging than Prime, but also still resolutely retro. If a sequel was announced tomorrow I'd get excited (and considering it's metroid a sequel probably will get announced tomorrow).

Attention nerds! THATS ME!
to my time machine!

Another spot on review,good job!

I knew this game would be absolutely terrible when I heard who was making it. Making her dependent of male characters is probably the WORST direction the game could have turned to. Samus isn't supposed to be a feminine stereotype, but apparently Nintendo is okay with letting her be portrayed as one.

Yeh, Metroid Prime 3 was much better.

But no Halo: Reach? Damn...

Didn't like this one all that much.

Watched through it all without a giggle, nor a laugh.

Funny? Yes. Accurate? No idea. I'm too poor to own a Wii. But I find myself kinda confused by all of the hatred. Maybe it's just me.

You don't own a Wii?

Then what the hell is sustaining your relentless Nintendo fanboyism? Why are you so gentle and forgiving to the slightest smell of bullshit coming from a Wii title?

Nintendo- making the same game over & over & over since 1985. The broken record of the gaming industry.

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