Escape to the Movies: Devil

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This week MovieBob experiences Hell while viewing "Devil".

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wow, that does sound unbelievably stupid. Poor M. Night and the guys involved in this project

what? leave toast alone!

I'm glad someone pointed out that Satan is actually not the Ultimate Source Of All Evil in the Bible.

I'm a little disappointed that no one's pointed out that God's "omnipotence" was largely a RetCon on the part of the New Testament authors. If you assume that Yahweh is LESS powerful than most of the other Elohim (and you keep track of when, in the original book, he was referred to as "Yahweh" and when he was referred to as "Elohim," which is the plural for "god"), then He comes out of the Torah looking resourceful and well-intentioned, and the narrative makes sense. If you assume He's omnipotent, then you run into theodicy problems from day one, and he looks like a petty, hypocritical tyrant.

That sounds like a terrifying movie! What a horrific waste of toast...

Satan = Starscream


Darn. I was actually hoping that this wouldn't suck. Oh well...

This shit got a fucking sequel I'm not kidding

That toast statement has me fuming! There are so many things I want to type write now to just describe how stupid that plot point is! It's SO stupid!

Anyway, nice to know it sucks, I wont bother.

I'm getting a little tired of movies being promoted around their producers and not the people actually making the movie. Its nice that you have a producer/production company that has had some successes before, but maybe you should be able to stand to some degree on your own and not the coattails of your producer.

The devil didn't do anything at the begining it was just "A snake tat was craftier than any of the animals the lord god had made"

Well, it didn't sound like much from the trailers. But was it really that bad?

shyamalan doesn't help himself does he? i know you say it had very little to do with him, but even so.

Really? Toast? TOAST? The food equivelent of a COIN FLIP decides if the LORD OF DARKNESS is in the same building? REALLY? Not the constant appearance of 666, all animals retreating from the building, TOAST?


I saw the trailer for Devil when I went to see Scott Pilgrim. When "From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan" appeared on screen several people groaned, and then everyone started laughing.

The devil didn't do anything at the begining it was just "A snake tat was craftier than any of the animals the lord god had made"

Not just that, but the serpent exposed what was at best a Jedi Truth from God, and at worst a bald-faced lie. I've always preferred Lucifer as a Promethean figure trying to free humanity from the tyranny of a Gnostic Demiurge kind of God.

But anyway, after making the rounds of various reviews of this movie, I want to listen to, say, an hour of dinner conversation between Moviebob and Brad Jones like Bob wants a Spider-Ham movie.

I lold so hard at the toasty ending.

So, group of people closed together in a small room trying to figure out wtf is going on ?
Try Exam by Stuart Hazeldine instead.

Yeah, Satan as depicted in the Bible is more along the lines of Starscream than any other villian within popular culture and entertainment. Would make possibly more sense in popular culture if he was along the lines of Lex Luthor or Vegeta, but doesn't seem to be.

But to honest. I was hoping to see a review of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps instead of this. Hopefully we'll see that next week.

Shocker, the question was how much this was gonna suck, it looks like a lot.

Wait.. so where did they get the toast is they are stuck in an elevator?

I really wanted to see this movie... until now. Thanks for the warning.


If they're trapped in a lift/elevator, where the hell does the toast even come from?

On your Lucifer bit Bob...

He is the Father of All Lies. In my opinion, he's not so much a hands-on guy as much as an indirect leader. He doesn't have to directly harm or coerce...he just has to convince you to do it. Oh, and he does have a vast army of flying monkey demons...

Great review, tho. On another note: how about a review for The Town?

Your walrus looked bored, perhaps he needs his buhket for entertainment?

Lmao They mad a Spider-ham comic?!?

:Sings Spiderpig song from The Simpsons movie:


If they're trapped in a lift/elevator, where the hell does the toast even come from?

Oh snap!

I could tell this movie was gonna be retarded just by watching the trailer last time I went to the movies (I watched Inception and it was AWESOME! I wonder why it took it so long to come out in Greece...).

I don't get how throwing toast up in the air would prove anything. I mean if he's trying to check out which side is the devil side i.e if it doesn't land butter side down the devil is in the room, then if makes no sense. Mythbusters proved that statistically toast as about a 50/50 chance of landing on either side.

I haven't watched the movie so I don't know if some thing specially happens when he throws the toast, I'm just speculating but if it is for the reasons I just stated then well... Logic fail I guess.

Either way... This wasn't a film I was excited about and to be honest I've almost fully given up on recent horror movies these days. None of them have proved to me that they have any ability to scare the audience and instead go for the gross out option which bores me to tears.

Most of the movies involve some love interest and a bullied kid then loads of gore, poor attempts at suspense and idiot characters. I miss the old movies like Carpenters first Halloween movie that didn't really have a love interest (A crush was implied between Laurie and some other guy but we never see anything of it other than a phone call and I don't have to be slopped out of my brains) the film was pretty much bloodless and the film relied on clever camera work, music and pacing to get the job done. That film was scary and had a truly scary villain who had a pretty simple design to him but still worked. Though I guess they fucked all that up with the sequels and then Rob came along and gave him a backstory effectively fucking all the mystery of the character and his motivations up.

Speaking of Rob Zombie, he seems one of the few horror directors out there who seems to be doing a good job in the genre and despite my above complaint of his interpretation of Michael Myers motivation... I really enjoyed his Halloween reboots. They were certainly much better than many of the other Horror reboots to have came out in a long while.

Ba'h I've went a little off topic. My point was that I'm bored of the current horror genre and the trailers to 'Devil' haven't convinced me to see the film nor do they seem be adding anything positive to the genre. I can't wait until a film comes out with some actual scares to it but well looks like I'll be waiting a while for that.

As for Shamalyan (or however you spell it) me'h I've enjoyed a good amount of his films so far though he's had a few hiccups here and there and his name being at the top of the poster doesn't deter me or encourage me to see it.

Still no word on The Town? Dam it Bob! Like we didn't know this was gunna be terrible. Next week, please do a movie we are actually Interested in.
Don't worry I still love your work.

Edit: ShIama-lon do-do do-do-do!

Enjoy this picture of a walrus.

I did :)

Wait.. so where did they get the toast is they are stuck in an elevator?

I really wanted to see this movie... until now. Thanks for the warning.

this, and not only it was buttered,.... WHAT

This shit got a fucking sequel I'm not kidding

It's a planned trilogy, I'm not kidding. Now find the nearest pencil and gouge your eyes out for 6 hours. That should be more fun than these films.

I wasn't going to touch this one with a 10-foot pole. It sounded more like a late-night cable channel movie than a feature release.

I'm trying to think of fictional portrayals of the Devil that I actually liked:

-Garth Ennis' run on Hellblazer plus the brief appearance of Satan in his Preacher.


-The first Prophecy (played by Viggo Mortensen!)

-In the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film, if you consider Willy Wonka as God, that makes Slugworth a great Satan-figure. In the Old Testament sense.

-And definitely Lucy from the web series Mr. Deity.

The toast scene is used in the context to show that when the devil is near everything is backwards hence toast lands jelly side down.

Second, the devil was not involved in the story of Adam and Eve that was just a snake. It was turned into the devil to try to retcon him into the old testament. Satan is in the Book of Job but he is not the master of evil he is more of a prosecutor trying to prove a case not trying to corrupt Job.


If they're trapped in a lift/elevator, where the hell does the toast even come from?

I always bring toast when I know I'm going to use a elevator during the day.

Toast Really? TOAST??!?!?!?

Might as well had one guy counter by saying I'll flip a coin.
Heads this is real
Tails I'm hallucinating.

All things considered if you look at the movie as some sort of weird metaphor/hallucination of a man who murdered innocent people because of a psychotic due to what he did I feel it would have worked better or at least been funnier.


I wonder how much it costs to Fund an M. Night Shiamalan film....

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