Review: Plants vs Zombies XBLA

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No offence Susan, but don't audition for American Idol.

...although I would laugh if somebody sung that song on American Idol.

Where's my PS3 version? Don't be cheap, Popcap.

I thought you had a nice singing voice Susan. :) Anyway I've actually only had the chance to play the PvZ demo and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm torn right now between buying it off of Steam and getting the Xbox 360 version. Then again I've seen the collectors edition at Wal-mart, and only wish I could then have the game run off steam, with the achievements. x3

I'll say this much: The game itself is HARDER now, once you get into the minigames and survival endless. However, zen garden plants sure do drop a lot more often, so that kind of helps to balance it a little.

...19 flags... only 19 flags... *sob*

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