Review: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Review: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Both Professor Layton and his new game are brilliant, but only one looks good in a top hat.

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My mom loves this series, so I will inevitably play this at some point. Glad to hear it's the best entry.

I get these games on launch day now. They are the only reason I keep my ds.

Apology for lagged out double post.

Cool, another Layton game thats flown right over my head. I shall have to go and hunt for this one now. The previous games really are great, got so involved in Pandoras Box one time that I missed my stop on the train by 4 stations.

Ah, great! I have never played any of the Layton games, and I was thinking of picking one up... Now I definitely will next time I go to my local game shop!

The best of the series? I'll definitely pick this up. It might motivate me enough to finally find my DS charger...

I think the 2nd installment has been best. This one here has a story with quite a few cheese holes in it which is not Layton typical. Furthermore a larger percentage of the puzzles are broken compared to the previous title. What means broken? More than one solution possible causing you to loose points as well as failing to clearly state the rules. At various places you had to try out like 20 or 30 solutions just to figure out while stumbling across the right one that they failed to properly formulate the rules. In one puzzle for example they tell you to un-mark the incorrect solutions (hence mark all valid ones) but after a lot of trying you figure out that they actually wanted you to "mark" the incorrect solutions instead. Due to this and other problems I'd give it a 4-star only. It's good but compared to the preceding installment it has a broken and in parts lacking story and a bit too many broken puzzles.

My wife and I love these games to death, but I still think Penny Arcade said it best:

(Warning, As per Penny Arcade, the language may be NSFW)

Yeah it really is the only series we are still playing on the DS but I have heard good things about Dragon Quest 9. Seeing as I am just now finally getting around to beating 8 on the PS2 I have not been in a rush. hehe.

Bought it a few days ago. Replaying Diabolical Box first. Just for kicks.

As always it delivers what to expect! WHich ius great and what we want!

Loved the first, quickly got bored with the second. But this does sound like the best of a lot, I'll have to grab it some time.

I do love this game, even if the logic in the lateral thinking puzzles is completely whack. Why exactly do you hate carrying the type of glass that stacks *well*?

Why is the second one called the diobolical box in America, over here its called Pandoras box and it makes more sence, its like how they called harry potter and the philosophers stone, harry potter and the sorccerors stone!

I have only just started playing curious village, looks like a won't be short on puzzles any time soon ^^

I hope they put Lukes voice back to normal, he sounded a lot like a girl in Pandoras Box.

Great review, but I disagree on the story. I found the story to be one of the best stories in video games and more than just an excuse to do a bunch of puzzles. And I still stand by my claim of the Curious Village being the best one in the series, though this one was absolutely fantastic.

Just finished the game. My 2 cents...

Puzzle variety is pretty good, even if some of them are unclear or a little to clever for their own good. I'm willing to overlook it because the only way to completely avoid is to have less variety.

As for plot/story. The characters are pretty well done. Voice acting is good and so is the written dialogue. On the other hand the ending has some holes. But so did the ending of the last game. (And the game before that :P)


Oh and I'm just asking for one itty bitty little spoiler...

The Future of What?

(ten million points to anyone who gets the reference there)

I should probably check these Professor Layton games out. They keep getting good reviews, and it sounds like something my kid might like as well.

The puzzles can be a bit vague at times - I spent a few hint coins just trying to get a better idea of what I was supposed to be doing - and of course the plot is loads of fun. It's a no-lose proposition, this game. :)

I am playing this game right now and it IS awesome but i miss the creapy ghost town exploring from the first two in stead of taking down the big boss, who is obviously #@%!$#&*^%* and i still think the curious village is the best.

And with the first two in the back of my mind i'm still trying theories on how they actually aren't in the future and it al makes sense somehow, like in the first two, but it seems more and more like it that they are actually in the future.

i loved the little joke in the recommendation bit :)
ill pick it up when i can

As any true gentleman or lady can tell by my name, I'm a big fan of the Layton games. And if you can't Folsense is the name of the town in the second game (it's also a cool name).

But yeah, I'm super excited for this and hope to start playing in the very near future. And great review Susan

I loved this one, the story rocked, and it made me cry at the end.

I would like to say that Layton is a pretty terrible guardian mostly because he seems to try to ditch Flora at all costs, doesn't mean I love him any less, but I mean really, just leaving her unsupervised at the time is probably a little more dangerous than taking her with you.

Did anyone get psyched out when watching the solving animations for Future Luke and Flora? More so Future Luke because he frowns before his victory pose.

I've been curious about this series for a while but I hadn't seen a review of any of them 'til now and the adverts tend to give very little idea of the story/plot (or even any clue that there IS a story)... Now I suspect I shall have to get one of the games. Thanks for the helpful review! :D

I enjoyed the story of Unwound Future best of all. A bit incredible at times, yes, but in a fun way and still less ridiculous than Diabolical Box.

I recently recommended Curious Village to a friend who just bought a DS. A few days later he said he disliked how he couldn't skip cutscenes and dialogue and how many puzzles didn't seem to have anything to do with the story. I thought he was nutty at first, but I realized he was at least a little right about how the story and puzzles can clash against each other sometimes (I'm in an animated cutscene! Now I'm in plain text! Now I'm pondering street trash while fleeing an armed mob!). I certainly don't consider it a dealbreaker in buying or enjoying the games, but the better Level-5 gets with blending plot and puzzles (and I do believe they've gotten better), the more outstanding the games should be.


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