Question of the Day, September 26, 2010

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Question of the Day, September 26, 2010


Halo:Reach gives players the opportunity to play as a Spartan or an Elite. Which do you prefer to play as?


Elite, they have special mouths and are awsome.

also Inb4 Vrex

Spartan. I like their taste in helmets.

Elite's look sleeker, and more awesome.

Spartan, Way more customizable. at least in previous games. i haven't gotten Reach yet. (4 days til i do)

Humans are boring. I like the funny-looking lizards.

Spartan, because I like the armour and weapons.


Elite. Always have. Always will.

Glad to see option number three there for those of us who dont like the series.

That, or don't play it.

Spartan, because Elites could not eat soup. Nor could they pleasure a woman.

Overall, I'd rather be me. Plus the whole getting shot thing.

Yay, there's a none of the above button!

Personally, I'm just chillin till these are released:

I prefer the Elites, if for no other reason than spawning with Plasma grenades.

My killcount in any game doubles if stickies are an option.

I prefer elites, just because they're a bit more interesting looking to me. Plus the armor varients are awesome and more then just small pieces of armor.

Spartans are way cooler so i'll have to go with them.

Strangely enough, I like the Spartans. I guess it might be because the Elites are just weird lizard people and Spartans look different than humans enough to make me like them.



*plasma fire and mad guttural laughter*

Why to they always add that third option? It's basically this:

"Worthwhile, relevant answer one.

Worthwhile, relevant answer two.

I'm just doing this for the hell of it and am, realistically, going to contribute nothing of worth or value to this discussion or poll. I knew fine well that this was about a game series that I don't play or like, but am still going to answer the poll and post for no reason whatsoever other than adding another tally mark to my post count. "

ODST. We don't need no aliens or stinking super powers.

*sigh* I suppose I'll have to settle for Spartan since they at least can deck themselves out like an ODST.


has to be said, but... THIS IS SPARTA!

Look at my avatar for the answer. :)

The spartans in Reach have so much itty bitty little finicky details that they are down right butt ugly.

Elite it is. You've got to keep a clean style of armor

I like the elite face

Don't like them either. But a small credit for the Elite.

wow, i put 'i don't like Halo' and more people had also gone with that option that i thought would have

That, or don't play it.

That would fall under "I don't like Halo" option. Which I picked.

Why is there a none of the above option? That completely skews the percentages and data.


Face it, the Spartans and Elites wouldn't stand ten seconds against Aiur's legions.

A versus thread? How funny!

Neither, I don't play Halo.

None, because I hate the Halo online multiplayer. It's fucking horrendous with all the stupid 10 year old racist homophobes.

None, because I hate the Halo online multiplayer. It's fucking horrendous with all the stupid 10 year old racist homophobes.

The future of America is bright indeed.

would prefer a "don't have an Xbox option" but meh

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