Zero Punctuation: Video Game Voters Network

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For all those people saying 'I don't live in America so I cant help' YOU CAN! Post this video in any of your statuses on any site and just spread the word! The more that know the better!

Yeah, but I'm not American and I can't help. Subsequently all of my friends are also non-american and they can't help either. I wish it were that easy :D Can't foreigners cast a vote or something? It's killing me that I can't do a single bloody thing!

John the Gamer:
Awwwww. Is that it? And I don't even live in America...(Netherlands)

that shouldn't stop you from voicing your opinion on this. Maybe people outside American can make a big difference in showing their support of video games. So go out there and get the word out to your Netherland buddies :D

Finally, a PSA that I actually care about. To the website!

Start paying attention, people. Yahtzee isn't the only, or even the first person to harp on about this. There are millions of gamers, but the Voters Network has only a few hundred thousand. Get off your lazy bums and contribute to the cause

Many truth came out of this vid... Take That in the face (to whoever feels guilty)!

Sorry, I'm Canadian

I have looked at the site and it is looking good. Great of you to mention it. But I'm 16 and not American so I wish you the best of luck.

By the way: Is video game violent a big problem in Europe? Here in Denmark we don't hear anything about it, what's up in the other countries?

Here in America, video game violence seems to be a biggest threat to children ever.
Video games will turn every child into a psychopathic satanist... at least that's what the kneejerk dumbass brigade believes.

where is the minecraft review? :(

AWWWW no closing quips? :(

What just happend? Im not even sure i got half of that bar the all confused.

there is a supreme court case that is either starting soon or has started that will make it so that video games are not protected under the 1st amendment ya know...freedom of speech...just like movies, tv, and everything else IS. its a Bull argument but its gaining speed

Seems a bit odd for a Brit living in Oz to do this, but i guess it is for the greater good of our medium, i'll do all an Australian can influence American politics.

can canadians do this or will it have no effect

The thing that would help video gaming most is if producers would start making good ones.

The video game industry needs a paradigm-change. Now, it's not about making video games, it's about making money which consequently completely kills all artistic endeavor and therefore isn't taken seriously by those outside the video gamers group.

Also, the video game media needs to step up and become serious and get themselves some integrity.

Then, video games need to be seen as services, not products and least of all simple games, by the publishers.

It's not like movies and books aren't in the same situation right now. But those had their golden years, where the public view changed from damnation to respect. Video gaming started out bad as it was hardly started by artists, who sought a new medium to express whatever they need to express, but started by businesses. Or at least it was made big by businesses.

Article number 1742 while everything else is 20##? How long's this been on the back boiler waiting to see the light of day?

Not an American, but I'll wave the flag for my gaming brothers and sisters south of the border in support of this mission!

Though I am amused at an Englishman residing in Australia motivating American political action.

OK so I'm Aussie and we have tough regulations on our video games (and pay twice as much)but I live in a country that piggybacks on the ways of our big brothers China and America. So if something like this goes through then the most of the world would follow suit or game developers might limit start to censer all there games. This is a problem that would start in America and effect the whole world.

How is yahtzee part of this place if he's Australian?

Or is he just getting more Americans to sign up?

Bah... I stayed up until 2:30am in Australia to see what this was all about... And I can't do anything about it. Sigh. Might as well just keep watching Stargate until morning then...

yay america?
well seeing as Britain *coughEnglandcough* is trying it's damnedest to be america this might hopefully serve as an example and carry over some positive effect across the pond, provided this actually works out as it should.

This is a good idea, but it desprately needs a forum.

Is Tennessee the only state that seems to defy the statement "states have struck down bans on video games?" We've been restricting sales of "violent" games from minors since 1989.

haha he said "bit".

I guess I'm lucky i don't live in a savage country where every cough causes a moral outcry, but have fun fighting the good fight you guys.

Not to crap in anyone's danish but the bankroll behind the VGVN is the ESA which is the lobbying arm of the game publishers.

The ESA is responsible for propaganda abortions like with complete bullshit statements like "natural connection between copyright and creativity" The purpose of the propaganda is to indoctrinate kids into the notion that copyright infringement is the same as plagiarism.

So while the VGVN appears to be a pro freedom you can bet the ESA would support a draconian three-strikes law similar to what France just passed:

Once again everyone outside the usa has to wait for the bandwagon XD.

I was wearing my ass like hat. Yahtzee totally kicked my ass to vote for the Americans. Never knew an Australian had so much compassion.

Heh, can't believe I fell on this video on before The Escapist...


dont comment on the video do it NAO!

Well then whadaya call that?

lol i cant vote :P so you folks who can should

Good god, the length at which people go to protect children of ages between 8-14 to be able to buy their Manhunt and Postal 2 (3 soon).

You'd think they'd be trying to legalize rape or something...

Eh, why not, I'll sign up for it.

do we really need to get off our arse to go to to do our bit?

Sadly, I don't live in the US, but good luck to all the American fans of video games in putting a stop to this woeful trend in rhetoric.

Great video, Yahtzee.

I just joined up and have posted the letter Stan Lee wrote to about 5 different sites already. People even if you don't live in America you can still help, post the links, send emails, and tell friends. I mean America has such a big impact of the gaming industry that whatever happens here could in fact have repercussions world wide. So please lets all do our part and save the medium that brings us such entertainment and joy!

I can't watch the video now. I'm in class. But as soon as I can I will. Being in America I guess that I can vote for this.

Thank you Yahtzee for lending this cause your god-like power and influence over the masses......including me. I'm just a bit peeved that the badge design competition was won by what is clearly a PS controller.

If you can't vote, that's no excuse to just sit on your lazy asses. Do what Yahtzee did, spread the word! Tell all your friends to spread the word untill it's known worldwide. American Government doesn't like being printed as bad. Now, I want to see tons of VGVN banners on facebook!

Not American here so can't help you. When the hell will the anti-video game thing fade away like all the other anti-stuffs before?

Took about 40-50 years for film, so, yeah.

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