Zero Punctuation: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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nice work

i have played it loved it and YAY for inde even if you are only doing it 2 piss of the halo fans =)

This might be the first game I pick up as a result of ZP. A rare positive review, the game must be far better than advertised. ;)

this was a pretty good one, good humor, I don't usually get computer games but I think Amnesia seems worth trying out..

I think you should do more indie games. Not only does it promote good indie games and encourage mroe of them to be made, but it shows us what is a good game. It is nice to get away from main stream to show it doesn't need to me mainstream to be good (according to you the opposite is almost true).

Well I've been thinking about buying Amnesia but I dunno if I can handle the horror.

It does have a linux client tho.

God i love this show.

awesome episode

Wicked, anyone know if it is available for macs through steam too?

EDIT: my inbox has gone made with people telling me that YES IT IS ON MACS TOO, thanks everyone

Great review. This game looks good.

2:05 mark I LMBO!!!

I have never even heard of this game before.

I love horror games so I think I'll look into it.

Loving the game recap scene, I may have to check this one out as soon as I free up some HDD space.

A horror game that doesn't rely on you being disgusted by a clearly-visible monster that's been seen in half a dozen previous iterations? Unpossible.

An actual recommendation from Yahtzee is a rare thing and probably not given lightly. Glad to see he isn't the only one who actually understands the "less is more" mentality. It shows in his writing.

You never fail to please Yahtzee.

This sounds exactly what Extra Credits was referring to in what makes horror games great: the use of imagination to make the player do all the work in actually making the game scary. Chalk it up to an Indie game to get back to basics, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

That was a pleasant surprise.

I own Amnesia, I'm just having a little trouble adjusting the graphical settings. Once they're set though, I'm in for the ride!

I always heard this game was shitting yourself scary, nice to know my steam friends arnt just pussies

I loved Penumbra, but it had issues with my ATI graphics card in some areas, which really ruined the immersion.


lol i know he would find a game just to goad the fanboys, and the game sounds interesting too

Enjoyed the demo, now on to the full game.

i was hoping to see this reviewed and i wasnt disappointed.

That thing about the three kinds of horror games was hilarious.

"Abloogy woogy woo" it. Also I love the reaction to a monster coming after you for "messing up his chair." That's definitely what my train of thought was whenever something came after me.
I'm so glad Yahtzee decided to review this; I was really curious as to his opinion on Amnesia. I agree with him on the fact that recent horror games just haven't been that scary latey...maybe towards the beginning of the game, yes, but once you acquire enough weapons to outfit a small army, it just loses its terrifying feel.
Definitely agree with the lack of variety in the areas that you explore in the game; it does get a little old after a while, but that's when the game throws the horror at you to mix it up a bit. I'm happy that the game actually managed to scare Yahtzee, something I thought was a hard task indeed. All in all, great review.

Ba'h this computer would probably blow up before running such a game which is a big shame as I've heard from quite a lot of people that it's a recommend. Being a indie developed ga,e, I'm doubting it's going to have a full release on both the consoles and the P.C so I'm missing out on this one it would seem.

I think you should do more indie games. Not only does it promote good indie games and encourage mroe of them to be made, but it shows us what is a good game. It is nice to get away from main stream to show it doesn't need to me mainstream to be good (according to you the opposite is almost true).

I think the big problem here is that, while this rare indy game is good. I imagine that a quite few are shite, at least by Yahtzee's standard and he'd end up tearing them apart in a review. Prompting the creators to go crying under a bed sheet.

Which could be disastrous to up and coming indy developer. Maybe even stop their career early.

Lol'd at the look inside your mind, might of picked it up if I wasnt saveing for a NES.

"OH pissing blimey there's jam coming out of the Walls!" XD

My thought process when playing the demo was something like: "Huh I have amnesia, how original. Well not much to do here. Ok you open doors by moving the mouse? That's pretty neat, hmm, not very scary so far. I think I'll walk into this room. Huh a broom, can I set it on fire? No? that's weird. Well, better go upstairs. Let's just walk around this corner and... footsteps? That's not good! I think I'll stop playing now."

I seriously couldn't finish the f**king DEMO that's how scary I thought it was. I'm impressed at the games scaryness, but I'm not gonna buy it. It's too good at it's job.

I'll have to check this out. I could do with a fun, reusable laxitive

Good review and a Boogly Woogly Woo to you too, but this is a game I won't get.

I watched the trailer on steam and that was scary enough, I am super cereal about that.

And I got really angre first time I played Eternal Darkness and screen went black and told you your save files were corrupt and started deleting, geez I was angry...and felt quite dumb when the screen returned to normal and I had just thrown the GC controller in the couch...

Loved it, cant wait for reach, until you murder it.

Pretty darn funny. Almost forgot it was being posted today, glad I didn't

Whoa, whoa, a positive review for a new horror game?

Well damn, this might be the next game I buy. Not gonna buy a game for now, since I just recently bought a whole bunch.

Well, I was expecting Halo Reach and I am a fanboy so mission accomplished, Yahtzee. Consider me baited, fucker.

A decent review for a game I've never heard of from a studio I've never heard of (granted there's plenty I haven't heard of, I'm just making the point - this is the first review in a long time where I've had no frame of reference whatsoever) but I don't see myself booting up Steam to pick it up. Not when the next time I boot up Steam and buy something I will probably wake up 40 hours later to find everything in a 5 foot radius covered in Cheetos dust and empty Pepsi cans, hexagons permanently scored into my retinas.

I think this is the first time we've ever heard Yahtzee have a freakout like that.

"Great pissing blimey there's jam coming out of the wohls!"

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